Super Smash Bros. for Wii U champ Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios has been signed to eSports organisation Team SoloMid, it has been confirmed today.

The Chilean player has a winning streak of 39 tournaments and recently emerged victorious at this year's EVO event. He was previously affiliated with the CLASH tournament broadcasters organisation, a Twitch channel with a focus on Nintendo fighting games, but parted company in November last year.

ZeRo's record on Smash 4 is stunning; he has won the Smash championship at every major tournament - including Apex and Evo 2015, two of the most high-profile events in the fighting game calendar - and has understandably been in demand with eSports teams since leaving CLASH.

Team SoloMid is best-known for its League of Legends team and ZeRo reveals that this is why he's such a fan of the outfit:

TSM is my favourite eSports team. You see, I'm actually a League of Legends player and a fan of many different personalities. My favourite player in the scene is Dyrus, so my favourite team is TSM. I've been keeping up with them long before the LCS was even a thing.

I had a lot of very interesting offers from a wide selection of teams. I got a lot of offers before and after EVO, but the moment TSM approached me, I just couldn't say no. It's just irresistible!

ZeRo isn't the only high-profile Smash player on Team SoloMid's books - the organisation also has Melee player William "Leffen" Hjelte, who managed to achieve fifth place at Evo 2015.