Slowly and surely, the stock scenario with amiibo has become a little better. Through a combination of Nintendo churning out stock and retailers trying to help fans, more of the figures have been up for grabs. It's still difficult for hardcore collectors, of course, but there have been signs of progress.

So, what about amiibo cards for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer? It should be easy-peasy to produce NFC-enable cards, right? In theory, yes, but it's a new product and plenty can go wrong in manufacturing and printing.

It seems that there could be issues with the amiibo card stock, in Japan at least. With Happy Home Designer due in less than a week, multiple customers are reporting that AmiAmi has cancelled their orders for the separate 5-pack set, which is apart from bundle options. The following email has been posted on Reddit.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for shopping at AmiAmi.

This message is being sent with regards your order for the item "Animal Crossing amiibo Card Vol.1 5Pack Set" (GAME-0014482).

Unfortunately due to production issues, we have been notified by the maker that there is a major stock shortage of this item. We will be unable to fulfill most orders for the item placed at our store because of this, and we are sorry to say that your order is among those we will not be able to fulfill. Your order for the item will be canceled[sic].

While we have not yet received any official notification, it is very possible that the release of the item "Animal Crossing amiibo Card Vol.2 5Pack Set" (GAME-0014484) may be discontinued due to the issues experienced with the production/release of Vol.1. Notices will be sent accordingly if the need arises.

On behalf of the maker, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Best regards, AmiAmi

That's not happy news, though it should be noted that well-known import retailer Play-Asia is still listing pre-orders for the pack.

We're hopeful this is a retailer-specific or temporary issue, while it's logical to suggest that manufacturing and stock issues with the cards should be easier and quicker to resolve than with equivalent amiibo figures.

An amiibo tale to be continued, it seems...