Fire Emblem Fates DLC

If you are a Fire Emblem fanatic and you have been following the updates of Fire Emblem Fates - called Fire Emblem If in Japan - you will know that there are two scenarios that have been released in Nintendo's home country. The two scenarios, named Birthright and Conquest, have the same storyline up until the sixth chapter, but then change into two drastically different storylines. So far Birthright seems to have been the most popular choice in Japan as it mainly plays like previous work in terms of its battle systems, whereas Conquest will be far more challenging.

You might have read a while ago that within the Special Edition Bundle gamers also receive a third surprise scenario; that scenario has now been named the Invisible Kingdom and given its DLC release.

Invisible Kingdom can be obtained for 2,000 yen - Estimated $16.45 / €14.90 / £11. Those with the Japanese release can obtain this third path by choosing the "Open new future" option on the main menu. Take a look at the Invisible Kingdom trailer below and see what you make of it.

If this was not enough great news for Fire Emblem, fans in Japan can now receive an awesome new 3DS HOME Theme. Nintendo has already brought Fire Emblem cover plates to the New 3DS for its fans, so let's hope the same will transpire in the West. Nintendo has created a trailer to showcase this brand new theme, too, with the music being a highlight.

So, what did you make of the stunning cinematic trailer for Invisible Kingdom, and would you download that theme? Let us know in the comment section below.