Square Enix keeps bringing Dragon Quest games to the 3DS - sometimes they're remakes and on other occasions they're all-new games. Localisation has been an area of concern for gamers outside Japan, though teases around Dragon Quest VII and VIII keep ramping up.

A new 3DS title has been announced in Weekly Jump magazine - this time it's Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3. This spin-off series goes in a different direction to its IP brethren as you raise monsters, team them up and battle others; yes, we're sure that sounds familiar.

We enjoyed Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 on DS - its predecessor was on the same system - which came to the West in 2011 over a year after the initial release in Japan; whether this new entry will follow the same pattern is unknown.

No release date has been given, though series creator Yuji Horii is reportedly promising new mechanics and monsters.

Are you a fan of previous entries and hoping to see this in the West?

[via gematsu.com]