Oh, amiibo, we love you and we hate you. The cute little toys are utterly charming, but some of them are more elusive than a Samus Aran fan excited about Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Many of the toys are rare, and the dance when hoping for pre-orders to be fulfilled - if you even get a pre-order down - is a familiar jig to many.

The Nintendo Official UK Store is keen to cheer us up, but has done so with a cryptic email, a pat on the cheek and a wink. Below is an excerpt of the message your humble writer received as a long-suffering account holder:

As the first to know, we are pleased to inform you Nintendo Official UK Store will be releasing replenishment stock of certain amiibo figures this week. Please keep checking back on the store from today as these amiibo figures will gradually become available to order.

amiibo -

Nintendo Official UK Store appreciates the enthusiasm you have continued to show toward amiibo. We have continued to see consumer demand outpace supply levels for certain characters at times, and we are doing our best to prevent this from happening. The store remains committed to keeping amiibo affordable and easy to access to enhance gameplay experiences.

The email also offers access to 30% off a rather cute amiibo carrying case that holds 8 figures - your writer's not going to lie, as an owner of 7 amiibo and with an 8th (fingers crossed) on the way, it's tempting.

We love the mystery of it all though - "certain amiibo figures" will be replenished "this week".

Actually, we don't, simple communication would be better. Hopefully there'll be follow-up emails sent ahead of time specifying what figures will appear when. If not then all of our previous complaints will resurface, in that many people with school, jobs and responsibilities can't randomly refresh the store around the clock over the coming week to see which figures are restocked. Hopefully that won't be the expectation of customers.

In any case, none of the restocks appear to have started yet on the store's amiibo page; if you have an account with the store it may be worth keeping a close eye on your emails.