When it comes down to marketing styles, the gap between Europe and North America continues to widen. Nintendo of America's approach to selling Splatoon has been heavily focused on young gamers, in particular, while it's slightly more neutral in the EU so far. With a game that colourful, to be fair, targeting a young audience does have its merits.

The latest TV commercial for North America goes further, though, introducing a cheesy new theme song. It's not from the game - which is a pity as its music seems awesome - but sounds straight out of a Disney kids' show. It has lyrics that are pretty darn simplistic, too:

"Splatoon's a game / Splatoon is here"

"Come on and... *minor fit of post-production effects...* Splatooooooon"

Well, we're not sure about this, but perhaps we're just jaded old cynics. Check it out below and let us know what you think.