Nintendo used its Direct broadcasts last week to announce that there are two new StreetPass games on the way - StreetPass Fishing / Ultimate Angler and StreetPass Zombies / Battleground Z - in addition to the StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium option that adds some extra Mii features. These'll cost $4.99 each in the US, while the two new games can be picked up in a $7.99 bundle.

Due on 16th April along with a free update to the StreetPass app, Nintendo of Europe has now outlined how the new content will be tied in with International StreetPass Week - it should be called International StreetPass Week-and-a-bit, as it'll run from 16th-27th April.

In addition to the new DLC, there'll be various incentives to head out and collect some Nintendo Zone and StreetPass Relay hits. If you head to the right locations you can use Nintendo Zone to access a Mii for Nintendo of Europe President Satoru Shibata, in addition to a free 3DS HOME Menu Theme. European locations for all of these goodies are below.

  • Germany: McDonald's
  • UK: GAME
  • Italy: McDonald's, Gamelife , VideoGamesParty Home
  • Spain: GAME
  • Benelux: Game Mania, MANGAKISSA

Beyond Nintendo Zone, StreetPass Relay locations will bring six hits at a time from all around the world, with the following stores and locations being used for these international Miis.

  • Germany: McDonald's
  • UK: GAME, O2 Wifi
  • Italy: McDonald's, Gamelife, VideoGamesParty Home
  • Spain: GAME
  • Benelux: Game Mania, MANGAKISSA, KPN

Will you be grabbing the new StreetPass games or heading out to grab these extras? Let us know.