Super Smash Bros. players and amiibo collectors alike will have the chance to win a rather neat customized Mega Man amiibo at the Wizard World Comic Con in Las Vegas, running 24th to 26th April.

A Super Smash Bros. tournament will be held at the event on 25 April at 1pm, with the winner walking away with a custom Metallic Mega Man amiibo. The custom figure is the work of Chris “evilos" Avalos, who has made a number of custom amiibo in the past. You can see it in all of its glory at the top of this article.

Tournament entry costs $10, with limited spaces, but that is a small price to pay for a chance to claim a one of a kind custom amiibo to display proudly on your shelf.

What do you think about the custom amiibo? What is the best custom amiibo job you've seen to date?