The next wave of amiibo figures is due in the coming weeks in North America, though like with those previous releases there are expected to be challenges for all keen fans to get hold of the figurines they want. Already there have been delays to Amazon pre-orders for the Mega Man amiibo and others such as Toon Link, with orders pushed to March from the anticipated mid-February release.

Delayed pre-orders can bring concerns about eventual cancellation, naturally, and it seems that GameStop is now following suit. We've been told of a delay to a King Dedede order, and the amiibo-centric - as the name makes clear - amiiboinquirer website is also citing a number of GameStop customers being advised that their orders are delayed as the retailer awaits more stock from Nintendo. It's not affecting all pre-orders so, rather like in the case with Amazon, it appears to be a case of pre-orders outstripping the stock delivered by Nintendo.

It's a familiar tale, and it wouldn't surprise us if more retailers face some stock shortfalls. In the coming weeks we'll see how the stock situation evolves, but if any of your wave 3 amiibo pre-orders have been delayed let us know in the comments below.