With the New Nintendo 3DS and XL on the way soon - 13th February - there are no doubt plenty of gamers in the West planning pre-orders and choosing models. The choices vary per region, too, with Europe receiving white and black 'smaller' models along with metallic blue and metallic black XL systems, while in North America the system will launch with just the "New Black" and "New Red" XL versions.

The "New Red" is exclusive to North America so far, then, though one major retailer in the UK - Argos - included the following as an advert in its latest catalogue.

Argos New 3 DS Advert

It cites the Red XL model for the region, which was either the retailer's inside knowledge inadvertently being published or an error by a catalogue content planner that did a quick Google search. The latter seems likely, as Nintendo UK has told us that "the UK/EU will only stock Black and Blue New XL".

If you see this advert for the red XL in the UK, don't be fooled; it's not on the cards at the moment.