Way back in 2013, we reported on the fact that Nintendo had trademarked two rather unique names which seemed to point to a revival of Yoot Saito's Dreamcast cult classic Seaman.

The idea of Saito bringing his virtual pet simulation to a Nintendo console seemed to make sense back then; he had already contributed to the Guild01 project via the airport baggage title Aero Porter. The trademarks also seemed to corroborate previous rumours that the game was headed to the 3DS, which were followed by comments from Saito himself about possible sequels.

However, nothing came of the rumblings, and Seaman remains locked in the past -- although that situation could be on the verge of changing if Hotline Miami publisher Devolver Digital gets its way.

Devolver's chief financial officer Fork Parker has taken to Twitter to quiz Saito on the current status of the series, with the exchange going a bit like this:

The conversation ended there, but there's a chance that Saito and Devolver are continuing discussions in a more private forum. Given Devolver's background, there's no assurance that any future Seaman game would make it to the 3DS or Wii U, but we live in hope.