In this completely silly run of bite-sized features, we're going to write a new version of '12 Days of Christmas' with a Nintendo twist that will, hopefully, be good enough to sing.

Two Koopa Troopas

The original line is "two turtle doves", so we've made liberal use of the fact that Koopa Troopa is clearly based on a turtle and, er, flies like a dove? It was the first idea that came into our heads that's also relatively easy to sing in that line. We're not too worried about logic, in this series.

So far, then, our song is as follows:

On the First day of Christmas my true love sent to me,
A big chair in a Pear Tree.

On the Second day of Christmas my true love sent to me,
Two Koopa Troopas
and a big chair in a Pear Tree

Be sure to share your suggestions for additional lyrics in the comments below; a classic Christmas song will be born.