A curious banner is currently advertising Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate at a German expo that displays the Wii U logo in the corner. As of now there's be no indication that the latest entry in the Monster Hunter series was planned for any console other then the 3DS.

Chances are that this is merely a mistake on the printers' part as the booth that the banner can be seen in is 3DS-based. Advertising for another console would be a strange decision to make.

If this is indeed an inclination that the Wii U will also be getting the upcoming title we would likely hear about it soon to calm the raging debates this type of image will inevitably cause. It's highly unlikely that the game will make it to the Wii U and this is just an error that someone's overlooked at some point, but we can always hope.

What's your take on this unusual display, should everyone remain sceptical to avoid disappointment? Let us know in the comments section!

[via mobile.twitter.com]