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XType Plus' Game-Breaking Bug Nearly Squashed

Posted by Alex Olney

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Due to the presence of a game-breaking bug, XType Plus was recently removed from the European Wii U eShop and omitted completely from the North American equivalent.

Luckily, today the developer PhobosLab announced through its Miiverse account that the team behind the title have managed to locate the bug that has been causing all the mischief and – hopefully – have dealt with it. PhobosLab is currently busy testing the game to make sure this sort of mishap doesn't happen again.

Here's the official Miiverse post:

Good News! We were able to locate the crashing bug and fix it!

A new version of the game is currently being tested. So far, everything looks great! I hope I can announce a release date for the update very soon.

Again, thanks for your patience! I can't wait to see you all in the online leaderboards

The error occurred when users attempted to access online leaderboards, where the arrival of a few hundred entries in Europe prompted consoles to hard freeze.

Will you be picking up a copy once it's re-released, or has this put you off the game to a degree?


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sinalefa said:

I will gladly buy this. I actually appreciate their integrity. Instead of leaving the game with the bug, they removed it from the eShop until it was fixed.



Raiko said:

Great news! It would be nice to submit a few high scores and see how everybody else leaves me in the dust!



Pahvi said:

@Raiko: Or just look at the scores some players have already posted on the Miiverse in the absence of leaderboards



Raiko said:

I have been, but I fear that they'll be far from the best scores and i'm struggling to match those lol.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

Can't wait to take over the leaderboards again!

I have a review code, and was 1st on the leaderboard up until the game started freezing.




I have to wonder how this bug got past Nintendo of Europe AND Nintendo of America's testing. Or maybe its an issue with the developers servers? Have they said what the specific cause if the issue was?



Pahvi said:

I think I heard it came up when there were some hundred or hundreds of highscore table entries. Over a hundred tester/review accounts would be quite a few testers, even for two QA teams.



JustinH said:

@RCMADIAX They probably didn't get to put the online infrastructure through its paces with just a few small-scale tests, methinks.



Jayvir said:

I've been waiting for this to be fixed. I had $5 waiting to be used from the DDP.



Sean_Aaron said:

Yes I will be buying it when it returns. Clearly high score tables aren't the simple affairs people used to think they were!



NodtheThird said:

Yay I looked for this game on the eShop a couple of days ago, only to find out that it had been pulled.



Pahvi said:

At least some patch has been put to distribution, since I got my copy updated and now the leaderboards seemed to work. Let's see when the game is returned to eShop...

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