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XType Plus Arriving Today on North American Wii U eShop

Posted by Alex Olney

Short-notice squeals of delight

That's right ladies and gentlemen! XType Plus is finally out of the Web Framework hospital and will be released in North America on the Wii U eShop today, 14th August.

It's been a while coming, but hats off to the developer for sorting the issue out instead of just ignoring it. You can now blast away all your worries for a paltry $2.99.

If you're not sure about whether or not the game's for you after all these updates and online bug shenanigans, feel free to check out our review here.

Will you rush to buy it now it's finally arriving in North America?

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BigH88 said:

Was hoping for a small discount for the inconvenience to us in NA, but I guess I'll still buy for 3 bucks.



Raiko said:

One of the best games on the eShop. Do yourself a favour and get it!



Pahvi said:

I look forward to people permanently knocking me off the Top-20 list



Mega719 said:

Not really into these kinds of games, i'll probably buy then stop playing soon after



Sean_Aaron said:

It's a shame there's no off-TV support, but this is a solid, old-school shooter and definitely worth the money being asked for it. I hope people will give it a go.



Thulfram said:

I don't get why there isn't off-TV support for everything. I was ready to buy this but now I can't. Like if most everyone else can do it, why not these guys?

Did they ever get the off-TV sound fixed for Gianna Sisters Twisted Dreams?



LawRulesALL said:

Looks like the perfect fit for gamepad-only playstyle, Off-TV mode. But, when I get my hands on an Wii U, this will surely be on my "to buy" list.



Kilroy said:

@Prizm No off-TV support wasn't a deal-breaker for me, but it would still be nice. If someone needs the gamepad support, their TV is probably being used for actual television by other household members or they have kids to watch so portability is important if they have a little downtime.

Regarding the game: It's amazing, especially for $3! I'd be nice if there were more modes and features, but I'm not complaining considering the cheap price tag. The devs obviously know a thing or two about bullet hells.



TromaDogg said:

@Thulfram They released a patch for Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams in Europe, the gamepad sound works absolutely fine now.

I don't think it's been released in the US yet though as I've seen a lot of people complaining about it on Miiverse...apparently, they have already submitted the patch to Nintendo Of America so I don't know what the hold up is.



Pahvi said:

@LawRulesAll Until you realize that the game requires at higher levels accurate maneuvering so that downscaling from the TV resolution to the gamepad resolution is going to be an issue. And "zooming in" so that the playing field is not shown completely isn't a good idea either.

That's my opinion on it anyway.



tcpunx said:

I bought this for 2.99 not bad since I had $15 credit waiting to be spent. I did not know there was no gamepad only support until I kept staring at what I thought was a hung screen on the pad while my TV was off... Still don't regret it though. A few stages in, the game gets interesting and challenging. Music is also good in it.



XCWarrior said:

Will pick up eventually for sure. Gotta catch up on the other indy titles I've bought already.

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