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Xenoblade's Shulk Confirmed For Super Smash Bros. During Japanese Nintendo Direct

Posted by Damien McFerran

The leaks were true, it seems

It has been confirmed during today's Japanese Nintendo Direct that Shulk will be joining the roster of Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS.

The existence of the character — taken from Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii — was leaked last week in a set of videos, which were quickly pulled from the web. Nintendo has refused to comment on whether or not the videos are legitimate, but today's confirmation suggests that they are.

Also announced during the Direct was a two-CD soundtrack for the game.

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User Comments (171)



Lizuka said:

Don't particularly want him in - know nothing about Xenoblade but I find its hardcore fans irritating - but not opposed either, and I like most of the rest of the leaked roster.

If nothing else I'm amused by his underwear alt. And I'm just going to pretend like he acts like Hulk Hogan. Shulk Shogan if you will.



TeeJay said:

Now everyone going on about him being a Brawl hack can just stop.

Welp, Shulk makes the first character in this game I know nothing of and have never played the game he stars in. He can apparently see the future? Cool.



Giygas_95 said:

Whelp, I wasn't asking for his inclusion, but the more the merrier!

Plus, it means another sword fighter. That's my favorite type of character.



siavm said:

I saw a picture of shulks in underwear. I hope for the same kind of article samus got or I am calling this site sexist. And the picture is up on the smash site and can be seen in the trailer.



Amateur said:

You can't say that the leak is 100% confirmed, we can just say that Shulk is confirmed.



pkee said:

Delighted, intend to use him regularly and great to see the game represented.



AceDefective said:

This means.... God dang it, I lose. I still think the roster pic is fake until the JP release.
Sigh... +1 TeamReal.
Kind of glad I was proven wrong though, more unique fighters are good.



Lizuka said:

@Amateur I'd say that the screenshots a couple of days in a row showing us menus first seen in the leaks already confirmed it.

Also, Shulk has the same render on the site that he had in the select screen picture.



Drawdler said:

Disappointed that the trailer was not for two characters with Shulk lying on a patch of grass and Duck Hunt laughing in the distance, as many people suggested.



Tsurii said:

Haha, I'm not one of the uber-hardcore Xenoblade fans, but I love the little reference to Rayn with "It's Shulk time"

Seeing Rikki and Dunban in HD is also pretty cool AND I'm sure they just teased Metalface as stage hazard (and the Xenoblade stage is for Wii U, I'm happier about this than I would've imagined) :3

Now that we see his move set clearer, I also think he looks a lot more interesting and that HD model looks really good, good idea to incorporate his visions with a counter and I actually didn't even think of giving him a chain attack as Ultra Smash, curious to see if the other two characters will be randomly chosen.



Sir_JBizzle said:

I still have Xenoblade Chronicles in the shrink wrap in my shelf. I reckon I should play it someday to see what all the hoopla is about Lol. Shulk does looks like he has a pretty cool moveset...



Legromancer said:

this game or soon series need all love it gets. It is time people learn about that not Square Enix made the best JRPG last gen...
No other thing makes me so sad as not even the JRPG community knows much about the greatness that Xenoblade is.

OH, btw. Xenoblade 3DS was announced for the NEW 3DS...



Link506 said:

@Lizuka I agree with every statment you typed there. I just wish I new SOMETHING about him, other than he a light up sword and needs a hair cut. NA doesn't really care about this guy because I've never seen a "Xenoblade"
game in my life. I doubt they even sell them them here.



NintyMan said:

The leaks are now officially real, everyone.

I don't know much of anything about Shulk, but he looks like an interesting Smash character at least.

Let's see if people make a fuss over a guy being portrayed in shorts!



S3OL said:

@Lizuka So you don't like him because you know nothing about Xenoblade? If so, I do not agree with your reasoning.

Your opinion though.
The insults and profanity are not necessary. Please don't do that again — TBD



Legromancer said:

if people here really don't like him because they don't know Xenoblade and don't want to know anything about it i am really,really sad.

This is why we an't have nice things and BS games like Final Fantasy XIII sells a s..tload besides beeing a bad games. But, he, people love FF, right?



LasermasterA said:

To be honest, the trailer was pretty cool and emphasised on Shulk being a unique character with a different playstyle from the the other swordsman. The Monado variations look cool! Plus the trailer made my all hyped for an Isaac reveal as well. After all Isaac is another Nintendo JRPG character with a similar popularity to Shulk plus he has Djinns to use!

Here's to Isaac joining Shulk soon in Smash 4!



Legromancer said:

yeah, looks like a trend...Nintendo NOT forgetting about their (realtively) new RPG franchises...
Nintendo really has to push their RPG games more. Many aren't awere that things like Golden Sun, Xenoblade or even Fire Emblem exist...
I think thes games, if properly marketed, can change the image of Nintendo.
They have some of the greatest games in almost any genre and still nobody knows about it! Heck, No Ko Kuni sold great on PS3. Ther IS a market.
Please Nintendo, push your RPGs more. They deserve this.



Lizuka said:

@S3OL More I just find the game's rabid fanbase with the Operation Rainfall crap incredibly obnoxious, and as that's the main thing I know about the game I hold it against him. Also, I said I didn't want him in but I'm not actively opposed to it.

Also, I'm sick of swordsmen. There are far too many of them in the game. Like, okay, I'm cool with Lucina since I'm a huge fan of her and I wanted her as a Marth alternate and I realize that makes me something of a hypocrite, but having him (or Robin for that matter, though at least he / she functions differently) is just offputting to me.



ChessboardMan said:

For a while there, I thought it was Robotnik at the end of the video.

Then I realised it must be an antagonist from the game (I think I even know which one, though I don't think I've played far enough yet to encounter them quite in this form, so no spoilers).
Do they have similar voices, or the same actual voice actor?



Demmi-Alpha said:

I'm so glad the leak has been confirmed! Xenoblade Chronicles is one of my favourite games! I'm so excited to see him in Smash! Swimsuit and all. ;3



thesilverbrick said:

Well, now I've got to sit down and play through Xenoblade Chronicles. Pre-ordered it to support Rainfall but never got around to playing it. RPGs are so time consuming...



Porky said:

@Lasermaster123 Give it up dude jeez. Is he the assist trophy that uses a spirit hand to push you off the stage 3 times? If so, he's back as an assist trophy 'cause I saw him in a demo match.



crzysortagamer said:

If you have a 3ds and not Smash, you are wrong. If you buy your kid a 3ds and not Smash, you are still doing it wrong!



LasermasterA said:


Yes I totally agree! Nintendo does need to give their RPGs exposure. Fire Emblem they have already given enough exposure with 4 characters, even Xenoblade now has one character! Now the only character left is Isaac from Golden Sun, a legendary series by Nintendo which has largely been forgotten. But its not too late, since they just got the GBA games on VC.


Which demo? Plus we always have DLC.



Reverandjames said:

Does this mean there are other directs coming with character announcements maybe? I'd like a Wii U focused direct with as couple of new announcements.



Einherjar said:

Sorry MegaMan, seems youve got one hell of a competitor here for being my main...
Guys, in all honesty: Xenoblade 3DS, new 3DS models, Shulk in smash with a plenthora of cameos and probably a metal face boss battle...
How could this day get any better ?
Well, probably with the announcment that those things will also be available in europe this year
If they wont, i will probably just curl into a ball and cry myself to sleep...indefinitly.



ajr12388 said:

Gonna get eggs thrown at me, but I didn't beat Xenoblade on the Wii. I own it though. Got to the part where you have to get through some cave after the attack on a town. Stopped playing. I'll try to get through it before ssb Wii u comes out.



Chard5001 said:

Never played Xenoblade, so all I can think of every time I see the name Shulk is She Hulk.



BertoFlyingFox said:

Regardless of leaked information, that was a great video. So glad Shulk is in, definitely trying him first.



S3OL said:

@Lizuka Yeah I get what you mean about there being too many sword users, don't know too much about OP Rainfall though.

He looks at least very unique so I'm looking forward to using him regardless. Hopefully he's the last swordsmen.



retro_player_22 said:

So glad that Shulk is finally here, I sure Ganondorf, Wario and Ness are next to be announced and the Duck Hunt dog as well. I'm still not sure about Bowser Jr. though, never was a fan of him.



19Robb92 said:

So the leak seems to be correct. Sucks, but at least I'm happy with the roster.



Lizuka said:

@Kogorn733 During the time before they released the game in the US, you basically couldn't mention Nintendo on the Internet without a million people cutting in to scream about how they should burn for not importing the greatest game of all time. Like, it would happen basically anywhere that was even slightly related.



lividd3ad said:

For goodness' sake, I wish people would let the whole "sexualisation" thing go. Women are sexualised far more than men in video games, and it's troubling. Putting one character in his underwear is nothing compared to the historic sexualisation of one of Nintendo's only female protagonists.



Lizuka said:

@lividd3ad Sexualization of characters can be a pretty serious problem, yeah, but I wouldn't say that's really going on here. It's just a couple of outfits based on ones seen in another game of her dressed a bit more likely, still not really showing anything. And, other than Other M (which is terribly written in more ways than the one), Samus has pretty consistently been positioned as a tough, intelligent character whose gender is largely incidental. Her wearing lighter clothing is doing nothing to contradict that.

Plus, there aren't any similar fanservice outfits that we've seen of any of the other women, even other more realistically proportioned ones like Zelda, Lucina, or Palutena.



Mr-X9000 said:

sh&t like this pisses me off so f*cking much!!! obscure characters from nintendo games most people haven't heard of( like luciana from i dunno what game, or this character for example) while more popular characters are apparently not important enoug to make it, like mewtwo from smash bros melee witch people have been wanting since 2001, or Waluigi witch many people like me have been wanting since 2008, sh*t like this makes me hate sakurai!!!!



Great_Gonzalez said:

Gah not another sword fighter! Don't get me wrong i love swords but would love hector from fire emblem swinging his axe around a lot more!



rjejr said:

Super Sword Bros. So say we all.

My oldest son commeneted there are now almost as many swordsman now - 8 - as starting charachters in the original Smash - 12.

Guess I really need to play it now, stopped leaving 1st town a few hours in. And my kids misd watching Chuggaconroy - I banned him until we finish. They are happy to be watching WW now, just finished that this week.



chiefeagle02 said:

Still looks fake. ... Joking! The vibe I'm getting from Nintendo is that its Xenoblade franchise will be getting a lot more attention in the coming year (between the Smash Bros reveal, the 3DS version of the first game, and the sequel on the Wii U). I'm curious to see where this will go.



MaverickHunterX said:

@LUIGITORNADO I know right.
It's like anytime there's an exposed midriff or a female character with bra size bigger than an B-cup, there's got to be some article complaining about it.



KoiTenchi said:

@xj0462 what an absolutely disgusting comment.

I couldn't care less what characters you like and don't like but how DARE you wish death on someone for not making this game SPECIFICALLY TO YOUR REQUESTS.

Seriously absolutely disgusting.

By the way, on a seperate note, and I know this may be absolutely mind blowing to you, but Nintendo makes more than just Pokemon and Mario games.



Benjelo said:

I love the character and the fighting style but I absolutly hate that voice. I wish they would have a japanese voice over instead and I hope they keep the Japanese voiceover for Marth. The English one for Ike was actually pretty good, but this one for Shulk is kind of annoying.
btw: Does anyone else think that he looks like he will be another really op character?



KoiTenchi said:

@xj0462 you SERIOUSLY not see why it's disgusting to wish death on someone?

That's not "just your opinion".

Just stop.



joyousneck said:

He seems to be a very technical fighter. Having to switch between different arts in order to get the best out of him. That will be interesting to play with.



Mr-X9000 said:

@KoiTenchi ya i gues i see your point. i just REALLY don't like sakurai, while i cant deny his game making ability, you cant deny hes a total troll! and i probably wont stop, so just leave me and my opinion alone! was there any character you wanted, but sakurai didn't put in?



AJWolfTill said:


Don't get flustered about it. You live in a patriarchal society which over caters to male sexuality. The least you can do if you enjoy the fanservice side of videogames is to respect the opinions of people it makes uncomfortable.

Shulk and Lucina are great characters who are centre pieces of the games they come from. They are both excellent representations of Nintendo's diverse catalogue of franchises.
I know it's not quite the same but Mewtwo lives on in Lucario who controls very similarly (He may even make it as an alternative skin for L). Sakarai picks new characters who he can make feel different to the rest of the roster.

As for Waluigi... Why do you think he deserves a spot? He is deliciously creepy but since he has never been playable or even featured outside of spin-off titles I don't see what he would bring to the series.



WreckItRyan said:

I love the double meaning in the YouTube video title: "Looks like we don't have a choice!" Sure, it's a Battle Cry for Shulk, but also a nod to the fact that Sakurai and team don't have a 'choice' but to reveal characters that were in the leak.



Yorumi said:

@Link506 Xenoblade chronicles was one of the main reasons for operation rainfall a few years ago. It was released in 2012 for the wii in NA. The massive hype for X since it was first shown in a direct is because it's made by the same people who made xenoblade chronicles, they even adopted that name this year when they showed it's trailer at e3.

Xenoblade is one of the best jrpgs made last gen, and honestly one of the best of all time. Squarenix in it's current state is just pathetic by comparison. Shulk is the main character and his sword gives him the power to see into the future. This actually factors into the gameplay in combat, the battle will pause and show you a vision of the future, usually a character dying or a large attack and then gives you a countdown to when that vision will happen. You can then react to the vision in whatever way you choose, certain skills are counters to various types of enemy attacks, you can heal the member who's going to die or whatever else.

Beyond that the game has a good story, well written with strong character development, believable characters, and good emotional scenes. The environments are also truly stunning and shows just how much could be done with the wii when devs really put their heart and soul into it. The game only had a limited release but if you can find a copy anywhere buy it and play it it is well worth it.



Mr-X9000 said:

@AJWolfTill why do i want Waluigi playable? mostly for completeness sakes, if they have mario luigi and wario playable, why not have waluigi playable?
im not the only one who desires this... also what game is shulk and luciana from?



AJWolfTill said:

Shulk is from Xenoblade Chronicles, a Wii RPG commonly believed to be the best JRPG of the last home console generation alongside Ni No Kuni.

Lucina is from Fire Emblem Awakening, an awesome 3DS game you must of heard of if you use this website.... It's the same franshise that Marth, Roy and Ike come from.

Mario, Luigi and Wario all have their own series. Wario isn't just an alternative version of Mario.

No that was one of the main enemies from Xenoblade. Presumably this means he will be a boss alongside Ridley in some game mode.



Yorumi said:

@xj0462 lucina is from fire emblem awakening, a rather huge release last year for the 3ds. She's one of the main characters. Shulk is from xenoblade chronicles for the wii released in 2012. You know the game that was one of the main reasons for operation rainfall, it's successor xenoblade chronicles X is one of the more highly anticipated wiiU games that's been in multiple ND's as well as had several hours of gameplay shown at e3 this year.

@sketchturner no it's metalface from xenoblade. He's kind of the main villain for about half the game.



Mr-X9000 said:

@AJWolfTill hmm i should check out xenoblade then. also is te 3DS fire emblem the only one releaseed in america? and i know wario is not an alternative mario. wario land and warioware FTW



Subie98 said:

@Lizuka I know nothing about pokemon really. Should I take a stance like that, in the fact I dont want it in then because of it? Thats just extreme.

Awesome news. Loved xenoblade.



Oaf7724 said:

This would have been so much better if it had not been spoiled. Damn the guy who leaked.



Dodger said:

Now copies of Xenoblade can go up in price by another $50! I paid $90 for mine from Gamestop after 6 months of checking their website weekly. I was prepared to drive a few hours to get a copy for under the average ebay price of $150

But he does look like a fun character to play as. The different Monado powers look like they add a lot of depth and that up A attack looks pretty useful. They certainly got the dialog right. The dude never shuts up in either game. (but I do like Xenoblade, FYI)



koelboel said:

@thesilverbrick And this might just be one of the most time-consuming ones I've had since FFVII. Seriously, the game is one of the best I've played and people not getting the rave should just go ahead and play it if they have the time to invest, I still don't know how I am going to puzzle work, social life and Xenoblade X when it arrives... Anyway, awesome trailer and I know he will be my main. Only godlike constraint keeps me from typing all upper case, I'm so psyched.



AJWolfTill said:

@xj0462 No there have been half a dozen Fire Emblem games in the West now, the first of which was on the Game Boy Advance. The 3DS Fire Emblem is however the most critically acclaimed and best selling entry in the series.
I would strongly recommend both titles although both take some adjusting to if you have never played something like them before.



Sforzando said:

"the leaks were true"
well duh
it was a video, that was clearly not a brawl mod and clearly not original animation



YorkshireNed said:

ALRIGHT!!!!!! THIS IS VERY GOOD NEWS!!!! sorry, I don't normally do upper case and exclamation marks but this is a special exception



AVahne said:

Now to go finish Xenoblade, then get the New 3DS with the 3DS port (if they come over).



smileyface97 said:

DAMN IT... i wanted riki to be playable..........

No but seriously I'm so hyped. I'm also glad that the team he uses in his final smash was the team I mained in xenoblade. (PS I own the game for wii, got it on a wim at gamestop on launch and now it's one of my favourite games of all time.)



koelboel said:

And "You will know our names" is truly a kickass-track. My god this will be awesome.



smileyface97 said:

Also, am I the only one who's going to turn Japanese on, just to have the Japanese voices, as that's how I played the original Xenoblade.



Wonky_Kong said:

But doesn't this shulk we saw in the trailer move in a very different fashion to the ones in the leaks? Therefore the leak is not real and we won't see bowser Jr (woop) then again, I don't have the old footage to compare.



Mega719 said:

So it's true then, I can't tell the difference between the leaked roster and his actual portrait



smileyface97 said:

Sorry more and more thoughts keep coming to me. So I don't really doubt the leak any more (except that I think the roster pic is from an earlier build), however I still think that we have more characters than are in those picks. So that said, I wonder if Reyn, Sharla, Fiora, or Melia will make the cut.



larry_koopa said:

And yet another character who I've never heard of before their announcement to the roster. Between this, the new Pokémon, and all the Fire Emblem characters I am caring about this game less and less every day.

No game in the series will ever be better than Melee. Its gameplay was fast and perfect and the roster was actually full of characters that the average gamer recognizes.



Yorumi said:

@Diddy_kong as a nintendo fan shouldn't you try to experience all they have to offer? I didn't know who marth and roy were in melee, granted that was before a FE had been released in NA but it made me aware of the game and was excited to try it when the gba game was released. By ignoring skulk you're missing out on one of the best games released last gen as well as one of the best jrpgs of all time. To each his own but it's your loss.

@smileyface97 not likely, Fiora would be spoilers, Melia as much as I love her would look quite out of place. Her combat style is really slow and such, for that matter sharla's is also pretty slow. Leaving Reyn but even then riki or dunban would be better and we already know they arn't playable.



KoiTenchi said:

@Diddy_kong the average gamer knew who Marth and Roy were when Melee came out and their the Fire Emblem series had never even come to the US yet those same people don't know who Shulk is when his game came out in the US 2 years ago AND americans has made a MASSIVE petition to bring it over?

LOL. I mean, I'm not saying Shulk is SUPER popular, and I'm sure there are people who don't know him but LOL.



thesilverbrick said:

@Diddy_kong Characters that the average gamer recognizes? Marth and Roy had never been seen outside Japan. Ice Climbers and Game & Watch were ancient and obscure. And Ness was from an under-the-radar cult classic that most people had never played at the time.
Melee had its obscure characters, too. And there's no way it had a better roster than Smash 4 (seeing as most of Melee's characters are still in it).
Smash Bros. is a celebration of Nintendo and is not made just for the "average gamer" but rather primarily for Nintendo fans, who do recognize its many characters, both common and obscure.

If you hate it so much, go play Melee forever and leave the rest of us (who think Shulk is fantastic) alone.



AJWolfTill said:

@xj0462 There is a demo of Fire Emblem on the 3ds. Xenoblade does not have one but you could watch a Let's play if you were interested.



thesilverbrick said:

@koelboel I'm definitely going to give it a go, especially after your rave review. I've just got to finish the final boss on Child of Light first (an RPG short enough to hold my attention, haha).

For me, a huge part of Smash has always been the fan service and nostalgia, so I need to get familiar with Xenoblade to appreciate Shulk. Thanks for the tip!



MamaLuigi said:

Looks like there won't be any Square Enix-branded whiny teenage blonde JRPG heroes on this version of Smash for DK to clobber, so Shulk will have to do... ;D



Luna-Harmony said:

Bad accent lol but great person he looks like a great fighter the background music from xenoblade is soooo cool.



I-U said:

"A History of the Sexualisation of Shulk" tomorrow confirmed. Can't wait for it, it's so absolutely important that this site puts an article that criticizes Nintendo characters in shorts.



Yorumi said:

So many people missed out on such a great game. If you havn't played xenoblade you really need to find a way to play that game. It is one of the true greats.



Darknyht said:

@Dodger I just paid $40 for a copy at Gamestop a few weeks ago. I am sure with the announcement of the N3DS version the price will drop further.

All I need to say is dang it.... now there are two amiibo figures I will have to buy. Shulk and the world of Xenoblade is currently trying to usurp my favorite console RPG of all time title held by Final Fantasy IX.



Tiredman said:

He looks a bit on the cartoonish side with the HD graphics, which would of annoyed me if he looked like that in Xenoblade as that art style would of really clashed with the story. Now that my only gripe is over with.

He looks really cool, and I really like how they implemented his sword powers. As for his "underwear", those were his shorts when you donned certain armors. Nice thing about that game, armor and weapons actually change on the character models.



coolvw93 said:

Yes!!! this is great news, never expected him to be on but this is awesome cant wait to play him on 3ds!



Porky said:

@Lasermaster123 I used to watch the two minute matches of SSB4 demo matches on YouTube and I saw him come out of a trophy. I'd have to watch them all again to find it and send you a link but I admit it was a fairly long ago so maybe I am recalling wrong.. meh we have 2 weeks to know for sure if we both were to spoil ourselves or wait 'till it's released out of Japan lol.



Yorumi said:

@Link506 not really, it's complicated and a big part of the story. He doesn't always see visions either. In this trailer you see him have a vision of link and lucina attacking him so he knows to react to it. But you'll notice that's the only time. He can't control when he gets visions either they just come to him.

Since you're a Link fan the comparison works, Link possess the triforce of courage a very powerful goddess relic etc. Doesn't make him invincible just gives him a type of power, same way with shulk. Seriously though find the game and buy it, it's amazing. And if you've got a wiiU definitely get X next year.



WaveGhoul said:

Too many Swords men and too much anime flavor. I mean honestly, this 3rd party slot could of actually been SIMON BELMONT, Bill Rizer(Contra) or Arthur(Ghosts 'n Goblins), characters that have actually been there from the beginning, that are far more worthy, Nintendo-y and recognizable. WTF. Sakurai just seems to be satisfying his own needs

This does nothing for me, but i cannot WAIT to see the duckhut video unveiling!



RaphaBoss said:

Japanese Shulk sounds like he is being raped, this one sounds better IMO.
And I'd like to have english voice for Marth , at least for once, and let us switch bitween english and Japanese voices in the game options.



RaphaBoss said:

Anime flavor!? facepalm These characters are all from games dude, just because the characters have an similar anime style, dusn't mean they're from anime.
Too many sword men!? How many of them use the fist?! OH NO, SO MUCH OF THEM USE THE FIST!



Yorumi said:

@RaphaBoss #143 Second party means they have an exclusive contract, meaning they only are allowed to make games for that company but arn't actually owned by said company. Monolith is owned by nintendo and so they're first party.

#144 heh shulk throws the trophy
shulk: "It's shul"
reyn: "no, now it's reyn time."



mamp said:

Nice, I'm liking how different characters are introducing new and different ways to play.



Xlll said:

Introduce Shulk to the world via Smash=excellent character exposure,make the game he comes from portable, then hit everyone with xenoblade chronicles X and improve Wiiu sales! The future is changing!



Sergio151 said:

Glad Shulk is in Smash. Hopefully more character announcements come before next month.
Dude, the roster was 50% copycats in that game. Not saying Melee is bad, but look at Pichu, Dr. Mario, Falco, Ganondorf, and Young Link. Just because they're recognizable doesn't equal quality.
Do you know how hard it is to get third party characters in this series? Even Sakurai stated that Pokemon characters are hard to get. Sakurai isn't satisfying himself and his needs, he is putting in characters that make people say "Oh my god that's cool Sakurai put (insert new character here) in SSB!" I'm not saying Simon Belmont, Bill Rizer or Arthur aren't popular, but it might have been hard to get them in SSB.



retro_player_22 said:

It's too bad this guy is not in the game, he would had add something unique to the gameplay especially with that chain spear of his.


Aeron from Pandora's Tower



WaveGhoul said:

What are you talking about? When did i mention that these characters were from anime? I said they have an 'anime' inspired flavor/look to them.... facepalm Insert Fire Emblem and Xenoblades. Then again, it seems like they toned Shulk down from his original japense-y look and Nintendoized him to fit better with the Nintendo roster. Still, the originality with all of these swordsmen art direction/character design wise are a little on the generic side.



TwilightAngel said:

@WaveBoy What? Okay if you don't care that i'm hyped for shulk you don't have to tell me.And maybe you replied to the wrong person? Cause i just said i'm hyped and saying the leak is real.



TICGS said:

@luigiluigiluigi Shulk is a first party Nintendo Character. He is from the legendary RPG Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii, which is arguably the best RPG ever made by a Nintendo fist party studio.



Trikeboy said:

Where is the sexualised story Nintendolife? You were quick to post one about Samus in her Fusion/Zero Mission outfit.



Trikeboy said:

@TICGS Isn't Shulk a 2nd party character? Technically owned by Nintendo but belongs to Monolith. Kinda like how Pokemon is from Gamefreak.



RaphaBoss said:

@Yorumi I know that, but since last time I saw it, Nintendo owns 97% of the studio. So I was skeptical to say just 1st party. Anyway, 2nd party is just a term, it doesn't really exist.
I'd like to see that trophy, it would be so funny XD.



RaphaBoss said:

@WaveBoy What's the problem with the ''anime'' style? That's just how the modern characters are. The only reason Mario and other characters aren't ''anime'' or even realistic style is because they were made in the 8 bit era, you couldn't do much realistic proportions at that time. Even Link and Pit evolved to ''anime '' style in newer games. Marth didn't look good in 8 bit with that realistic proportion, but now he does.
Following your logic, there ARE way too much fist users, LOL.



wurde said:

This MAY mean I will be able to play as Dr. Mario again. That Leak showed Shulk's render before he was announced. How would you GET THAT?!



wurde said:

Did anyone notice that the name of Shulk's clarification video is "Looks like we don't have a choice?!"



kurtasbestos said:

YAY! This will be my first ever Smash Brothers game, and I already know what character I'll be using most of the time.



Eric_Breaux said:

@Legromancer Any studio that was not actually founded by Nintendo, and the games thereof (Monolith, HAL, Rare, Retro, Game Freak etc.) are by default not Nintendo intellectual properties. Nintendo only earns a share of their profits and/or owns them through contracts. Nintendo can't be credited for games that they only published, but were actually the idea's and creations of an already existing studio any more than Disney can be credited with the creations of Marvel or Lucas Film by simply owning them.

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