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Video: This Modder is Playing a 2DS With a GameCube Controller, Because They Can

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Slightly pointless, but awesome

Console modding is often popular with retro systems, as those with a tool-kit and some engineering smarts give new life or functionality to ageing hardware. Occasionally someone will mess around with the capabilities of current day systems, for either cosmetic or relatively unharmful reasons, and the results can be rather cool.

As you can see in the image above, YouTuber 4344739's channel has modded a 2DS to be playable with a GameCube controller. It's being partially hidden, but it seems that the charging port at the back has been connected to a GameCube controller extension; quite how the modder has got the hardware to recognise inputs is entirely unclear, especially as the video — at the time of writing — has no description.

The channel's only previous posts are spread out thinly over 7 years, showing video output from a 3DS (two years ago) and DS screens being produced on much larger screens (seven years ago). It seems these projects are simply dalliances, with basic demonstrations then uploaded for the world to see.

This'll never be a legitimate option, so you may as well check out the video below and watch someone playing Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition with a GameCube controller.

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Thanks to Justin for the tip.

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Jazzer94 said:

Yeah saw this and though it was really cool only problem is at this point the analogue sticks are mapped to the d-pad I believe and not the circle pad.



ekreig said:

Pointless? I would absolutely love to have this option. TotA Unknown mode, here I come!

That's probably wishful thinking, though. Especially with the 3DS and its...stability.



Spakiness said:

The affordable option for Smash Brothers if you can't buy a Wii U and Smash. Hue.



Porky said:

@NameDifferent Nope, but whatever you achieve offline using this control method, gaining Global Smash Power, certainly is an advantage. Not to mention offline friend battles.



0utburst said:

I mentioned/linked this on the PotD article today but nobody took notice. it would be awesome if Nintendo will release some add on to connect GC/Wii/WiiU controllers for the 3DS.



Ispheria said:

In smash for the 3DS, don't you actually need to touch the touch screen to use your final smash? So he'd need a button mapped to the touchscreen too (though it's not like he has a very limited number of buttons to choose from)




WHY? This is so pointless. I used to own Capcom Vs SNK 2: EO on GCN and it was HORRIBLE on the GameCube. NOBODY should play ANY fighting game other than Smash Bros. using a GCN controller.



DarkKirby said:

Obviously would provide better control than the default 3DS controls but this is way more trouble than I'm willing to go through.



RupeeClock said:

Modded 2DS systems with Gamecube Support and Video-out = perfect set-up for Smash Bros 3DS tournaments, ya dig?



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Cute idea, but 2D Fighters don't play that well with the GCN controller. Tried playing Guilty Gear on Wii with it, and the controls were wonky, to say the least. Since the face buttons aren't organized in a pattern (like other controllers, which use a d-pad pattern), it's very easy to mess up inputs. And the D-Pad is too small and flimsy to make for precise directional input, either.

To be frank, I'm really hoping someone will eventually develop an Arcade Stick for 3DS, even though we only have 2 fighters which could utilize it (and playing Smash with an Arcade stick is pretentious, at best).
We need some more fighter love on Nintendo consoles! Skullgirls, Dead or Alive, and Guilty Gear Xrd for WiiU, and Guilty Gear X2, Yatagarasu (yes, I know it was cancelled), and Garou: Mark of the Wolves for 3DS!

On the other hand, an IR-supporting wireless GCN controller for 3DS would work well for most of its library - especially Kid Icarus: Uprising, Senran Kagura, and Super Mario 3D World would benefit a lot from that, even though a separate controller for a handheld is somewhat unwieldy on the go.



ColdingLight said:

How is this pointless? Now we can play Smash on 3DS with a gamecube controller. And Kid Icarus without the pain.



Porky said:

I agree that it's pointless because if you want to play the next generation of Smash with a GameCube controller, go for the WiiU game.



2Sang said:

I'd buy it so it's not pointless to me. This would be PERFECT for smash



ToastyYogurt said:

I'd like to see this done on a 3DS XL. Would be much more comfortable to play with an external controller using that thing.



Iggly said:

Would rather play Smash on Wii U than having to go through all of the trouble to implement it on a 2DS.



Starwolf_UK said:

I'm guessing they couldn't get the circlepad mapped to the analogue sticks. It is less difficult to get the other buttons working as they can be thought of as on/off switches.



silly said:

"this modder" is loopy, the guy who broke the protection on the ds and creator of the original passme device.



xurik said:

I registered just to comment on this! No, it's not pointless; yes, the analog stick is mapped to the dpad (and the yellow analog is mapped to abxy, hunh); and yes, it was loopy, he used an old capture card, apparently, to expose the input contacts like that.

I suppose it could also be doable through infrared for a skilled hacker.

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