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Video: Mario Battles Through Real Life Tokyo to Get to Super Smash Bros. Event

Posted by Darren Calvert

A smashing fan made trailer

We've seen some awesome fan made Nintendo videos in the past, and this certainly ranks as one of the best. YouTuber Dean Wright has faithfully created a trailer of everyone's favourite portly plumber dashing through the streets of real life Tokyo in order to get to a Super Smash Bros. event on time.

Not only is Mario's animation very detailed, but the camera angles and the way objects are cropped in front of Mario — so he appears to go behind them — is superb.

In the comments Dean says he used 3D effects package Maya to produce the trailer and it took several weeks to do. Take a look for yourself.

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Do you think Nintendo should do something like this as an official trailer for the game? Let us know your thoughts.


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S3OL said:

That is amazing. I smiled and chuckled throughout. Extremely well done.
Kudos to the creator.



ekreig said:

I think he forgot to grab a drink of milk.

Seriously though, that's amazing. I can't believe it was made by just one person!



FlaygletheBagel said:

It would be awesome if this were an actual ad. Seriously. This would turn heads if it came on TV, and would probably sell a bunch more copies of the game. I wish Nintendo advertised like this.



ModestFan93 said:

This is cool. Hopefully he'll do another with Mario meeting up with the other combatants and possibly duking it out. Also audience reactions would be cool.



NintyMan said:

Nice animation. It makes me want Nintendo to do something like this for the Smash Bros. commercials with CG Nintendo characters dashing to join the new battle. After all, Nintendo's done things like this with commercials in recent years with the theme of video game characters invading the real world.



DarkLink95 said:

That was really good, Nintendo should use this for official promotion and hire the creators.



Excep7ional said:

Haha that was good; the part on the train forced a laugh out of me. I can't wait for this to come out of the 3ds, the wait is painful.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Wait, it only took him WEEKS to make this?! Dude, apply for a job at Nintendo - they need you! NOW!!!



MrGawain said:

Has Nintendo filed a copyright claim with Youtube yet?

In all seriousness, Nintendo needs fans who care enough about their characters to work so hard on things like this.



Mega719 said:

People are walking like Mario running through their city is a normal thing



MikeLove said:

This can't possibly be Tokyo. If it was, japanese businessmen would have been groping Mario as he slept.



Omarsonic9 said:

Wow. This is very original. Nintendo should seriously either hire this guy or make a commercial like this one for Smash Bros, and they should probably advertise Smash Bros a lot (specially for Wii U)



LasermasterA said:

Wow that one was amazing Nice work to whoever did it! Excellent animation and concept Especially Mario being in a plumbing store before his dash begins!



rp17 said:

That was amazing! The only thing that would have made it better is if he hadn't used the Brawl model and the Brawl music.



ultraraichu said:

Hmm, so in Asia, Mario looks under 4 feet tall, yet most of the time I see him in NA, he looks 6 feet. Somebody is saving up that super mushroom for those oversea trips

But seriously. That looks nice.



Iggly said:

Man that video had quality animation, it shows how dedicated people can be.



penfold007 said:

Seems like the perfect ad for SSB what with Nintendo's aim of the characters invading the real world courtesy of amiibos.



Darkness3131 said:

Just add some game footage at the end and this would be a perfect TV ad! Maybe a cool booming voice with the gameplay too



AshFoxX said:

Not bad at all for a few weeks with Maya. I'd love to see what this person could do for a trailer for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.



Drawdler said:

Hey, wasn't that the same guy who made a Mario animation about Mario destroying someone's home?

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