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Video: Japanese Wii U Owner Gives a Handy Demonstration of SUICA NFC Payments on eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

We'll excuse the dodgy music overlap...

After a fairly lengthy period in the works, Nintendo implemented NFC SUICA card payments on the Wii U eShop in Japan, launching the service on 22nd July. The basic idea is that a typical swipe card used for public transport in the country, as an example, can also be utilised for applying funds to an eShop account.

It's certainly a positive move as a large number of commuters have cards like these as part of daily life, often keeping them topped up with funds. It adds convenience for those that don't want to store or input credit card details for purchases, and is certainly a quicker process than using individual fund cards available in stores; the SUICA promotion also includes a reward scheme for money spent on the system.

We may be yet to hear of a similar implementation of the GamePad's NFC (near field communication) scanner in the West, but the video below does give a nice demonstration of how the system works in Japan. It's not the slickest demonstration, but is informative nevertheless.

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Hy8ogen said:

Now make all the Eshop cards NFC read already. I freaking hate entering those stupid codes with awfully confusing 0/O, G/6 and B/8. It always give me a slight heart attack every time it says "Code Invalid"



TwilightAngel said:

@Hy8ogen Oh i thought i was the only one that gets confused with the 0/O.Cause Every time i get code invalid i trip out, and i type the code all over again,and it was just that freaking O/0 i messed up on.



hcfwesker said:

@Hy8ogen My God, YES! Every time I goof on a confusing code input I get so scared into thinking my card is faulty or wasn't activated at the register.
Would love to see something like this in the future for all regions.



b_willers said:

I doubt they will add NFC to regular top up cards because they are more expensive to produce and intended for one use only. Hopefully they make the system compatible with contactless debit and credit cards though.



Kafei2006 said:

I have a pre-paid mastercard with NFC myself... which I originally got mostly for the sole purpose of paying on the eShop (and ordering from certain online retailers that didn't accept Paypal). But I don't even know if that works in Europe though , has our own eShop even NFC capability and would recognise our cards?



McGruber said:

I think it would be stupid for Nintendo not to offer NFC payment as an option for larger quantity gift cards like $30 and up.



NauticalCrimes said:

NFC chips cost hundreds of times more than paper and ink but qr codes along side the written codes would be a great time saver.

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