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These Awesome Articulated Nintendo Figures Are Hard to Resist

Posted by Alex Olney

Spotted in Target in the US, pre-orders elsewhere

Furthering its initiative to expand into the licensed toy market, it's emerged that Jakks Pacific will be distributing articulated figures to add to the World of Nintendo range of toys.

Mario, Yoshi, Link, Bowser and Donkey Kong have all been revealed, and with Link being alone in his franchise it's likely we'll be seeing some more before too long.

Each figurine is either 4" or 6" tall, and comes bundled with what has been described as 'mystery accessories'.

Some have apparently already been spotted at Target in the US, and pre-orders have been popping up on various websites. No examples of European pre-orders have been found, but considering the last series in the World of Nintendo range was in multiple regions, you may not be out of line to hope for these ones where you live.

Do these examples tickle your fancy?


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HumaneBlaze said:

They look pretty cool i would get some of them. Not to sure about the link one though because I already have the link, pit, and samus figmas



Megumi said:

Kinda wished the Amiibo figurines could be bought instead right...wouldn't mind having them ahead of time before Smash U came out. xD



Tsurii said:

I tell ya...DK's getting more creepy with every new game, artwork, merchandise etc, you see of him.



CapeSmash said:

WTF IS UP WITH DK??? His head is HUGE! Bowser looks amazing, though. But WHERE'S CAPTAIN FALCON? ;(



0utburst said:

Ha! I was about to make a comment about it. I'll wait for amiibo myself. These toys mentioned in the article would cost 12-20€ anyway in Europe. I've seen some with a different licensee and they cost that much.



DreamOn said:

I have so far been unimpressed by the quality of these world of Nintendo toys. Mostly bad paint jobs. I hope Nintendo has partnered with a company that's not the worst of the China based plastic plants.



Gerbwmu said:

Nintendo is going to see a large spike in revenue from their toy commissions come the holidays. I might have to get a few of these for the boys.



sleepinglion said:

If I spot Link, sure thing!
The others are cool, but Mario lines of figures have been available for years.
It's characters like Star Fox, Samus, Pit, etc., that I'm really hoping to see.



XCWarrior said:

This is at least great marketing by Nintendo. LIke it or not, for them to be successful, they need to appeal to the younger audiences. This get their characters in the hands of young children so they know their characters and then want to play their games.

My 17-month-old son is looking forward to owning all of these. Yes, my son is...



CapeSmash said:

I'm facepalming so freaking hard at the people who say "Y R THEY RELESING THESE?? AMiiBO IS COMING OUT SWOON!"

I am shocked and stunned that people think these cheap figures will affect Amiibo sales. Amiibos are STATUES. THESE ARE NOT STATUES.

Why do I even bother reading the comments on this site? I give up.



Link-Hero said:

To be honest, these don't look nearly as good as the Figma and Bandai Tamashii Nations figures. Even though they are more expensive then the Jakks Pacific figures, they seem to have better built quality with more accessories.



FishieFish said:

The Link figure comes with a key, the Yoshi figure comes with an egg, the Mario figure comes with a red mushroom.
Oh, and Wario is meant to be coming out too, he is meant to come with a coin.



sleepinglion said:

Spotted a bunch of these at an Ohio Target tonight. The figure line was Link, Mario and Yoshi. There was also a smaller figurine line... kind of like Amiibos without the base... they had Wario, Waluigi and Diddy Kong. There were also small plushies of Mario, Yoshi, Link and Red Pikmin.



Link__ said:

Looks neat. But I'll just wait for amiibos. I like statues better anyways.



sleepinglion said:

@TICGS Yes. I was surprised to see it! What really struck me was the paint job on the figures and figurines, though, as it appeared nicely done. I picked up a Link figure, the only one they had, and his secret item was (spoiler) his shield.



Desrever said:

Went to Target tonight for some last minute groceries. I went looking for Link and Bowser but they just had several Marios and Yoshis. I found one last Link behind the others and grabbed it quick. Excite!

Reminds me a lot of my old GI Joe toys in size and articulation. Paint job is just fine and its a decent size. The joints bend at the shoulder elbow and wrist in all directions (which is great) but they're very loose and he doesn't hold a pose well. His sword is a little thin for his grip. As for the mystery item, someone in this thread said it was a key, so i was delighted to find a Hylian Sheild in mine. So I guess the mystery items are random which is neat. $8.99 is pretty pricey for a figurine of this caliber... but lets be real... Zelda merch is pretty uncommon stateside. The premium price is to be expected. No regrets, but definitely could have been better



Crimzonlogic said:

If I collected toys I'd be all over these. They don't look half bad. Donkey Kong's a bit creepy, though.

I'll probably just get a Pit Amiibo figurine and leave it at that.



ChessboardMan said:

The Bowser's a must for me, possibly the Yoshi… the rest either don't interest me enough, or I already have better versions. Thank you Max Factory and Bandai.



Ron1212 said:

@Link-Hero My same thought. Normally I'd get the Link figure, but it looks exactly like my Figma figure, and worse and less articulated.



sleepinglion said:

I'm pretty happy with the Link build. Granted, I have the Figma and nothing is likely to ever come close, but for 9 bucks this isn't a bad alternative. 9 sounds high, but when compared to other figures on nearby shelves it's kind of the norm these days, sadly. As mentioned above, he doesn't pose incredibly well and I did pull his arm out of its socket trying to put the shield on. Don't worry, the arm goes back on fine. I wanted a Link for my work desk that I wouldn't worry about like the Figma, so mission accomplished. Bring on Fox!



Link-Hero said:

Desrever wrote:

As for the mystery item, someone in this thread said it was a key, so i was delighted to find a Hylian Sheild in mine. So I guess the mystery items are random which is neat.

Whelp, that made me lose what little interest I had with these figures. I utterly despise this type of marketing tactic. It's just a scam to make you waste time and money by buying the same thing over and over again hoping you get something different. It's why I don't bother buying stuff like trading cards and other "collectables" like that anymore.



sleepinglion said:

We should wait for more users to report in... the original product description showed Link with his sword and a shield. It showed the box with a key, but it didn't specifically say it came with a key. It's probably just bad marketing imagery unless someone actually says, yep, it came with a key and here's a pic! Otherwise, I agree, having to spend 9 bucks just to see what's in the little box is a low marketing technique and I really hope it's not the case with these figures.



baba_944 said:

There's also a "New Super Mario Bros U" "World Of NINTENDO" toy set.

Grass Level:

Dessert Level:



ModestFan93 said:

Dunno what people are talking about Donkey Kong looks great. Hmm I'll get him and Bowser. Maybe Yoshi too hoping the whole gang gets some love abs other series too.



IronManDS said:

Found Link, Mario, and Yoshi at Target in south Tulsa yesterday. They had 2 of each. I bought 2 of each. $8.99 a piece. (I have 2 sons and they would have fought over who got to play with Mario, etc. So, I got 'em each one.)

They're nice figures. I do fear that the quality of plastic - an easily pliable, almost rubbery plastic - is not conducive to much actual play time. Probably best to take these figures and stand 'em somewhere, as opposed to actually play with them.



Freelance said:

Would like Bowser but I'm not going to take a bus all the way to Target to get one. Does Target Canada even sell these? Wal-Mart is much closer to me.



SaintGiggles said:

just came back from target and all i can say is i hope stuart ashen gets a hold of this tat. absolute rubbish paint jobs, weak accessories. highly disappointed.



ToastyYogurt said:

Look nice, but considering I like having these things so they can sit on a shelf and look cool, I'd rather wait for Amiibo to arrive. Much cooler poses and the ability to interact with games.

@SaintGiggles: You, sir, get an internet for mentioning Ashens. I'd like to hear his opinion on these.

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