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Tappingo 2 Release Pushed Back a Week on Nintendo of America's Advice

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"Having them behind me is a great feeling!"

Tappingo 2 from Goodbye Galaxy Games was expected to release in North America in today's Nintendo Download Update, but has instead been pushed back until 4th September. The delay isn't down to final checks on the game itself, but courtesy of Nintendo of America working with the developer.

Hugo Smits, the man behind Goodbye Galaxy Games, has explained that NoA advised him to delay his game to avoid being crowded out in a busy update.

The Nintendo team asked me if I wanted to delay the game. Because this week was super busy and they could help me promote the game much better next week.

The reason I’m mentioning this is because I’m just super grateful to the NoA team. They are trying to think with me, and are actively helping out to make Tappingo 2 a success.

Without them looking out for me. I would have released the game this week (without knowing about the other titles coming out). And it would probably been snowed under.

Having them behind me is a great feeling!

To tide puzzle fans over until next week's North American release, Smits has provided screens of four new puzzles that are showing off retro hardware and fellow Indie characters from the Renegade Kid and Two Tribes stables. Check them out below and let us know if you're planning to pick up Tappingo 2 next week.

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sinalefa said:

So that is what happened. I would have purchased it today anyway, but a week won't kill me.

And I don't say this every day, but, good job, NOA! It is nice to see support like this.



ultraraichu said:

Aww that's nice. Makes me wonder what other support Nintendo does behind the scene that we hardly know about. After all if Hugo Smits never post anything about this, people would of gone on another hate rant this week at Nintendo.



Discipledoctor said:

That's understandable, this would be a terrible week to release. Hopefully Thorium Wars 2 does well, I remember liking the first one. I also liked the first Tappingo, so this will be a day one buy.



C-Olimar said:


Looking forward to this. I have a 2DS now so the zoom function is a godsend.



Ralizah said:

Good idea. It would get overshadowed by all of the other stuff releasing this week and would probably suffer sales-wise. People will be much more receptive toward it when it isn't competing against a bunch of higher-profile releases.

Nintendo should take its own advice about spacing out its releases, though. We go for months with almost nothing to play and then, BOOM, October hits with several big releases.



accc said:

I liked Tappingo, but I'm not sure if I really feel the need for a sequel, unless it expands upon the original's mechanics in a significant way.



ekreig said:

I love the idea of crossing over with other indie games, and it adds some much-needed variety. As much as I liked the first one, all the food-related puzzles made me hungry.




This and Azure Striker Gunvolt I want to get. But I have to wait until next Saturday until I get paid.



Zodiak13 said:

@HugoSmits Not really my style of game but I will get this anyway. I do my best to support the indie scene. Plus, whenever I let people play my 3DS's I make sure they try games that other people love that I am not into. Keep making the quality games, I want you and other indies to succeed.



Kitsune_Rei said:

I knew there was something I was still sitting on eshop credit for I'd have gotten it this week, but I can wait! That is cool. I bet they had a big week because its around a holiday.



Stuffgamer1 said:

What came out today that would compete with this, exactly? Sure, there were three 3DS eShop games, but they're all VERY different titles. I'd get it if they were all puzzlers as well, but I think this is another case of Nintendo being overly concerned about nothing. There's nothing for me on 3DS this week (except Layton v. Feenie, but that's retail and I don't really count that), especially with another lack of VC. Sure, I like the expanded VC support on Wii U, but why do that at the cost of the other platform? Some of these NES games could at least be getting simultaneous release...and that's coming from someone who doesn't even want NES games on 3DS (just it's better to get them out for those who want them instead of wasting time like this).

Aaaaaanyway...nothing for me, but I totally would've bought this in a heartbeat. To me, this is a delay without purpose.



HugoSmits said:

@Zodiak13 thanks for the support man!

It’s not so much that those games compete with each other, but they compete over space. There are only so many spots on the ‘Nintendo 3DS spotlight’ bar at Nintendo can only talk about x-number of games in their newsletter. There are only so many slots on the eshop home screen.

Tappingo 2 is smaller than Layton or Gunvolt. So naturally this week those spotlight positions will go to those games. Next week though; all spotlights are on Tappingo 2. and the eshop reach a lot of people that don’t necessarily read gaming websites or magazines. But they are probably still interested in a fun puzzle game.

So having those spotlights on Tappingo 2 can be really crucial for sales.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@HugoSmits I guess so...really, it's a perspective I have a hard time relating to because I NEVER go to or the eShop to just browse randomly...and if I did, I'd be happy to see more games available in the various categories, "featured" slots be damned. Meanwhile...well, gamers are known for being selfish, and I've been waiting for this since I finished the first one! Not an excuse...just being honest.

To be equally honest, one week delay doesn't mean as much as I get older, so meh. Just an interesting discussion point, IMO.



HugoSmits said:


I know exactly what you mean. And I’m really honored you want to play something I made so badly

The problem is that ‘real’ gamers only make up a small portion of my sales. A big chunk is coming from the casual group. Since I really need the money to spend on development of other games, I think we are all better off with delaying the game

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