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Take the Internet Stage for a Chance at Some Great Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Prizes

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Contest wants to see you performing the Final Fantasy Main Theme

Square Enix is celebrating its repertoire of Final Fantasy music and the upcoming release of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call by sending out its own open call to anyone willing to perform.

The company is holding a contest to see who can submit the best rendition of the iconic Final Fantasy Main Theme (no, not the harp-rambling Prelude, but the song highlighted here). Entrants can sing, hum, play, or otherwise transmit the song via any sounds of their choosing, so even if your singing voice sounds like a chocobo caught in a car wash, you still might have a chance.

Video submissions can not be more than 1:30 in length and must show a sign or piece of paper with a Final Fantasy title written on it. After the 24th August deadline, Final Fantasy grand maestro Nobuo Uematsu himself will judge the performances on the criteria of talent and creativity.

The grand prize winner will have a ton of Final Fantasy aural love poured upon him or her in the form of the following prize pack:

  • A round trip for two to catch a Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy concert
  • A beautiful, limited edition Curtain Call-themed 3DS LL (will only play Japanese games)
  • The official soundtracks to all numerical Final Fantasy games
  • A copy of the Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Curtain Call Collector's Edition signed by Uematsu
  • A Final Fantasy Static Arts Mini figure

Additional prizes will be handed out and some submissions that follow certain guidelines will also be featured in upcoming trailers for the game. All the details can be found on the official contest site and in the video below.

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You will also want to take a close look at the official rules, as your country may require you to enter through a certain URL.

Thinking of showing off your musical talents? Let us know below. We promise not to steal your ideas, unless its a composition for kazoo and washboard. We might actually be able to perform that.


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onery said:

the rules seem to make it applicable only for EU and US residents... which while really not fair will still probably won't stop me from trying my hand at making... something



Windy said:

That is one tough contest there. Would be neat to see the winner get posted with their performance here at Nintendo life. As far as the game goes I haven't been that interested. I have the first one and best I could do was beat it on easy setting. Any other difficulty and the game was just way too difficult for me.



Late said:

I'd love to get all that stuff but it seems I'm not eligible since I live in Finland. Well, I didn't even stand a chance so might as well skip it all together.



Spoony_Tech said:

I'm still not sure about this version. I might get it down the road but it just seems too similar to the last version to warrant a full price purchase. I hope Square realizes this if sales don't meet their expectations that owners of the last version won't be quick to pick this up.



J-Manix98 said:

And since it's US only, we don't have to worry about little Japanese 4 year olds beating us! XD Am I right!?



Yomerodes said:

At first I thought it was bizarre that the prize is a japanese 3DS LL...aside from the obvious fact that it is because they didn't wanted to bother with another production line for a very limited promotion. I see a lot of brilliance in that. A japanese 3DS could be a very sought out prize in this case because, 1. most likely the people entering the contest already have a regional 3DS anyway 2. The winner will be able to import any japanese he so desired (which are quite a number, particularly from Square Enix), and even download the plethora of demos and things available on the japanese eshop.

Well played SE, well played.

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