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Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 Confirmed For 3DS in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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It may not have swept all before it critically and commercially when it arrived as a 3DS launch title, but Samurai Warriors: Chronicles — a portable spin-off for the main series — was a welcome early showing of support from Koei Tecmo; it's a relationship that developed to bring us the upcoming Hyrule Warriors.

Like all third-parties though, Koei Tecmo has its limits, and it never released the 2012 3DS sequel — Sengoku Musou Chronicle 2nd — outside of Japan. We're left to ponder the potential fate of Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3, then, which has been announced for 3DS and Vita in Japan; it's set for a 2014 release. It'll apparently feature a range of new scenarios, systems and more character edit slots, in addition to "over 50 commanders" from Samurai Warriors 4, which skipped Nintendo systems — Samurai Warriors 3 had seen release on Wii around the world.

Nintendo system and localisation support has been pretty inconsistent for this series, as you can see, though we'd hope that the recent partnership between Nintendo and Koei Tecmo will see this new entry come to the West.

Would you be interested in a return of this series to the 3DS in the West?


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EverythingAmiibo said:

On topic: I have the first one, and thoroughly enjoyed it, I had played Dynasty titles at my neighbour's, but this was my first Warriors title I actually owned. I wouldn't buy the third one, but I can confidently say, the first is the main reason I'm buying Hyrule Warriors.



Mega719 said:

Good that Tecmo is still on our side and I would have been outraged if this didn't make it either as some of the recent titles just skipped the Wii U. Would like Nintendo to localize this but it's for the Vita too so Tecmo has to do it



ThomasBW84 said:

@Mega719 Not necessarily, Nintendo has published third-party games in Japan that were multiplatform elsewhere, so it's not impossible.

Unlikely though and you're likely right, just mentioning that there's precedent



liavcol said:

I have the first one and although I enjoyed it at first, it turned out to be a very bad game for since I like to get everything in games. And it is just impossible with this game...



birdie1923 said:

Ok, this is now my most-wanted game...Coincidentally, I happened to get back into the first one last week and have played it so much...I think I've played about 180 hours since I got it on launch date.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

Aww, I would have preferred Samurai Warriors 4 so I don't have to buy it on Ps3 but I'll give this game a go as well.



LasermasterA said:

I have recently become a fan of the Dynasty Warriors game so can't wait to see what this game brings to the 3DS. Haven't played the earlier game on 3DS but hope this one turns out to be even better!



Windy said:

I'm going through Chronicles again. I started playing last night. It such a good game! Very fast paced and just good old fashion fun. I hope this will make it worldwide its too good not too be able to play it. A 3ds version of Hyrule warriors would be awesome too.



SpookyMeths said:

Don't know why the first one isn't on the eShop, but yeah, kinda hard to support a series that I enjoy when the publisher isn't interested in my money. DoA: Dimensions too.

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