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Register Smash Bros. on Both Wii U and 3DS and Get a Soundtrack Disc for Free

Posted by Alex Olney

Club Nintendo members rejoice!

Nintendo has announced a special gift for fans who register both versions of the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, and it's something definitely worth having:

"As another offering for fans, those who register both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of the games in Club Nintendo – before a set time - can claim the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS & Wii U: Premium Sound Selection, a free soundtrack CD packed with tunes taken from and inspired by the games. Further details on the timings pertaining to this offering will follow at a later date."

This offer is available to members in Europe and North America, but unfortunately is not currently available elsewhere.

Has this convinced you to buy both versions, or were you getting both anyway and this is just a nice surprise? Let us know!

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shingi_70 said:

Hmm won't have a Wii U anytime soon but I guess I'll buy a wii u copy for this.



thesilverbrick said:

This is the best news I've heard in a long time. I won't have to make my own soundtrack this time around, like I did for Brawl and Melee.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I wasn't planning on getting both this year, but now I think I'll be squeezing the 3DS version in. I always love game soundtracks.



ikki5 said:

ug... register both versions... well, I guess I am going to have to use "other" means of getting these.



mystman12 said:

Oh, wow! When I saw it in the Japanese Direct I thought for sure it would be another soundtrack only Japanese Club Nintendo members would get. We still need a Tropical Freeze soundtrack though!



Tsurii said:

Both version of the game? Well..f***
Not going to buy the 3DS version and I'm still torn on the Wii U version tbh. There's just too much stuff for me to get at the same time (Bayonetta, Hyrule Warriors, now the New 3DS, MH4U...Nintendo wants TOO MUCH of my money )



FragRed said:

To be honest this really doesn't bother me. I only planned on purchasing it the for Wii U.



rdrunner1178 said:

@FragRed Yeah me too. I was disappointed by the lack of crossplay. When they first announced it for both systems, they made it sound like you could do crossplay like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.



Lizuka said:

I was kind of figuring for the Wii U version they'd do the free game thing they did with Mario Kart, but this certainly works too and I was getting both regardless.



sinalefa said:

You are really stepping up your game, NOA!

As if I needed extra reasons to get both Smash games.



Rubyace said:

Bit worried about Finland but there is possibility Bergsala does the same thing they did with MK8 and offers the free stuff even with out Nintendo Club.
I was already going to buy both versions anyway.



Stunny said:

Was just gonna get the Wii U Version, wasn't certain about 3DS version, but now I will definitely will! Plus, I can't wait to get the New 3DS. xD



WanderingPB said:

@sinalefa its like u read my mind!!! Lately the NOA club nintendo rewards hasnt really been good mostly games i already have. But this well now im rather impressed! I wonder what would the chances be to get the soundtracks to Tropical Freeze, W101 and Bayonetta 2 as rewards?! Yeah i know wishful thinking but still…

I understand the quarrel of picking up both versions but the more i hear about both versions they stand on their own and there's no question in my mind im getting BOTH! besides this physical special 2 disc soundtrack curse u Nintendo and ur delightful temptations…well played Nintendo…well played



Stu13 said:

This is cool, but I'd much rather have a download code for the tracks because it is 2014 and CDs are worthless. It'll look nice on the shelf, I guess.



Yosher said:

Sweet! Gonna get this for sure. I was gonna buy both versions anyway, so, awesome!



LoveSugoi said:

Club Nintendo is actually worth having again? What sorcery is this you're using today Nintendo?!



mastermp2 said:

Just what every game with an amazing soundtrack should do. I wonder if it will have all of the tracks? That over 100 songs!!!!




@Rubyace Would be great if the MK 8 offer wasn't just a one-off fluke but I'm not really counting on it. Was always going to get both anyways as well.



UnseatingKDawg said:

This is a nice bonus. But knowing my luck, I probably won't be able to get it for some stupid reason or another.



BigH88 said:

Now that is pretty awesome. I was buying 2 copies of each anyways so this is icing on the cake.



SavoirFaire said:

Looks like they finally pushed me over to buying the 3DS version!

Is it correct that the movesets and whatnot are identical between the 2 versions? If so then I will be able to practice for ~3 months before the Wii U version arrives!



justinluey said:

I was buying both anyways, but this is a nice bonus. This is exactly what Nintendo should be using Club Nintendo for.



SanderEvers said:

This is one major smart move. This will move Wii Us for people with 3DSes who still don't have a Wii U. Or other way around.



TARDIS-Blue_Blur said:

I was going to only get the Wii U version.. But seeing this..
I don't know. The music get's uploaded on YouTube anyway(looking at you GilvaSunner ). Maybe..



BakaKnight said:

I love when they throw free surprises over purchases I was already planning to do. More stuffs without need to change any purchase intention

@KodyDawg The offer is for registering the games on the club Nintendo so it won't make any difference how you buy them as long as you register them.



shigulicious said:

My son is getting the 3ds version. WiiU for me. One Club Nintendo account. Pure win all around. Nintendo is throwing haymakers today.



MeloMan said:

As much as I love SSB, I can't justify having both copies regardless to exclusive content. I'm sure I will find a way to get my hands on that music CD one way or another...



Jayvir said:

I was hoping it would be the full soundtrack, but it looks like a sample. Bah. I'll have to download the full soundtrack elsewhere it seems.



BakaKnight said:

@KodyDawg On that I totally agree and for be sure of everything we'll have to check the further details that will arrive in the next months XP

For example I fear a LOT that the supplies will be limited and I'm not looking forward to a race against the whole Europe >O>;



TantXL said:

I cry because Club Nintendo doesn't exist in my country... YOU PEOPLE GET FREE STUFF IT'S NOT FAIR!!!



NintyMan said:

This is just great. North America's Club Nintendo had been a major disappointment for so long, so this is easily the best thing to happen to it in recent memory. It's a soundtrack that's also not Zelda related! A video game music fan like me should be happy for this.



CapeSmash said:

Wow! I'm surprised at all the people who were only going to get the Wii U version. I thought it would be the other way around.



FlaygletheBagel said:

Amazing. No doubt about it. I've got both games pre-ordered, so this soundtrack will be a definite for me. For all the crap Club Nintendo gets on a regular basis, this is the type of gift that makes me proud to be a member.



GamerZack87 said:

"This offer is available to members in Europe and North America, but unfortunately is not currently available elsewhere."
@AlexOlney Does that mean Australia and New Zealand is missing out?



Sonicman said:

Yes, I missed out on the Majora's Mask soundtrack, I will not miss out on this.



DeltaPeng said:

Was just going to buy the WiiU version as a home console version is the definitive version (imo). Pondered the 3DS per portable, but it would kind of depend on whether I could find matches with other players who owned the game. With this news...I feel compelled to buy both to own that soundtrack, Smash has such a good collection of music.

With this, the 'New 3DS' news, and competitive amiibo pricing, I'm gonna have to start setting aside money now to get everything I want. This is aside from Mario Kart 8 getting ridiculous amazing dlc and that hyrule warriors is around the corner O_O

It's almost too much awesome to handle



AshFoxX said:

Well I guess I'll have to pre-order the Wii U version now to make sure I can register it on time. I was going to wait until after the holidays when the hype died down a bit.



Henmii said:

Nice, but I rather have one of the 2 versions for free (like buying the Wii u version, getting the 3DS version for free).



dinosauryoshi said:

I'm getting both at launch anyway like a lot of you here, this is a fantastic surprise freebie. Cheers Ninty!



Grumblevolcano said:

For those disappointed that it's not the full soundtrack, there's no chance that it would fit onto 2 discs. Brawl alone had about 250 songs and I'd expect both Wii U and 3DS to have more than that!



vonseux said:

@SockoMario not to me. If you have both consoles is normal to get the version with superior graphics and all. The 3ds is more likely to attract new fans to the franchise and even make them buy a wiiu.



BarryDunne said:

To be honest, I ain't getting Smash Bros. I will if only Snake is in it again! lol XD Nintendo is on a role this week!!!



NintyMan said:

The full soundtrack would be awesome, but that would be way too big. Do you realize how many CDs would have to hold all of those tracks? As long as these soundtracks have most of them or at least my favorites, I'm happy. I'm just happy that we're getting this, period.



BestBuck15 said:

Nintendo are spoiling us....not. Buying one copy will be expensive enough. So much for that cross buy thing. Nintendo are the greatest games company but they sure are a miserable lot.



Tysamu said:

Based noff of these discs, the should've called the games Super Smash Bros Red and Super Smash Bros Blue

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