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PokéBall-patterned Vivillon Available in Europe and Australia

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Charizard also lurking in German GameStops

Attention, Pokéntomologists in Europe and Australia! From now until 8th September, the PokéBall Vivillon can be downloaded onto copies of Pokémon X & Y.

This special-patterned Vivillon was previously distributed at Gamescom and in North America. Vivillon nuts shouldn't miss the chance to add to their collections.

Those in Germany looking for something hotter should keep an eye on the local GameStop. Participating stores will be offering serial codes to download a Charizard with the brand of Charizardite opposite to which game you receive it on (so Charizardite Y on Pokémon X and vice versa). A similar promotion was held at GAME stores in the UK. There's a little confusion as to when exactly these codes are available, but the Global Link has them as available from 2nd-30th September.

Are you still looking forward to Pokémon release events like this for X & Y, or do you let them get away?


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GuyWithTheGames said:

i gotta get this quick! but i'm still a bit new to pokemon, so if anyone could tell me how to get it, i would be grateful



RainbowGazelle said:

@GuyWithTheGames No problem! Start up your game, but instead of loading, choose the orange 'Mystery Gift' button underneath. When it asks to open communications, select 'Yes'. Then choose 'receive via Internet', which is the second option. Wait for it to download (it may take a minute or two). Then load your game and collect from a delivery girl in any Pokemon Centre.



KTT said:

AT LAST. Seeing how the Vivillon had been distributed over the other countries and regions I really doubted they will do such even like this for Europe. I did know about the event earlier from Serebii though but I forgot about it. I'm glad I checked NL today.

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