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Play & Win: Mario Kart 8 Championship - Heat 2 - Launches on Sunday 24th August

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Another chance for glory

As we hope you're aware, we've teamed up with the Official Nintendo UK Store to run the Mario Kart 8 Championship 2014 in the UK, looking for the country's fastest racer who'll receive some fantastic prizes.

This Championship has multiple online Heats, with the top three in each of those Tournaments then progressing to the live final at EGX London on Saturday 27th September. It's worth remembering that those that qualify will receive travel and accommodation expenses for the event, so even if you weren't planning to go to EGX this could be your ticket in.

The first heat brought us our first three finalists, Voodoo, Stacy1199 and HD Zap, so now it's time for the second round. Remember, you're allowed to enter all four heats to attempt qualification — with the exception of the first heat's winners — as long as you're a UK Wii U owner.

The key details for this next event are below.


Sunday, 24th August 2014, between 2:00pm and 6:00pm UK time

Tournament Code (Heat 2)

5794-2562-1682 (MK8 EGX Qualifying 2)

Please Note: This is a different tournament code to that of Heat 1, you must add this new code to enter Heat 2.


150cc, All items, All control methods, Hard CPU

There will be multiple prizes on offer at the EGX finale, though the grand prize is worth racing for — the winner receives a boxed copy of every new game published by Nintendo for Wii U which is released in the calendar year following 27th September, £100 of Nintendo eShop credit and more.

For full details of the event, advice on multiple entrants using the same Wii U, and to register so that you receive email reminders, head on over to the Championship hub page.

Will you be joining in this weekend?

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Grumblevolcano said:

I'll definitely be there, was a lot of fun last time!

On a sidenote there was 2 people in 4th with 227 points last time (1 from UK, 1 from Finland), if one of the top 3 wasn't able to attend would the UK person in 4th automatically go through?



antdickens said:

@Grumblevolcano we have some provisions for people unable to attend the final, we'll basically select a few reverses from each heat and contact them in order!



S3OL said:

Definitely participating! Always love a bit of Mario Kart.
Look out for "Alan" and an Alien-esque Mii guys!

@ThomasBW84 Will you guys also be doing Smash tournaments?



WYLD-WOO said:

I'll give it my best shot. Man, I've been playing way too much Mario Kart over the last few weeks.



EverythingAmiibo said:

...missing this one too, straight after church I'm off to a one time skating event with a pal and my bro sigh ah well...



1BrightGamer said:

I'll certainly be participating in Heat 2. Couldn't take part last week due to being involved at a local Streetpass event. I'm thankful you're allowed to participate in all the heats (provided you didn't win already of course).

BTW, my Mii is called 'The Truth'. I'll probably be racing as either Metal Mario or Rosalina. Best of luck to everyone tomorrow!



Grumblevolcano said:

Got 128 because of 4 disconnects during races and 3 low positions (10th, 10th, 12th), very frustrated! On the bright side, at least that patch is coming rather soon so hopefully this won't again.

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