Minor Web Miiverse Update Allows You to Show Off Favourite Genres

The Miiverse equivalent to system stability

When it came to system updates in the Wii and DS era, Nintendo typically didn't get too carried away with frequent changes and additions. That's all changed in this Wii U and 3DS era, with system stability changes on a regular basis, while Miiverse — as a browser-based service — regularly has minor enhancements and adjustments; it's no more a case of "let's wait until there's more to change", as the update cycle speeds up.

Thankfully with Miiverse there's no waiting time, and Nintendo sometimes alternates between updating all three versions — Wii U, 3DS and web — or just one at a time. The latest update, however, is the most minor yet, so prepare to not have your socks blown off by the details below.

It's an improvement, to be fair, and we'd be quick to complain if updates weren't forthcoming. Have you set your favourite genre list on Wii U and 3DS, and will you now do so on the web browser version? Why isn't "platformer" an option? Both important questions...