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Microsoft's Phil Spencer Lays Down Ice Bucket Challenge to Reggie Fils-Aime and Shuhei Yoshida

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Is his body ready?

It seems every season of the year has its irresistible online trends, and one doing the rounds this year is for people to film themselves being doused by a bucket of ice water before passing the challenge on with a nomination. It has the noble cause of raising awareness around ALS — amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease — and has, now, begun to make its way around the highest levels of the games industry.

Notch, the well-known driving force behind Minecraft, boosted its profile with the video below.

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One of the nominations that Notch made was Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft's Xbox division. The executive was game, as you can see below.

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As you can see he's nominated Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils Aime, Sony's Shuhei Yoshida and Gabe Newell from Valve. Reggie has just hours remaining to respond, either with a dousing, donation to ALS charities or both.

The question — is his body ready?

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ajcismo said:

I'd like to offer up a challenge for MS and Big N to come to an agreement on the RARE N64 titles to get them on the VC.



Mk_II said:

The Regginator is so cool, that water will freeze the moment it hits him.



EverythingAmiibo said:

YES! Knowing Nintendo's recent trends, they can't pass up this opportunity to get 'down with the kids' as it were. I wonder if the Fils-a-Mech would do it?



JusticeColde said:

The ice bucket challenge has been one of the greatest ideas in raising ALS awareness. I'm really looking forward to seeing Reggie do it.



ekreig said:

This challenge is a lot easier to watch than that one with the cinnamon. I hope they'll do it.



RacerX said:

Well at least It's being done for a great cause instead of people just being idiots because they have nothing better to do.



Nik-Davies said:

Charlie Sheen's is good. He goes to pour it, but $10,000 comes out instead which he says he is donating and then he challenges 3 other to do the "exact same" as him.



ikki5 said:

This is a challenge? I did this as a kid all the time on hot days, If they really want to make it a challenge, wait until it is below 0 (or below 32 for people who use Fahrenheit) and snowing, then do it.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

I so hope Reggie nominates Iwata. And then he does his "Directly, to you" thing as he gets the bucket of ice and water. XD



Adam said:

Reggie's body was born ready. The question is if the ice water bucket is ready for him.



sinalefa said:

Based on that video, Notch is cheating. He did not even pour the whole bucket over his head.

It would be loads of fun to see Reggie doing this. And he should nominate Peter Moore and Yves Guillemot for their unwavering support



MeddlingIdiot said:

I can't see Reggie nominating Iwata who's still recovering slowly. It's more likely to be Bill Trinen that he targets, if he accepts the challenge that is.



SkywardLink98 said:

Do I have to be nominated to accept the Ice Bucket challenge? I want to take it, but no one has challenged me



SethNintendo said:

I see no point to this trend and how is exactly a challenge? If one either worked or worked out (outside) in Texas and then did this challenge it would actually be refreshing. Hot as hell in Texas and can't wait to move back up north. Count me as not impressed but I don't do "social trends". I don't see how this is related to raising awareness on a certain disease. It would be like taking a dip in the north pole and saying that raises awareness for homeless people or putting yourself into a bath of scalding hot water and saying it is for burn victims. This just seems stupid to me.



Neferupitou said:

God.. i,m trying to remember the last time i saw something that stupid.. what the hell is this???.. geez.



Oaf7724 said:

I really like Phil Spencer, he seems like a down-to-earth guy who just loves gaming rather then an executive.

I hope Reggie accepts!



shingi_70 said:


No fun allowed. Plus you don't clearly see where they say I'm donating money to als and I challenge someone. Your supposed to do the challange and donate or if you don't do the ice water donate $100 to als.



SethNintendo said:


Ah that would be problem for me considering I don't watch most videos with sound. I only turn my speakers on when I jam out to my music. Just call me an old time loser that is stuck in the 90s brick phone era.

So the real "challenge" is getting rich people to donate money.



Omarsonic9 said:

Also, a challenge in summer? Where it's hot? It's 40C degrees here so a shower with ice would be really nice xD



MasterWario said:

The awareness part of the whole thing is good, the being forced to do something in 24 hrs is not.




kereke12 said:

Yet those fanboy's fight over which piece of plastic is better & the companies do this.



ModernMARVEL said:

I was wondering why this started happening among those who I watch. At least it's for a good cause.



Hy8ogen said:

I worked with the guys in ALS Environmental Laboratories. They are very cool people and this campaign they are doing is absolutely amazing. If Reggie takes the challenge or donate to their cause, my respect for him will raise by another level.



Dogpigfish said:

Wow. I didnt know who Phil Spencer was 5 months ago. They must be spending all their money on trying make him cool. In other words they're trying to make an artificial Reggie.



TwilightOniAngel said:

That's awesome he called out reggie,and see people there friends.Is sad people are fighting overr their consoles, when these guys don't care about that.



ariwl1 said:

I usually don't care for things like this since they seem to have little effect, but this campaign has had crazy exposure and has actually helped raise a ton of money for the cause. I will be ecstatic if Reggie gets in on the action.



allav866 said:

Nintendo doesn't follow trends! That's why their systems are still region-locked and online purchases are tied to the system rather than an account!



theberrage said:

@WiiLovePeace No. Mullets,planking, and trucker hats are dumb trends. This is a great trend that has blown away past fundraisers for ALS (currently around $24M). Is it that much to ask to not be cynical of a trend that is currently helping so many people in need????



SethNintendo said:


You know people could just donate the money instead of doing something dumb like getting ice poured on them. I respect the money donated but the ice dumping act is stupid.



tux_peng said:


If big names do this- they might get noticed. I agree it's stupid though. Who the hell cares if my neighbor dumps ice water on her head?



WiiLovePeace said:

@theberrage You don't consider dumping large amounts of cold ice water over your head & body as stupid? Okay then... The reason why is besides the point.



readyletsgo said:

Just saw some saps on Irish telly do this on the terrible Rose of Tralee pageant show. That means it's officially naff to do it now



BakaKnight said:

TSK! Reggie can take a whole iceberg on his head, a bucket like that is what he use for regular showers >O>



XenoGamer said:

@Shepdawg1 Oh, it's a donation thing for people with ALS. But still, why this? How would they make money off something as silly as this?



DarkKirby said:

Don't give in to peer pressure like the other "industry giants" Reggie.

Because your body is always ready doesn't mean you have to be a tool with it.



mamp said:

If there was ever a time for Reggie's body to be ready it's now!!!

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