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Keep Up With The Latest Hylian Fashion Trends With This Hyrule Warriors Scarf

Posted by Darren Calvert

Wrap up warm this Winter

The recent Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct brought up lots of exciting news for Zelda fans such as the opportunity to play as Ganondorf, a retro style Adventure World, awesome new items and alternate costume packs DLC.

All of this is fine and dandy, but what if we want to flaunt our love of Hyrule Warriors in the park on a chilly Winters day? Worry not, you'll be able to preorder the Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition Pack directly from the Nintendo UK Store and get equipped with a Hyrule Warriors scarf, along with a physical copy of the game.

Paying tribute to the scarf Link wears in Hyrule Warriors, the blue and orange-coloured neckwear comes complete with the symbol of the Triforce boldly emblazoned across its front.

Will you be sporting this limited edition scarf later this year? As always, let us know your thoughts with a comment below.


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0utburst said:

I might get it and sell the game.

This is good news for those who've been wanting it. No treasure chest though.



aaronmclaren said:

It's also about £20 more than the preorder I have already... Is the scarf really worth it? Decisions, decisions.



0utburst said:

I don't think so unless you're a big fan or collector. If it's 20 pounds/euros more then I'll take back what I said on my first post. I thought it will be 10£/€ more like other limited editions.



MrGawain said:

Wonder if Bayonetta 2 is getting a catsuit made from human hair in it's special edition?



Dreamz said:

Is there any indication as to whether this will be available in the US as well?



japfelix said:

Guessing US gets the Triforce Clock / Chest pre-order? It's okay that it's not available for US as the Wii U games here in the Philippines are US and we rarely need a scarf because there's no snow here.



spongebob16 said:

@Clandon i hope so too. if not might need to buy it from when it gets up there to get from other people that dont want it.



Jazzer94 said:

£20 extra for a scarf no thanks, it looks cool but £20 more just no hopefully amazon or some other store gets it so the price comes down.
Edit: actually just no period as I could knit a scarf that looks better then this.



aaronmclaren said:

@outburst I have it on preorder for about £30/31ish on ShopTo - think it's something like £30.85 through silver membership. Nintendo UK has it marked up at £49.99... Ouch. If it was nearer the £40 mark then I might bite, but after the Mario Kart 8 fiasco with the UK store I'm reluctant to buy from them again anyway!!



plunkettmonster said:

No gimmicks in the USA, because Nintendo doesn't need to convince us to buy a Wii U or any of the Wii U games, we buy everything they produce! We Love Nintendo!



Grumblevolcano said:

I was thinking that by seeing the difference in the Nintendo store prices that the scarf is technically £10 but even the price for the standard edition is £32 so yeah just like the Blue Shell with Mario Kart 8 it's actually closer to £20.

I may get the scarf bundle but not sure yet as it'll depend whether the GAME store price is same/similar to the online price (if it's £40 like MK8 was £50 then I'll get the scarf).



HeroOfCybertron said:

I there a reason you didn't mention the Limited Edition was for UK before I clicked on the article? I'm disappointed now because I doubt NA will get the awesome scarf.



solcross said:

Very disappointed that America is left out of yet another offering, that scarf looks really nice.



Yurikun said:

I want this but I'm NA bound so I guess I'll be scarf-less. Maybe I should take up knitting and make one myself.



Ryno said:

I'm usually interested in limited editions but that scarf is ugly.



Ryu_Niiyama said: them come out a week before NA launch and say the scarf is at Nintendo World. sigh guess I'll have to try ebay.



zeldazero said:

I honestly believe we don't get these bonuses because they only come with physical copies and they want us to buy digital so they don't give incentive to buy physical, just my opinion...



FishieFish said:

Can you get it from or GAME?
The Nintendo UK Store doesn't ship to Ireland. :/



B3ND3R said:

I REALLY hope they announce a limited edition for the US... I would happily throw another $20 at my pre-order for this game!!!



Jepze said:

Who is now sad because doesnt get limited edition. Always when we europe doesnt get something cool we have to be shut up and be happy what we have. And now when america doesnt get it, everyone have to be sad. Americans, let us europeans be happy that we have something special.



ikki5 said:

@Clandon It's not. It is coming to Europe, Australia and New Zealand but we should be used to this by now. NoA never gets anything any more. We don't get much for special discounts, we don't get special editions and our Club Nintendo is inferior to every other region where the service is offered. Any time I see special edition X comes to Europe or whatever, I know we'll never see the likes of it.

@havokpants That special edition Mario Kart was only exclusive to one store which was "Nintendo World" and there is only one store which is in New York. I wouldn't really call that available as you cannot order online from them either so you'll have to go to their store in order to get it. So really, to 99% (if not more) of North America, the Limited edition Mario Kart 8 was not available to them and therefore calling it announced for NA is really an overstatement.


It's been a long time when Europe has gotten nothing while North America got something. It's either been EU got something and NA got nothing (this one seems to be the most common as of now) or both EU and NA got something or EU got something special and NA got something else special.



Darkness3131 said:

If that scarf comes to NA I swear. I will wear it and love it to death.

But I bet it won't... Sigh...



derickw69 said:

Why doesn't NOA release this or some kind of special edition of Hyrule Warriors for us? I for one think that the U.S. Wii U owners are so starved for quality games and products that we would gladly pay the extra bit of $$$ for something like this. I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed that we end up getting somerthing.



yoshi5852 said:




ikki5 said:

Even if it is at Nintendo World, that hardly helps people in the US as well. I doubt many people outside of New York will drive there to get it and even then, not a lot of New York people would go there either.



Screenshot said:

To all the people in the U.S.A annoyed about this being EU only, just remember, you have Shovel Knight

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