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Hyrule Warriors Direct Reveals New Items and Character Progression Information

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Chain Chomp! Badges! More!

As you may have seen, Nintendo has served up a 26 minute Hyrule Warriors Direct, which provided some useful localised information ahead of its September release in the West. A variety of details were given, some integral to gameplay and others simply a bit of fun.

Pleasingly, we saw more of the character levelling and progression mechanics for Hyrule Warriors. Battles naturally level you up, and sometimes enemies will drop items — you use these to craft badges. Badges are then used to boost weapons on the item tree, improving combos — which seem to be tapping Y repeatedly — and extending abilities such as Focus Spirit time.

New weapons will become available with progress, with a humorous example being Chain Chomp, which Link was shown swinging around with merry abandon. Various weapons have different 'skills', which may improve the odds of finding hearts, increase attack damage and more.

Oh, and Bombchus feature, and they're massive, no doubt used for blowing up troublesome walls.

The badge mechanic seems like a neat levelling system, while various Zelda references like Skulltulas are also welcome. Let us know what you think of the details revealed in the Nintendo Direct.

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ModestFan93 said:

How can I contain all this hype when we still have over a month before we can enjoy this gem. TnT



Pahvi said:

If I got it right from the video, the combo keys are more varied than in what I remember seeing in Dynasty Warriors 7 (or at least in the first campaign), essentially of type YX, YYX, YYYX and so on: (Y)^+ X.
I've barely started with One Piece Pirate Warriors, in which there already are combos of the type XYX (or whatever the Playstation controller keys are).
The NintendoDirect showed a combo something like YYYXXX. Maybe, maybe.

I now expect a fair amount of level grinding.



RedDevilAde said:

Lot more interested in the game after seeing that (not sold but definitely considering it)



OptometristLime said:

Tapping Y repeatedly... that would seem to summarize this game, dunno if that's a bad thing but seems meme worthy to me.



ohhaime said:

This is what make me really want the game. I think for most people who like Warriors games the RPG/Loot elements are what really hooks you into the games. Having three different ways to power up characters has me salivating.

And yeah,the combos are simple,and you do spend most of the games inputing the same buttons over and for you most effective combo.But the combat is simple so you can focus more on the over all battle.
The tactics of which Keeps to capture or enemies to take out first is where the real meat of the gameplay is.(That and grinding. And looking cool.And playing as all your favorite characters(That's what make all the spin off Warriors games better then the main series.))



River3636 said:

I like the way you level up in the game, I. Getting this day 1 . I wonder if this schema is in the adventure mode. I don't care they are taking my money September 26 th.



Pillowpants said:

That's a pretty hard combo, I hope I'll be able to memorize it... I might press Y one time too many.

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