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Don't Touch Anything Red Close to Release, Helix Games Planning Ambitious Wii U Media Player

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Also planning Kickstarter campaign for "Altered"

Helix Games founder Bailey Earley has recently conducted an interview on Miiverse with user Folkloner, providing some details on the studio's upcoming Wii U eShop release Don't Touch Anything Red, as well as explaining some of the company's future plans. There are some interesting ideas, should they get off the ground.

First of all, Don't Touch Anything Red — a simplistic runner with co-op and competitive multiplayer also included — is set to arrive in September in North America for $1.79, and should arrive "even sooner" in Europe.

In terms of future projects, the New Zealand-based studio is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Altered, which was given the following description:

Yes, "Altered" will be on the Wii U, but we're also targetting[sic] the 3DS and Steam.

"Altered" will be a 2D stealth/action game where you can control physics in order to infiltrate different organisations to steal data, which you can then sell for upgrades. There will be a Story Mode, Mercenary Mode, and a local Multiplayer Mode.

Perhaps the most intriguing — and ambitious — plans from the studio are to release a media player for Wii U, to allow streaming of video and music; whether this project can get off the ground is certainly in doubt, but it'd help fill a gap in the system's capabilities.

Well, I can't speak too much about how it will work as even we don't fully know what he Wii U can do, but it seems like you should be able stream content from your PC over LAN.

I can't give a release estimate, but it will launch for under $5.

...Music is even easier! There will even be ways to play with the media, such as speeding up or changing the pitch, just in case you don't think Eminem can rap fast enough.

They're bold plans, certainly. You can see a trailer for Don't Touch Anything Red below, but let us know what you think of the Altered game concept and, of course, the prospect of a media player for Wii U.

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Folkloner said:

Thanks for posting this. I'll be sure to forward you any future DevTalk Interviews.



SethNintendo said:

Yea, a media channel is sorely lacking on the Wii U. Heck even something as simple as the 3DS music player... I still don't understand why they haven't done this (they had this with the Wii which it was a barely used feature; I remember Excite Trucks had an options that you could load songs and play them while racing). I might not like Microsoft but they implemented this way back in the original xbox.



dequesi said:

Streaming HD video from my Mac to the TV through the Wii U would be a dream come true!



PALgamer said:

They should use standard protocols for the media player such as UPnP/DLNA.



ULTRA-64 said:

Finally.....An attempted media player function!! If it never gets going at least someone tried to add what , let's face it, should be a basic functionality of all modern console's!!



Dawn-Shade said:

At least I still have this alternative:
Video output on my laptop is busted, so I rely solely on my Wii U to watch video on big screen.
But it still can't stream HD videos, so a 'real' media player on Wii U would be very good!



SetupDisk said:

So what would be the point of that unless it could stream flv videos to the wii u?



ricklongo said:

I'd be quite interested on a full-fledged media player. I hope this gets off the ground.



Folkloner said:

@Dawn-Shade Same here. I used Plex for awhile until I had a problem with it and couldn't get it working again.

PlayOn has less of quality in the presentation department in comparison and it's annoying that I have to cycle through the options to get back to the Folder that contains my Media but it works without issue (for me) and i'm happy with it.



OorWullie said:

The fact you can plug an external hard drive in to the Wii U,surely it must be possible to play media directly from there rather than having to stream it?A modded Wii can do it rather well without official external HD support so I'm sure the Wii U can too!



AyeHaley said:

OMG Media player? That would be awesome! I need one till I get my PS4 (which will hopefully have full media support end of this year). The more ways to play movies etc, the better.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

And once again people fawn over trash that has nothing to do with gaming... if you have a PC, why is there even a remote need for a Media Player for WiiU that can only stream videos from that very PC that can easily accomplish better results?
I guess the term 'gamer' only applies to owning a console nowadays, not actually using it as intended...



SethNintendo said:


Perhaps a good answer would be that my PC is in a room while my Wii U is in the living room. I'm not looking for streaming videos from PC but I am looking for ability to play music on my Wii U. Right now my only option would be to use my blu ray player which I suppose I could. I wouldn't mind if Pandora app came out on the consoles but again I can just use my blu ray player. Only thing I know is that the Hulu+ app on Wii U is complete crap (after it plays one show it won't let me load another; haven't checked it in awhile but I'm sure the issue still exists). It used to not do this but it would give numerous playback errors. I pretty much gave up on streaming services (Netflix and Hulu) on Wii U and use my blu ray player now for it. I'll have to try them again and see if any improvement (Netflix would have blurry resolution compared to the blu ray player).



Jmastab said:

A Media center would be awesome and I'd buy it for $5. Hopefully it would be as nice as XBMC.



Nico07 said:

I have been using Plex installed on a home server, but it can easily run from virtually any PC. Movies are viewed on the Wii U with its web browser and play back in HD without problem.
Depending on how ambitious this project is I may buy into it if it allows playback of content stored on the Wii U.



Nico07 said:

@AlexOlney Plex supports a lot of media formats but it would be nice if this supported more. I know it probably wont but it would be nice. The best non-PC device I own for playing video is the Western Digital TV Live Hub. It has 1TB of storage and plays more media formats than any other device like it, including Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast and others.



Nimious said:

The game looks like junk and plays on as simple of a concept as a certain playground kid's game... Geez, indi is not synonymous with crud but these guys sure are pushing it.



SahashraLA said:

I find that the only use I got out of my XBox's media player was the NHL's music track uploader. So then my songs would play in the game. We watch Netflix but also have a massive physical media collection (and no desire to digitize) including hundreds of vinyl albums. Our audio system is seperate from the video system, so that our movies and song look and sound better. The same tech doesn't work for every application, despite what Microsoft may say.



Cathousemaster said:

Nintendo have already told us (Nocturnal) only games are being accepted for the WiiU at this point in time. We submitted a detailed design for a non-gaming application, but it wasn't even considered.

If this media player thing is allowed, I'll be very surprised.



Just_Ethan said:

@Cathousemaster I sure hope it does. The Wii U is severely lacking in misc. apps compared to the 3DS. All we really have is the big 3 streaming services, a medicore YouTube, Uplay, and the practically dead Animal Crossing Plaza.



dequesi said:

@AlexOlney thanks for the reminder! I had actually installed that ages ago but had forgotten all about it. I tried it last night and it went surprisingly well! I'll have to put it to the test a bit further

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