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CoroCoro Magazine Reveals Three Mega Evolutions For Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

That's pretty Mega

It's that time again, Pokémon fans, as once again CoroCoro magazine has gone big with information on the upcoming Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire on 3DS. The mag's gone Mega, in fact.

The latest update has details of three new Mega Evolutions; details are below, via our friends at Serebii.

  • Mega Altaria — Dragon/Fairy type with Pixilate
  • Mega Lopunny — Normal/Fighting type with Scrappy, also knows High Jump Kick
  • Mega Salamence — has the ability Aerilate

Remember those cute Pikachu outfits from previous updates? They do have a purpose, as they change the 'mon's moves in contests:

  • Pikachu Rock Star — Meteor Mash
  • Pikachu Ph. D. — Electric Terrain
  • Pikachu Pop Star — Draining Kiss
  • Pikachu Belle — Icicle Crash
  • Pikachu Libre — Flying Press

Contest details include the fact that you meet a Contest Idol called Lucia, who gives you special clothes when you participate — "you also receive a shiny Beldum through an event, where it holds its Mega Stone".

You can see the scans below, so let us know what you think of this update. Are you hyped about these Mega evolutions?


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ShanaUnite said:

Yeah Salamence totally needed a power boost.
Edit: Also the top part of mega salamence page is cut off making it hard to actually see the mega dragon in question.



Dizzard said:

I just want to stick my head in Mega Altaria's feathers.




AyeHaley said:

OMG I have a shiny Altaria and Lopunny! Can't wait to see dem megas shiny
Fudge its cute! Oooh and Pika cosplay works in battle! Ooooeehh I hope they make that possible with more pokemon in RB or later games.




One-Winged-Pit said:

Before anyone gets excited about Lopunny, it is terrible. It has Normal/Fighting typing and the ability, Scrappy.



RudysaurusRex said:

Did anyone actually want these? I feel like there were other Pokemon far more deserving of a boost.



ValiantPixel said:

The design for Mega Salamence goes above and beyond what I was expecting I'll be using one on my team for sure!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Okay... no. Lopunny looks outright creepy, Altaria is just silly, and Salamence looks ridiculous. I don't see any appeal in these three, personally speaking.

@RudysaurusRex Granted, most Megas probably aren't based on popularity to begin with.



Megapokepaul said:

i was soooo excited about mega slamence that i just finished breeding a 5 ivs jolly bagon with : trash, fire fang, dragon danse and dragon rush.!!!! Will start the swablu right now , i already have a perfect shiny buneary with egg moves !! OMG !!!!! that just made my day !



Megapokepaul said:

i was soooo excited about mega slamence that i just finished breeding a 5 ivs jolly bagon with : trash, fire fang, dragon danse and dragon rush.!!!! Will start the swablu right now , i already have a perfect shiny buneary with egg moves !! OMG !!!!! that just made my day !



MixMasterMudkip said:

How freaking insane Mega Altaria really doesn't need to be explained. It's a Defensive Dragon/Fairy type with Pixilate and a huge move pool of Normal type attacks. That's the most outrages thing ever.
Mega Lopunny is almost as real as Diggersby. That thing is power. If you think that thing is bad you obviously have no understand of the meta game or at least very little. Smogon will regret banning Aegislash to Ubers when this thing comes on in.
Mega Salamence is a rad jet plane.
The real star of this is ICICLE CRASH Pikachu tho!
Pikachu is already super good, but a physical Ice move?! That is way to powerful! Pikachu is about to start sweeping teams, because Grass and Ground types aren't even a problem anymore!!



Yorumi said:

Oh good mega salamence cause he wasn't already super powerful. I'm still reserving final judgement but with all these mega I kind of feel like this is point pokemon is jumping the shark for me. Stop with all the mega crap and balance older pokemon to add more variety to the game. About half the fully evolved pokemon are unusable and they just give megas to powerhouses. I don't want to face the same 20 pokemon in every battle, I want all kinds of variety on the teams. Stop with the megas already.



DarkLink95 said:

These will be so welcome additions, I wanted a fairy/dragon type so Altaria takes care of that nicely.



RedBeanPorridge said:

Nooooo! lopunny's once fluffy-looking arm decorations now look block as heck! Well maybe that means lopunny get's an attack buff. And it gets to wear some torn panty hose...?

I'm digging mega altaria though. It's not as overly designed as other mega pokemon and just packs that simple look I loved in most of the earlier pokemon designs. Plus it looks sugary delicious!



Ernest_The_Crab said:


So it can't be hit by ghost types and can hit ghost types?

Maybe it's sole purpose is to be a counter to Mega Gengar though the stat distribution isn't out yet so I'll have to reserve judgement until I see that.


They probably will have balance changes like they did for X and Y. We most likely won't see information on those until it gets closer to the release date (I'm guessing Mega forms generate more hype than stat changes).

Btw does anyone know who the trainer to the right of May is?

Also, anyone else find it slightly odd that the games would be called Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby yet most sites and news releases order them as Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? Seems a little strange when the names are derived from the first letter of the greek alphabet (alpha) and the last letter (omega).



sillygostly said:

I never liked Altaria… or Swablu. I hated them, even…

Never thought I'd ever want to train the little turds in a million years...

Until I laid eyes on Mega Altaria…

I'm beguiled... it's beautiful. =O <3 <3 <3

Welcome to the team, Altaria. =P



Yorumi said:

@Ernest_The_Crab it doesn't even have to be strictly stat changes. It's like they've completely forgotten that regular evolutions exist anymore. Even then as much as I'm sick of mega there are so many pokemon that need a boost WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY more than sala-freaken-mence. The thing already has ridiculous stats, a great movepool, useful abilities, oh but in 15 years we can't make flareon useful, or make half the types in the game worthwhile, or allow even a quarter of the pokemon to be viable on teams.

Megas don't even help cause even if they did give a useful mega to all pokemon that need balance you can only have one on a team at a time. It doesn't really change the team building dynamic at all. It's just annoying, if you don't care so much for the "cool dude" pokemon that they can market to children anymore you're pretty much screwed. Sure it's always been a kids' game but it's also extrodinarily popular among adults and every new game seems to just unbalance things even more. It doesn't matter if there's over 700 pokemon when 30 of them are useful, sucks to be you if you want some team variety.



IceClimbers said:

@Yorumi A lot of the Pokemon ARE viable on teams. Tiers my friend. Also I've seen plenty of people use Pokemon from lower tiers and easily defeat OU teams. Butterfree can sweep teams if you give it the right moveset and use it right.



DarkKirby said:

Pretty sure almost nobody saw Mega Lopunny coming. I'm not upset about it through, as some others unreasonably are.

Mega Salamance looks OP has heck.

I fear Mega Altaria with Dragon Dance will make already barely OU Mega Gardevoir irrelevant unless Gardevoir gets the much needed Quiver Dance.



J-Manix98 said:

I like M Salamence, But Lopps and Altaria seem like terrible choices.

Nice shiny Beldum!



Yorumi said:

@IceClimbers tiers are just artificial restrictions to do what nintendo won't. Sure you can pull off the occasionally odd choice of pokemon and it works because the planets align in just the way and all but there's kind of reason you don't see these pokemon in championships. Lets see how well someone does with a Luxray, glaceon, butterfree, and liligrant. Or if you don't like that use smogon's tiers, put together a NU team and battle in OU, let me know how that works out.

Overall I just want a lot of variety in a competitive game. I wouldn't mind the megas so much if they were actually doing interesting things with them. All they really are is direct power boosts, but what if they changed the way the pokemon behaved in battle. Like with mega sala, it would be so much more interesting if he lost his speed and attack but became really defensive. Now you never know if you're facing an offensive or defensive sala.

EDIT: Basically the OU tier should cover the majority of pokemon with a lot of side choices(pokemon that can fill the same roles on a variety of teams) so you're not quickly locked down after making a few selections.



LtAldoRaine said:

Wow, can't say I expected Mega Salamence to look like that. It's kind of a Latios/Latias version of Salamence. It's going to take a while for that design to grow on me.

I absolutely loved Mega Lopunny and Mega Altaria, though. The designs are great, and they look pretty useful. High Jump Kick with Scrappy and Dragon/Fairy with Pixiliate? Hell yeah.



TwilightOniAngel said:

Wow Salamence looks like a kite, Altaria looks so fluffy, loppuny looks sort of alright. But Altaria is dragon and fairy? That's even more awesome!



Derpkip said:

The Uber's list looks like it has a lot of headway. Mega Salamance? MewTwo, prepare your purple tail... thing... This boomerang dragon thing is going to rock your two toed socks off.

Mega Altaria is currently my most hyped mega right now. Unless they give me a mega Ninetales, which I doubt at this time. Wouldn't mind seeing a Mega Tropius. Give tropius some love! He's a Brontosaurus that's a tree. AND HE CAN FLY. Or how about Mightyanna? Its already been speculated that Sharpeedo and Camerupt may get megas.



MixMasterMudkip said:

@Yorumi They haven't announced where their stats lie, and you're already complaining about how these Pokemon behave. Mega Lopunny is completely different from Lopunny going from a Trick user to a high power attacker. All three of these Pokemon needed major buffs. Lopunny and Altaria are both never had much potential, Salamence while technically a good Pokemon is completely outclassed by many other dragon types. It had nothing to keep up with this Gen's current meta. You're complaing about Pokemon that need buffs not getting them when all these Pokemon need buffs. Beyond that it seems like you think this game should be completely changing the Gen 6 meta game, which it shouldn't. I just don't see why you're saying Pokemon should be getting new Evolutions, and not Mega Evolutions. We should honestly be glad we're getting new Mega Evolutions, because new Evolutions would never happen until Gen 7. What you're saying about tiers makes no sense. It's like that because Pokemon to outclass one another. Please don't take this the wrong way, but you only seem to be against this because you didn't get the Pokemon you wanted and you lack the knowledge of how the Smogon tiers work.



Yorumi said:

@MixMasterMudkip I think you have missed almost all my points entirely. First of all I already mentioned how I don't want megas at all cause they don't solve the problems with the game. Regular evolutions was just one example, they could accomplish it with better move sets(come on lilligrant has one attack), better abilities, stat adjustments or other such things. I mean salamence is still BL even in XY and he's certainly not getting a nerf from a mega evolution. He's still viable after 4 generations and is now getting a buff, meanwhile half the fully evolved pokemon have never been viable and have only ever received a passing glance from gamefreak.

For that matter why can't they add new evolutions in this game? They're adding mega evolutions but somehow regular evolutions are just completely out of the question?

As far as this: "What you're saying about tiers makes no sense. It's like that because Pokemon to outclass one another."

That's literally exactly what I'm ranting about. Pokemon shouldn't be outclassing each other resulting in an extremely limited list of viable pokemon, every single fully evolved pokemon should be viable. It's not a matter of getting the pokemon I want cause I have gotten some I like, it's that I'd like a lot more variety and balance be put in the game.

They just make all these megas cause they can brag about pretty pictures while ignoring the game's balance relegating most pokemon to the dust bin. If they would just address the game's balance through and through it would make team building much more fun, the competitive much more diverse, and much more interesting.



MixMasterMudkip said:

@Yorumi Still don't understand what you have wrong with Mega Evolutions. They do give Pokemon better abilities and stats. As well as they give them new moves. Lopunny is now going to get High Jump Kick.
Anyway, the problem with new evolutions is that it doesn't make sense in a region that's already been established. Mega Stones are different since their hidden.



Yorumi said:

@MixMasterMudkip it doesn't make anymore sense than adding new evolutions, or all the pokemon that didn't exist the first time around. They added a whole new island chain to fr/lg and even changed the story progression as well as adding hundreds of new pokemon. MIsdreavous was given an evolution in gen 4, then in the remakes of gold/silver she was able to use that evolution. If the integrity of the region is so important then that shouldn't have happened. But you're choosing to focus on one single thing in a whole list of suggestions as though if that single thing couldn't be done it would invalidate the entire list. They've adjusted stats, abilities, movesets, and even the power of attacks before there's no reason they can't do that for the whole game.

As far as megas, they're a lazy bandaid, they don't solve the problem. You're restricted to one mega on a team. If someone wants to use lopunny or altaria(assuming the mega is enough to make them viable, that's not guaranteed) they're forced to use their only mega slot and if they already have a mega well too bad. Want to use both lopunny and altaria? Nope, too bad can't do it. If they had gone through and balanced the game you would have been able to but not this way. Mega basically gives you the option to replace one OU pokemon with a lower tier one and nothing else.

What's worse is the mega's are not even done with an eye for balance and at time they further destabilize the game. Gengar and blaziken really needed balance? At least kangaskhan needed it but they went so far overboard it's uber. Of course none of those are banned under tournament rules which just makes it even more impossible to use lower tier pokemon knowing you're going to have to handle ubers in the regular game. They buffed blaziken into ubers and decided that wasn't enough so they buffed him again while ignoring hundreds of other pokemon that desperately want some place on any team.

They don't care one bit about balance, salamence already has base 135 attack with some of the most powerful attacks in the game. It's not guaranteed but there's a good chance if he gets any more power he'll rocket to ubers as well. I'm not going to be surprised when mega garchomp is announced.

I just wish nintendo would stop pretending like the competitive scene in their games is unimportant and start treating pokemon like the competitive game that it is. It wouldn't take any radical change in gameplay, just proper balance of the game.



Xjarnold said:

@Yorumi I agree with some of your points but at the end of the day Pokemon is a kids game Nintendo won't put forth a ton of effort in balancing the competitive scene of a game targeted at 5-12 year olds.

However I feel that megas are handled quite well for the most part, some powerful Pokemon didn't need it(Gengar, blakizen,etc) but having 1 per team stops people from running around with MegaKhan and MegaZard and 4 other megas on the same team.... That would be game breaking. And for every Mega Salamance, there is a Mega Khan:A low tier Mon that was barely used is now allowed to shine.

Is it balanced? NO.
Is it enjoyable? Yes. Just enjoy the game



rockerztonight1 said:

@Yorumi - I fully agree with you. In the competitive scene, I use a lot of OU Pokemon, and that's because it's really the biggest chance you have at winning, sadly. There are so many Pokemon that I would love to raise and sweep teams with, but their stats simply just don't cut it. And I'm tired of seeing the same 50 out of the hundreds of Pokemon used in online. I want Pokemon to be better balanced, but sadly, it never will be. New Pokemon are going to keep being made, and older Pokemon will fade into obscurity. My only question is, what will gamefreak do when they have over 2000 Pokemon? At that point, gamefreak will either stop making new Pokemon and instead focus on balancing all the 'Mons, OR they will continue to make new Pokemon and Pokemon will then become painfully unbalanced (as if it already isn't).



Bolt_Strike said:

Can't say I saw Mega Lopunny coming, even out of the non-3rd gen Pokemon. But Mega Lopunny's reveal could be a good sign for a dex expansion.

Mega Altaria and Mega Salamence are cool too.



Yorumi said:

@Xtremetdifan "Pokemon is a kids game Nintendo won't put forth a ton of effort in balancing the competitive scene of a game targeted at 5-12 year olds."

Given how many adults play the game I think they're really missing out. The games are 15 years old now meaning even the children who played it in gen 1 are now adults. It's not even like the fundamental game would be changed, anyone who doesn't play online would likely hardly notice the difference if it was balanced.

"Is it enjoyable? Yes. Just enjoy the game"

Part of the problem is I get enjoyment out of using teams I like. In some ways I would say I almost enjoy team building more than play the game itself. I really like trying to put together a kind of theme for the team, sadly to do that you're almost required to cripple the team. It doesn't even have to be against good competitive players, something like the endgame challenges often require a team of OU pokemon to have a chance. As the game has become more and more unbalanced I've enjoyed the games less and less because I'm more restricted in my team building. My enjoyment of the game would greatly increase if I could use my favorite pokemon.

@rockerztonight1 yugioh has several thousand cards, so one way or another they'll figure out how to keep making pokemon. Unfortunately in yugioh the current new theme pack that's selling is made more powerful than everything before it and so the newest cards are the only viable ones. Pokemon is becoming much like that and I hope they stop and go for more balance instead.



Interneto said:

@WiiChuck103 Why weird?

It would be if it was a Gen V Mega-Pokémon since there is none. Mega Garchomp, Mega Lucario and Mega Abomasnow and now Mega Lopunny.



Fandabidozi said:

Mega Altaria - It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!
Mega Lopunny - I'm gonna try for a shiny one methinks.
Mega Salamence - These are gonna be everywhere...
Where's Mega Zangoose already? I must have a Mega Zangoose!



Aerona said:

Mega Salamence is pretty cool. Its head is maybe a bit too big though. Mega Lopunny is fine, but it looks more like an alternate Buneary evolution to me... nothing really mega about it. Mega Altaria is fine and will probably grow on me, but I can't help but think it deserved better.



Drawdler said:

Can you imagine how ridiculous Mega Salamence would look if it tried standing on the ground?



xerneas said:

I don't like mega Altaria at all :S Salamence is pretty rad tho, want. Though why no legs omg??



lamco said:

Lopunny needed the extra support in stats. I'll definitely use it now.



Radbot42 said:

I'm tempted to get this but am reminding myself that metagross is the only mega I would use. There might be more, but I have to keep telling myself it is pointless right now.

I should just wait until X2 Y2 or Z



IceClimbers said:

@Yorumi Actually, I've seen plenty of people use NU teams and win against OU teams. Tiers are created by people to help make the outclassed Pokemon shine. Those Pokemon are viable, in the lower tiers. Sure, would making the game more balanced so tiers are no longer needed be welcomed? Of course.

By the way, most Mega Evolutions are given based on popularity, not the competitive scene. That's why you have Mega Garchomp and Mega Blaziken. In Salamence's case, he isn't viable in OU. At all. Neither is Metagross. Both were once fearsome (Salamence becoming Uber in Gen 4), but now they are laughable in OU. Their Megas were deserved, though Mega Metagross will probably be Uber.

Also, the vast majority of the Pokemon that were OU in Gen 5 dropped to lower tiers in Gen 6. Starmie, a Pokemon who has been OU since Gen 1, dropped to UU. Jellicent dropped from OU to I believe RU or NU. Infernape, Hydreigon, etc are all in lower tiers now. Gen 6 OU is actually a different set of Pokemon for the most part, though it's becoming increasingly smaller as more Pokemon either drop tiers or become banned, such as Aegislash.



Burningocean said:

My hype for this game has incresed more,I really like Mega Altaria but Mega Salamence is the best!(besides Mega-Gross).



Derpkip said:

The pikachu thing gets to me. Only being able to dress up pikachu(unless announced otherwise) is bull. I grew sick of Pikachu, and I'm tired of seeing remakes (except patsuritsu). raichu proved pikachu wasn't a waste of a mascot, though.



Bass_X0 said:

Where is Mega Raichu?

And I wish Mega Evolutions were restricted only to Pokemon with three stages of evolution already. Not given to those with only one or two stages since a Mega Evolution effectively ends that Pokemon's evolutionary stages. Could have future new prevo Pokemon for the likes of Swablu and Mawlie.

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