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Posted by Darren Calvert

A block capital crossover

Hot off the heels of announcing Flappy Bird clone SPIKEY WALLS for the Wii U eShop, our CAPS LOCK addicted friends over at RCMADIAX are back to announce BLOK DROP X TWISTED FUSION to an unsuspecting world.

This upcoming Wii U eShop title is due to land this Fall and is a crossover between RCMADIAX's BLOK DROP U (which we quite liked) and the less shouty Twisted Fusion which has been successfully funded on Kickstarter. This crossover promises to marry the art of Leuvsion's world with the block dropping gameplay of BLOK DROP.

More details and screenshots will be released soon. Let us know your thoughts on this crossover by leaving us a comment below.

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mowerdude said:

I will pass on this game, just wish I found the review for midtown crazy race before I purchased it yesterday also. Wasted $4.99 on it when I could have purchased a classic nes title instead.



TG1 said:

This was announced long before Spikey Walls.

I'm looking forward to it



smikey said:

Due this fall presumably means in north america only I assume?
Since none of the other games are in Europe yet
(probably because not all of Europe has block drop either I suppose)

I buy everything so I'll be picking them all up when / if they finally make it but I think of them all block drop looks to be my favourite and I beat that in less than half an hour




@smikey As part of the agreement between myself and Leuvsion, this game will be published in Europe. I also like to go through testing with NoA first to ensure there are no problems. Then it takes PEGI and USK forever to get the game rated. 2015 will see a lot of releases in Europe from us, catching up on things that released in NA.



smikey said:


Thanks for the reply I'll have them all on my Nstc wii before the end of the year but I'll still pick them up when they make it over here next year



ULTRA-64 said:

I'm grabbing blok drop later This weekend so if I like it it's nice to know there's more similar. Let's hope this is as cheap!



argh4430 said:

Does this mean Blok Drop U isn't going to get new levels, but that they would go to this game instead?



SahashraLA said:

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Mikes said:

Sounds good to me! I haven't played Block Drop U, but I'm certainly interested in Twisted Fusion. I've been keeping my eye on it ever since its Kickstarter.



LawRulesALL said:

@RCMADIAX Hey buddy, your pacing for your games is incredible! I know that programming and stuff for HTML coding is easier than standard codes used for bigger games but you're sure not short of ideas hehe

Also, curious about this crossover (:

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