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Azure Striker Gunvolt Blasts Onto 3DS eShop on 29th August

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

At a thoroughly reasonable $14.99, EU version in the works

It's of little surprise that there's some excitement around upcoming 3DS eShop release Azure Striker Gunvolt, as it's a retro-style 2D action title from the developers that are also working on Mighty No. 9; a certain Keiji Inafune has been involved in the project, too.

After previously announcing a Japanese release date and promising that the North American version wasn't far behind, Inti Creates has today provided some exciting news. First of all, this will arrive in North America on 29th August for $14.99.

There's some good news for European gamers, too, as the studio has confirmed that a European release is in the works, even though no release window is being given quite yet.

Are you looking forward to playing this in two week's time, North American gamers? Are you in Europe and simply relieved that it's coming to the region? Let us know in the comments below.

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Thanks to Max Criden for the tip.


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eleccross said:

HA! Take that Europe. We get something first for once...all I want is that Super Smash Bros 3DS XL...also that LoZ zip up hoodie...



AdmiralThrawn said:

The spiritual successor to the Megaman Zero and ZX series which were also made by Inti Creates. If you played those games, definitely get this one.



sinalefa said:

Is this releasing the same day as Tappingo 2? It will be a busy week for me then.



ricklongo said:

Cool! It's been a while since I used my 3DS for any significant period of time. This will certainly help on that front.



SanderEvers said:

This will release on the same day in EU as Shovel Knight. As soon as they're done translating.



FX102A said:

I seriously can't wait for this, Zero 1-4 & ZX were among the greatest handheld games I played (ZX Advent was good too but the weakest IMHO).

Don't keep us Europhiles waiting too long please. I might even go as far as to buy it twice for both my European 3DS'.



accc said:

I was expecting $20, so I guess I'm satisfied with this news.



Pokefanmum82 said:

Can't wait to play this game. Will be a day one buy for me. Guess I will have to buy an eShop card next week.



Noboty said:

What involvement does Keiji have in this? He's in charge of the team making Mighty No. 9 and the team in charge of that and the team in charge of Gunvolt don't share anything but a common boss.



SparkOfSpirit said:

An action platformer made by Inti-Creates is always a day one buy.

Mega Man Zero 1-4, and Mega Man 9 alone will always assure that.



Nintex said:

Well this is a pleasant surprise! I'm currently on a Megaman gaming spree, playing just about every Mega game there is and now I see this trailer for Gunvolt…. I can't wait, day 1 purchase for me.



Shambo said:

Beautiful sprites, side-scrolling, bosses and effects that fill the screen... I love it already.



Giygas_95 said:

@SparkOfSpirit I'd agree with you, but the Mega Man ZX games...not really bad games, but not very good ones either. The Zero games are beyond amazing though, and so are Mega Man 9 and 10.



Genesaur said:

Man... for some reason, I thought that we were getting a retail release on this one. Makes sense, though, with the independent publishing and listed price, that it wouldn't be. It just looks like it'll really deserve a nice box with lots of blue.

Such excite, though. Looks much more promising than Mighty No. 9, to me. I've already planted the funds into my eShop account in preparation,



Giygas_95 said:

@SparkOfSpirit Personally, I'd have enjoyed them more without the Metroidvania aspect. Wandering around until I found the right place in ZX was annoying. I think they should have made it like the first Mega Man Zero and just had you instantly warp to the place you need to go when you start a mission. A better map would have helped too.



kupo said:

Damn it, we all know this game is why don't they release it RIGHT NOW! AAAAAARRRRRGGHHHHHHH!!!!

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