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A Whopping 5-Disc Bayonetta 2 Soundtrack Will be Released in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead


Bayonetta 2 arrives in Western territories this October, and we think you should be excited about it. It's impressed us a great deal so far, with fast-paced action, gorgeous visuals and a soundtrack that pushes you onwards.

It's great news — if you're in Japan — that the soundtrack is all set for a full release in the country. Pre-orders have been spotted for a 5-disc album for release on 29th October, joining similar epics from other projects involving PlatinumGames or its team in the Capcom years. As a physical release it'll be pricey, however, with its listing pegging it at 5142 Yen, which is roughly $50 / £30 — for five discs, however, that's not actually that bad.

Whether it'll make it to the West is another issue — Sega’s label Wavemaster is publishing, and we'd like to think that download avenues such as iTunes will be explored.

You can hear some of the terrific soundtrack in the footage below; find a pair of headphones and enjoy.

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Thanks to Ryan Millar for the tip.


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Shambo said:

Meanwhile I don't even know for sure if I'll be getting a chance to get a two disc set of the games in Europe... The reports have been very unclear to me I hope we'll get both on disc...



S3OL said:

The soundtrack is one of the best parts of Bayonetta. Can't wait to defeat enemies to this beast of a soundtrack.



TheWPCTraveler said:

I'm hoping this makes it into the Limited Edition release here, if they ever decide to do one.
I'm spoiled by Atlus kindly providing me with even bits and pieces of the game's soundtrack on limited editions.



Grumblevolcano said:

I do think the soundtrack will come to the west but only in digital form. SEGA already has a load of soundtracks on iTunes already including most Sonic games (even Lost World and that's a Wii U exclusive and less than a year old).





I can't imagine listening to Bayonetta's soundtrack without the gameplay. It just doesn't work without it.



marck13 said:

Wow, great thing. I'm looking forward to hear how many of them they actually sell.

I feel the same. I am confused. I would love to get Bayonetta I & II physically.



Gen0neD said:

Don't care about the soundtrack. I came here to say, I can't wait for this game!



J-Manix98 said:

I was going to buy the soundtrack set for FE awakening for eighty dollars on ebay, but when I was ready to purchase it, it had been bumped up to two-hundred.



IceClimbers said:

@mch That confusion is one reason why I'm hoping there's a Bayonetta Direct soon. Clarify the whole situation for all regions once and for all, announce the game's release date, and if we're lucky they might announce a Bayonetta Wii U bundle (that one's wishful thinking on my part for the game's sales). Oh, and it's a chance to talk about the game and bring some spotlight to it once more before release. Just need some TV commercials for it.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Wow, 5 discs?! Aww man, but I'm already hunting for so many soundtrack collections! If the list becomes too long, I'll never get it done!



marck13 said:

Yeah, I sooo agree with you and I am counting on a Bayonetta Direct too.
Oh my.. , imagine a Bayonetta1&2-Wii U bundle with a special looking console and Gamepad.. That would rock! And TV-commercials for all the "kiddos" who still think there is only Mario on Nintendo consoles. ..And I wouldn't mind an amiibo on top of that



WanderingPB said:

I……I…I…I really really hope this comes here in NA but the original Bayonetta 5 disc soundtrack never made it here that im aware of…Hyrule Warriors may have to wait because this is a priority import that will impact my wallet greatly!!! I hope the eventually release a W101 sdtk too that Wonderful Anthem is epic!



DaemonSword said:

the set is up on iTunes now...but no "Moon River." What the heck?! Also, you have to purchase the whole album of Vol. 1 to get "Tomorrow Is Mine."

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