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Wii U Purchasing Intent Increases By Half In The Wake Of Strong E3 Showing

Posted by Damien McFerran

Another spin on the "Nintendo wins E3" debate

A recent survey commissioned by IHS in partnership with Gamer Network has revealed that Nintendo's strong showing at E3 caused a massive spike in purchasing intent for the Wii U.

Around a thousand core gamers were quizzed on various purchase intentions before and after the event. The Wii U began E3 as the machine that was least of interest to prospective buyers, but by the conclusion of the show — where Nintendo showed off titles like Splatoon, Hyrule Warriors and the Wii U version of The Legend of Zelda — 20 percent of those surveyed said that they would invest in the console in the future.

20 percent of those asked also said that they would be picking up an Xbox One following Microsoft's performance at E3 — a seven percent jump based on figures supplied before E3 commenced — but the PS4 lost some ground to its rivals, dropping slightly to a purchasing intent of 30 percent post-E3.


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smikey said:

I've bought 2 wii u consoles (1 for me and 1 for the kids)
I'm getting a nstc one in the next couple of months too it's genuinely my favourite Nintendo console and controller (as unpopular as that is)
The n64 still has my favourite set of games but I'm sure the wii u will win that by the end of it's life time too



PuppyToucher said:

I still don't understand how the ps4 has a purchasing intent of 30% even after e3. I didn't think they had a good show and the system, in my opinion, still has no must own games. I understand wanting a wii u because there are lots of great games out now and coming out in the near future, and I even understand people getting an xb1 for the halo master chief collection, but why does the ps4 still have more people interested?



Tsurii said:

@PuppyToucher well..I decided to get a PS4 after seeing some of the games for 2015. I don't think, that percentage describes, the people, who would or did get the consoles shortly after E3, but ..well, everyone who wants to get them anytime between now and 2 years. There's probably a rather big part of those 20% for Wii U, that won't be getting the console till late 2015 when Zelda releases or even later for Star Fox (btw..did they say when we can expect that one? )



XCWarrior said:

@PuppyToucher I'd be sad if the XBoner's purchasing intent went up b/c of a remake. But the PS4 is being driven by the Last of Us remake... so.... I hate remakes. Give me new games, not cheap upres versions of games you made a few years back.

But yeah, no shock WiiU purchase intent went up after E3. We'll see what happens after today.



Spoony_Tech said:

That picture of Reggie should be on every cover box for new Wii U consoles!

Intent doesn't mean they will ever purchase it so unless we see those numbers actually rise I won't get my hopes up. Let's face it 3rd parties are gone for Nintendo this gen. The only way they're coming back is if Nintendo does something to compensate them for it!



Blast said:

This is great news. If Nintendo keeps doing more and more cool exclusives for Wii U then more people will come. It really is about pleasing the fanbase and attracting other people!!!



Naoiko said:

I plan on getting a Wii U, but it will most likely be next year. Haven't had the money to invest in any new consoles yet. Wii U and PS4 are on the top of my lists though.



Montegarde said:

@smikey SNES has my favorite set of games, but a large chunk of them have already been released on Wii U's VC. If they'd get their act together, and just push out a vast library of VC titles, the Wii U would be a must-have console right this minute.



Nicolai said:

I saw the picture first, and I thought the headline might be "Reggie Terrorizes Millions in Recent Nintendo Direct."



Spoony_Tech said:

@Montegarde I highly doubt anybody will get a system because of a vast library of VC games. It might be icing on the cake but they need a more valid reason to take the plunge.

To my surprise I was talking to one of my old gaming friends the other day and he said he was saving up for a Wii U. He was bashing it 2 years ago and saying it looks stupid. He's hooked on Mario Kart 8 and at least some of the outside looking in people are getting an interest now!



gabopr75 said:

After E3 I couldnt hold off on my need for a home console after my ps3 died, so I went picked up a WiiU. Im happy - did, tired of the FPS and Over realistic games. Nintendo offers great games that are above anything else, fun.
The only thing I miss are a great baseball,football and/or basketball game. But other than that its the prefect console and only getting better.



Mega719 said:

If I see a new Jak and Daxter and Sly Cooper on PS4 maybe I'll be tempted to get one. Theives in Time was one of the reasons I got a PS3



Action51 said:

This is very good news for the Wii U.

While this doesn't directly translate into precious sales right now, it reveals that public perception has changed and that more people are considering the Wii U a viable purchase.

I'm pretty sure some of this has to do with the lackluster releases and line-ups for the PS4 and XB1 after so much launch window hype. Yes, Nintendo still lacks third party support, but with most multiplats still being released for 360 and PS3...there's not enough big exclusives coming for the "next gen" platforms while the Wii U is getting tons of exclusives.



Action51 said:

@gabopr75 - Well...unless you sold off your collection, it looks like they'll still be supporting PS3 for another year or you can probably buy a used or refurbished one for very little right now.



Ralizah said:

Splatoon is the first time I've been genuinely surprised by Nintendo in years. Always happy to see the riskier, less conservative side of Nintendo being drawn out.



Shambo said:

Wii U really is an amazing system. Most minor inconveniences I could list as 'complaints' are exactly that, and often easy to fix with highly probable updates (Wii Shop/Eshop, no folders in the menu,...). Others are late releases of games, or games skipping it. I'm not often THAT interested in multiplatform games, but I just don't like seeing good games skip Nintendo, or certain collector's editions/retail versions/... skipping certain regions. Which brings us to region locking, but so far the worst case would be Hyrule Warriors' treasure chest being Japan only, and I don't understand any Japanese anyway... So just localize that one, please, Nintendo.



MoonKnight7 said:

Well there's a big difference between saying you're going to buy a console, and actually buying the console. Still though, it's good news.



Emblem said:

Well I'm not sure about casuals but most hardcore gaming sites view of the Wii U has taken a remarkable shift for the better. Sales are another thing altogether of course...



Freeon-Leon said:

I still don't get the fuzz about PS4. Why would you even buy it right now? I don't see me buying it even in the next few years, I'd rather buy every first-party Nintendo game that's coming out (and a few good third-party games).



gabopr75 said:

@Action51 I did sell it off to get some 3ds games Thanks thou. Been on this site about 4 months scrolling and readiing everything. Love the site and its awesome community.



rjejr said:

I was reading GameInformer magazine the other day, it's after E3 coverage, and they graded Sony and MS a C+ and Nintendo a C. I know that magazine is anti Nintendo but that pretty much sealed the deal loud and clear.

No surprise Wi U plans went up after E3,but I'm actually disappointed if "gamers" - their word, not mine - only show a 20% interest in getting one, well that isn't very good. If you aren't planning on getting one after this E3 then you never are.



Dr_Corndog said:

@rjejr That honestly surprised me a little, but not too much. Some of the more mainstream video game news outlets (Game Informer, IGN, Gamespot) seem to be run more by corporate suits than by gamers. I almost wonder sometimes, when reading one of their reviews, whether the reviwer even plays video games.



Hero-of-WiiU said:

2015 will be great! Lots of titles scheduled for that and quite a few being the first half. Them bein xenoblade, Splatoon, and Mario Maker.



VeeFlamesNL said:

Interesting. It's good to know that more eyes are at least watching the Wii U and people are considering buying it. But it bugs me; people should have bought the Wii U eons ago and not now with Mario Kart 8. Super Mario 3D World, Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3... and not to mention the 2015 releases.



MrGawain said:

So let me get this straight- each of the last gen sold close to or over 100m consoles to a range of game fanatics, casuals, families, pensioners, 30 year old women who want to dance and balance on one foot, and other varieties of people. This survey took 0.00001% of these people , specifically 1000 'core gamers' and ignored everyone else. They then and ignored if they owned any of these system in the first place and asked them before E3 if they wanted another console without specifying a particular time frame or if it depended on what they already owned, and found out more did than they previously did.

Well I think they should elect all World Governments in this fashion.



Caryslan said:

For people who are curious why the PS4 is still selling so well, my assumption is that people are buying the console in anticipation of games that will eventually come out. We know Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV, Batman: Arkham Knight, Assassin's Creed Unity, Fallout 4, Tekken 7, and other major high-profile games are coming to the PS4 eventually, and like it not, none of those games look to be coming to the Wii U.

Now, the question remains as to why Microsoft is not enjoying an upwswing as well since most of those games will also be on the Xbox One. The best answer is that many gamers likely don't trust Microsoft after all the crap that they pulled leading up the Xbox One's release.

Microsoft is learning the hard lesson that Sony learned last generation. That consumers will gladly leave your console if they feel like they are being insulted and ripped off by a greedy company. With the PS3, Sony insulted their fanbase with arrogant comments and a belief that the system alone would sell the system.

They spent the past generation rebuilding their reputation, and they have just recently managed to win back gamers and make the PS3 something of a success.

Microsoft will likely be in the same boat Sony was last generation, trying to rebuild their reputation with gamers while gradually winning them back. They made some good steps, and realized their mistake sooner than Sony did last gen. So, they should be fine.

As for Nintendo, they will do what they have always done. Sell their systems on the strength of their IPs that can't be found anywhere else.

Sony has the lead now, but this could become a close generation, just like the last one. If nothing else, it will be fun to watch.



Dpullam said:

Regardless of sales figures, I'm very pleased with Nintendo's performance at E3. They make me very optimistic about even more exciting releases beyond 2015. I'm probably getting ahead of myself though. As a new Wii U owner, I already have many games I want to play.



SuperiorYoshi87 said:

Almost everyone I know who dosent have a Wii U now is getting one this holiday. Mostly due to Nintendos strong E3 presence and Smash Bros. Nintendo is fighting to stay relevant and so far they're doing a good job. Having Mega 64 announce the Smash invitational, getting Robot Chicken to do skits in your E3 presentation, all were great and showed they're reaching out to the masses and their fans. The tree house was phenomenal and changed the way I pay attention to E3 and blew Sony and Microsoft out of the water I got to watch these games in real time and hear what the developers had to say. It was like I was there and it was awesome. Nintendo isn't done either, sponsoring EVO, and having a treehouse at SDCC and a 3DS Smash Tournament is just helping them more and more. Comic Con alone is one of the biggest celebrations of Pop Culture and Nerd Culture and Nintendo being there with games on hand and a few 'special surprises' will only help them rise above the rest. They're doing more work now than they did for the entire first year of the Wii U's lifespan. It's helping and it's showing. Nintendo 4 Ever.



Blackleg_sanji said:

@vamkar no seriously why do ppl bash other consoles the ps4 has one exclusive remake and thats the last of us (wiiu has wind waker mimd u) indies are on all systems and the wiiu seems to be pushing them hard just like the ps4 is so plz stop



2Sang said:

Certainly turned me into a potential and very likely buyer. Question is wll there be a smash bundle or should I just get a wii u now?



rjejr said:

@Dr_Corndog - "whether the reviwer even plays video games."

I think the reviewers play the games, but I think they are all between 20-25 and they know their friends will all be reading so that is who the reviews are written for. Don't want your friends to not think you're cool b/c you like a Nintendo game. The shame.



rjejr said:

@shigulicious - "I was expecting a B at least"

I can't remeber what order I read them in so I'm not sure what grade I was expecting Ntinedo to get, but I sure was expecting better than Sony or MS. I think they even said - "it's universally acknowledged that Nintedo won E3 but we still don't think the Wii U will sell well so...". Just nonsense.



kdognumba1 said:

I'm not surprised by this one at all. I've been seeing a lot of people on the net say they want, are getting, or just bought a WiiU and know 3 people who bought one after E3. Nintendo needs to do E3 like this more often.



XCWarrior said:

@Blackleg_sanji Correct. Worst of the 3D Zeldas by a landslide. Sluggling through the seas 1 time on the Gamecube was enough. never again. I say that as I probably call it an 8/10 vs all the others which are 9/10 or better, but in terms of the Zelda Franchise, the only games worse than it is Zelda II on NES and the CDI games for PC.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Well, they certainly caught my attention with E3 and the recent news and announcements on their games. So far its the console I'd be most likely to get out of the 3 next-gen contenders.

The PS4's price won't drop for quite a while short if Black Friday sales, especially given how well its been doing, so picking it up now in anticipation of upcoming games is a pretty safe bet.



PuppyToucher said:

@Mus1cLov3r Thank you! Not enough people appreciate touching puppies. Puppy petter is way too limited. It excludes belly rubs, head scratches, etc. Glad someone finally gets it!



xerneas said:

It doesn't matter who's the winner, it's only important that xbone loses.



PlywoodStick said:

Maybe it's because I'm an RPG fan and with quirky interests, but... I still don't see even one game I'm interested in for the PS4 or Xboned... not even one. It's amazing to me that their buying intent is even as high as it is.



theweirdn8 said:

I bought the Super Mario and Luigi U bundle yesterday for $300. I'm loving the gamepad. Now to get some 3rd party titles!

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