Not too long ago Koei Tecmo confirmed, through Famitsu magazine and then its official website, that Agitha from Twilight Princess would be a playable character in Hyrule Warriors; it was an interesting reveal, with subsequent screenshots showing various large bugs being used as part of special moves.

Koei has now released a trailer for Agitha, as it has for all playable characters, to give us a better sense of how she'll go about destroying hundreds of foes. Her melee moves are fairly minimalistic, it seems, though she summons enormous bugs that either wipe out enemies or — in the case of a giant butterfly — give her the brief ability to fly. It looks fun, though for our money is also rather peculiar.

You can check it out below, while the game's website suggests that more characters, stages and features will be officially revealed — hopefully settling loose rumours — in the coming weeks.