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Video: Nintendo UK Sets Its Sights Firmly On The Youth Market With New 3DS Advert

Posted by Damien McFerran

Are you made for play?

We'd like to think that Nintendo UK's new advert for its 3DS and 2DS systems is a knee-jerk reaction to the news that UK children are now more likely to game on a tablet than they are on a traditional games console, but we're not sure even the great Ninty can work that quickly.

The fresh commercial focuses on the child-friendly nature of Nintendo's handheld platforms, giving screentime to the likes of Pokémon X & Y, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Mario Kart 7. The 2DS gets as much — if not more — exposure as the 3DS, which is understandable given concerns that the latter can send kiddies boss-eyed.

Nintendo has come under fire for its marketing strategies of late, so what do you think of this new campaign? The younger sector of the market is a vital area and one which Nintendo has traditionally dominated for decades, so is it right for the firm to give it additional attention at a time when many kids are ditching handhelds for tablets? Share your impressions below.

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DilMan33 said:

Well, it's aimed at Nintendo's younger core audience isn't it?

No, Zelda or even Mario 3D Land, let alone Senran Kagura!



CaviarMeths said:

All adverts are made with the question in mind "who is actually going to see this?"

TV isn't very popular among young adults. The majority of viewers are children and people over 30. That's why almost every TV advert you see seems to be directed at children, parents, or both.



Troggy said:

I'd say it works for Nintendo. Sony and Microsoft are both busy trying to beat each other at appealing to the teenage demographic, so Nintendo appealing to the demographics the competition miss is vital at this point.



Tsurii said:

@CaviarMeths Here, this guy knows!

I think it's pretty good. If it's just half as frequently on TV as the german ads over here, A LOT kids will see this and (hopefully ) nag their parent about buying a 3/2DS.
And I also think, that they timed this for summer vacation. Sony did actually the same thing with the Vita last year - in Germany at least, I don't know about other countries- and it's pretty much the best thing, they (Nintendo and Sony) could do: handhelds are perfect for longer trips and I'm sure, most parents know this.



rjejr said:

I like it, but making a commercial and actually running it are 2 different things.

Showing the 2DS and 3DS side by side playing together are a good thing, though w/ MK8 just launching on the Wii U I'ld prefer they weren't advertising MK7 on the handhelds. They should have used Luig's Mansion 2, or Kid Icarus for the multiplayer.

Still, a good job, though admittedly I had a difficult time understanding a single word that was spoken during that entire ad.



Samurai_Goroh said:

It' a solid marketing effort, and the children are one of Nintendo's key demographic. But I hope they put more effort marketing the Wii U too.



RetroBillyT said:

I like it. I'm a parent myself and understand the value you get from a £30 3DS fame compared to a cheap or freemium (throwaway) iOS game.



BassLostie said:

Nintendo tries to capture the younger audience, but what little kids really want is the new Call of Duty on PS4. On the other hand, adult gamers want the new Pokemon Alpha/Omega..... crazy world!! xDDD



MoonKnight7 said:


This is just an educated guess, but I'd assume that they don't want the viewer to be too overwhelmed by options. And since the normal 3DS is the oldest of the bunch, that's the one that's cut from the commercial.



LittleIrves said:

I didn't understand what the first kid said at all.
But yeah, at Christmas my nephew played on an iPad mini, my cousin's kids had a Kindle Fire and a smartphone. Mobile's a big problem for Nintendo. Advertise away to the kiddies...



McHaggis said:

"We'd like to think that Nintendo UK's new advert for its 3DS and 2DS systems is a knee-jerk reaction to the news that UK children are now more likely to game on a tablet than they are on a traditional games console, but we're not sure even the great Ninty can work that quickly."

That's a little bit assumptive. There's a good chance that Nintendo's own market research (either in-house or outsourced) would have told them the same thing quite a while ago, or at least that the market was travelling in that direction anyway.



PuppyToucher said:

That first kid was so hard to understand. I had to watch it twice just to figure out what he was saying.



dinosauryoshi said:

Yeah if you're going to advertise on TV aiming for the kids market is probably a wise move. I do hope they start marketing the Wii U more here in the UK. Most people don't seem to have a clue about it.



maceng said:

Because the plain vanilla 3DS is out. Even at Nintendo's website (in teh USA) there is nary a mention of the basic 3DS.

I just hope that they start making games that take advantage of the bigger screen.



ryanator008 said:

I wish they would go the "Sega does what Nintendon't" route and explain why i Pads/Pods just don't cut it.



Hy8ogen said:

@maceng This doesn't make any sense. The 2DS is just basically a gimped 3DS with the same screen dimensions. If they make games catered to the bigger screen (which I don't even know what it means tbh, but for the sake of the argument lets just assume it does make a difference), then what about the 2DS?



maceng said:

Well, 3DS games are stretched to fill the bigger screen on the 3DS, So, sometimes games seen a bit fuzzy. So, 3DS XL are selling better than the 3DS and 2DS combined, so why not program games to take advantage to teh bigger screen? That is my concern.



Damo said:

@McHaggis It was a light-hearted comment - of course it wasn't inspired by those figures, they were only published last week!



Banker-Style said:

Decent ad and it's understandable that ninty are trying to aim at young kids, shame most young kids are into cod.



FilmerNgameR said:

Why can't Nintendo just make ads for Wii U the 3DS and 2DS doesn't need ads! It's the Wii U they should focus on!



TomJ said:

Zelda, Mario Kart, and Pokemon, for the kids

While I'm thinking about it, would someone please explain to me why Pokemon appeals to everyone (kids and some adults) and why it's so wildly popular, I'm clueless about the whole matter. I'm not a hater, I've just never played Pokemon before, and I'm just wondering.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

@C-Olimar haha no I haven't xD don't really know UK accents by the name, my Bio teacher is from London though and he teached me the ways of his accent (probably learned more about the accent then I did actual Biology....)



DualWielding said:

Nintendo does not seem to understand that the worst way to market something to kids is to make it look like its meant for kids



Nintendzoey said:

What? Nintendo actually does give a toss about the UK / European or even Australian market? Could have fooled me. I thought that the only market they cared about was the Japan or NA market. Wow, this news truly shocks me...
Games just take way too long to come out over here or never even make it at all. I told my young niece and nephew about "Disney Magical World" a few months ago, should never even have told them about it at all.
You want people to buy your systems Nintendo? Well, how about showing that you actually give a stuff about other people besides those who reside in Japan or America. Release those decent games worldwide besides just those that consist of Mario or Pokemon. Sure there are some good (even great) games being released to the EU market but what about the rest of them? Not every kid likes Mario or Pokemon, some more variety would really be nice - or indeed for anyone.



sleepinglion said:

I applaud Nintendo for its representation of diverse children, that's cool, but some of them, especially the clean-cut boys in the car, dress a little too much like they're off to Sunday church or something. I'm a US gamer and I totally can't recall the last time I saw children dress like that in real life... even AT church. Then again, if ads showed us 'real' people McDonald's spots would feature slightly obese people over 30.



Pod said:

That's cute. And I like the focus on children playing games together, often times outside.

Kids really don't sit alone in the darkness to play games if they can avoid it.

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