The latest episode of Nintendo Minute is a little different from the norm, as our hosts headed down the road on a short trip to Capcom where they caught up with Brett Elston, the man often tasked with revealing details on upcoming games through the Capcom Unity forums. This episode is worth a watch for a variety of reasons, though the best news to come out of it is that Mega Man Battle Network will hit the Wii U Virtual Console in North America on 31st July — it arrives in this week's Nintendo Download Update in Europe.

The rest of the video has brief references to upcoming retail games and, primarily, a focus on Mega Man. At one point Elston gives an impressive display of skill in the original Mega Man, while those heading to Comic-Con should pay attention to a segment at the end where some neat merchandise for the show is sold off.

It's certainly worth a watch this week, so check it out below.