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Video: Nintendo Minute Heads to Capcom For Release Dates, Comic-Con Swag and a Mega Man Masterclass

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Mega Man Battle Network Hits North America on 31st July

The latest episode of Nintendo Minute is a little different from the norm, as our hosts headed down the road on a short trip to Capcom where they caught up with Brett Elston, the man often tasked with revealing details on upcoming games through the Capcom Unity forums. This episode is worth a watch for a variety of reasons, though the best news to come out of it is that Mega Man Battle Network will hit the Wii U Virtual Console in North America on 31st July — it arrives in this week's Nintendo Download Update in Europe.

The rest of the video has brief references to upcoming retail games and, primarily, a focus on Mega Man. At one point Elston gives an impressive display of skill in the original Mega Man, while those heading to Comic-Con should pay attention to a segment at the end where some neat merchandise for the show is sold off.

It's certainly worth a watch this week, so check it out below.

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Hy8ogen said:

@midnafanboy No. I would like Nintendo to work closely with Capcom instead of just buying them. I doubt Capcom wants to be bought out too. A partnership is way better imo.




TwilightAngel said:

@Hy8ogen The reason i said i want nintendo to buy capcom is because i want them, or someone to bring back their IP's from the graves.For example resident evil, devil may cry and especially megaman.The state that capcom is in right now is not a good one, if you don't believe me look it up.



Sir_JBizzle said:

@Hy8ogen it would be wicked sweet to have a Capcom/Nintendo partnership, much like the one they have with Sega. Like you said, all I want is a new MegaMan game. C'mon Nintendo pony up some publishing dough and make that happen! Legends as well while you're at it.



SahashraLA said:

Nintendo should do with Capcom what they've done with Platinum and Sega: a handful of select exclusives. MH4 might seem like enough to some, but I'm talking Mega Man, Bionic Commando, Breath of Fire and Final Fight. NEW Mega Man, retro BC, PSO style BoF and an eShop update on FF (I'm thinking, well animated, incredibly detailed 3D sprites in the 2 stage, side scrolling design ala LBP).
Something different and still worthwhile.
RE is a Shinji Mikami series.
Let's let it die. He did.
DMC was never really a 'good' series. Over the top and slightly controversial, but nothing I'd consider 'good'.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

Aye Nintendo just go in guns blazing and decimate all of Capcom and claim them as your own territory have Reggie as the lead of this operation and the conquering should go smooth Capcom isn't worthy of being bought



Raycon said:

I'm not going to keep asking Nintendo to buy the Mega Man IP.

Yes I am.

Please do Nintendo.



DiscoGentleman said:

Good to see Nintendo-Capcom relations. Hopefully there'll be a Resident Evil entry on the Wii U, even though that series is so very sadly dead from what it once was...
Kit is so weird, but kinda cute!



Hy8ogen said:

@midnafanboy Capcom is not doing well, but not that bad that they need to sell themselves. They still made decent profit last year. Back to topic, Nintendo buying one of their IPs, maybe. But purchasing Capcom entirely is nothing but a dream son. Nintendo/Capcom collabs and partnership is way better.

Just so you understand, I want Nintendo and Capcom to forge a relationship like the relationship Nintendo and Platinum Game has. Nintendo funds the project, they make the game and let Nintendo publish it. Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 was dead until Nintendo decides to fund them. This way, Nintendo gets exclusives titles to market the Wii U and the developers get to earn some serious cash even if the game doesn't sell well. It's a win-win. Buying out Capcom is only a win for the shareholders at Capcom and a ginormous uncertainty for Nintendo.



IceClimbers said:

Notice that part where Kit tried to say he WAS a big fan of Capcom, but then caught himself?

@Hy8ogen Nintendo buying Capcom is definitely possible. MH4 is pretty much what kept them afloat. Having less money in the bank than Destiny's budget isn't a good thing.

Could this be a hint at Nintendo buying Capcom? Maybe, but probably not. I seriously hope they do though.



Megumi said:

No clue what's going to happen with Capcom...I just don't wanna lose Monster Hunter. T.T
Which reminds me, 4U better get a new trailer...not like that cruddy E3 one. xD



IceClimbers said:

@Hy8ogen Not too much of a risk. The positives outweigh the negatives here. It's a long term business move. Yes, they will take a 4th year of consecutive losses if they buy Capcom, but I'm willing to bet that they are going to take a 4th year of losses anyways through operating costs (marketing particularly) that will outweigh system and software sales. Buying Capcom will pay off later as they get a wide variety of beloved IPs exclusive to their systems that will boost hardware sales.

Right now Nintendo has far less competition in terms of potential buyers. if they wait until Capcom goes bankrupt to try and cherry pick IPs for a fraction of the cost, they have far more competition and run the risk of not gaining anything and actually losing exclusives like Monster Hunter (Sony would stop at nothing to get that as it would deal a massive blow to the 3DS and can boost Vita sales), which would negatively affect system sales.

In the end, it is a risk buying Capcom. They need to be taking risks though, not playing it safe. Dip into that massive warchest. It's a bold move that would make a statement, showing people that they aren't playing around.



Vhyper1985 said:

I'm probably wrong but there have been a few videos now from Nintendo featuring Mega Man to make me think there's something going on behind the scenes between them two that we don't know about, releasing more Mega Man titles on virtual console now is a wise move before Smash hits later this year... Hopefully afterwards the series can gain more fans if only because of people's curiosity about where Mega Man came from & what his games are about.... Heck might even lead to a new game??? I live in hope, heck it worked for Kid Icarus & Fire Emblem....



Kaze_Memaryu said:

this mostly seems like Nintendo having more faith in MegaMan than Capcom themselves, which is really sad. Let's hope there's something big happening in the planning departments



Vhyper1985 said:

As much as Capcom has been messing everything up these past few years I don't think it's faith in the Mega Man series that's the problem, we still get plenty of merchandise, VC releases & cameos (when was the last time we saw Captain Commando or anything from Onimusha?) I think the problem Capcom has is that 1) Most of the teams that made the Mega Man games have left & 2) Them not being sure on which direction to take the series, problem they have now is that if they were to announce a new game some part of the fanbase would still be annoyed, some people want another 8-bit game, some say the classic series should be reinvented with better graphics, some want Mega Man X9, some want a new Battle Network/Starforce/Zero/ZX title, some want a brand new spinoff series & some won't be happy until Legends 3 happens.... so it is kinda tough but the series isn't as dead as the internet would have you believe, the series has had it's breaks before & this is just another one.... Personally I'd love for them to team up with Nintendo to deliver another classic entry in 2.5D using the Smash Bros model... but who knows, we just have to wait & see & at least the re-releases keep us occupied until something happens!



nfzeta007 said:

@Hy8ogen Don't see this as much of a risk seeing Nintendo more than has the money to do it and its purchase would earn them so much in a few years when the games come out.

Would call this an investment but not an outright risk. (and yes i know all investment are considered risk)



Volmun said:

I want that Megaman Helmet statue 8( also the red one... its Hiper megaman? From 6* (when he fuses with Rush forgot the formes name) eniway sorta wish it was Protoman lol



Volmun said:

@Vhyper1985 all thats well and good and all but remmember capcom Cancled about 10 megaman games befor the guy who made them left (forgotn his name) - also im all for eniy of them being made (Specialy Legends 3 and X9) (#23 sorry coments wernt loading right so culdnt see you had previus coments)



FragRed said:

There are a fair few people here who are saying Nintendo should/will buy Capcom. That would be pretty awesome and Nintendo needs more 1st party studios for the Wii U, 3DS and what ever future systems they release.

Times are changing and with the rise in costs of video games, it seems the big developers/publishers are less inclined to port games over to Nintendo systems unless Nintendo personally help fund it. This is why I think Nintendo needs to start buying out or starting up developers.

Capcom would be a good first buy but don't think it will ever happen.



schizor said:

Why all this hate for resident evil? I think resi 4, 5 and revelations are great games. Resi6, though. Now that is a piece of ****.



Einherjar said:

To be honest, as much as i love the idea of Nintendo buying Capcom, i doubt that it will do good for many of their IPs.
A strong and equal pertnership will bemefit both more than enough really.
Capcom is free to publish games on whatever system, meanin games like Street Fighter get the spread they need to be successful. Remember: No mones = no games.
But, like many others said, Nintendo should do what they have done with platinum. Instead of assimilating them, they should finance some specific IPs, that would work extremely well on Nintendo systems.
With that, they wont suffocate them like EA likes to do with they bought studios, and they will gain a lot of trust.
MegaMan is a given, especially seeing how much ruckus MegaMan caused by joining Smash Bros.
We also know that Resident Evil works very well on Nintendo systems.
How about a REmake treatment for RE2 on the WiiU ?
HD prerendered Backgrounds, classic RE2 gameplay. I bet this will also cause quite some ruckus among fans.
How about sleeper hits like Gotcha Force ? Its overall tonality would fit perfectly on a Nintendo system, and GF was a gamecube exclusive already.
Nintendo could give Capcom back their focus and maybe bring them back to their senses. A revived and strong partnership between these two could turn out to be exactly what both partys need.
Remember all these praised handheld Zelda games ? They were all made by Capcom. They know exactly how to handle Nintendo IPs.
So, capcom, get off of your high horse and listen to papa Nintendo



ModestFan93 said:

Torn between Nintendo owning Capcom or them just owning all their IPs. I hope this means we get more them just Battle Network next week.



Vhyper1985 said:

@Volmun Actually Inafune (the co-creator of Mega Man & the guy who started the Legends 3 project) left Capcom before any Mega Man games got cancelled... He announced he was leaving in October 2010 & left in November 2010 ... Mega Man Universe which had an odd art style that fans weren't too sure on was announced as cancelled March 31st 2011, then the Legends 3 project was cancelled on July 18th 2011, it was also later revealed that Capcom were working with Retro Studios to make a new Mega Man FPS spinoff called Maverick Hunter, fans didn't know about this project until long after It had been cancelled (apparently canned in late 2010), reasons for it's cancellation was that many fans had joked about how awful an FPS Mega Man game would be & that it wouldn't fit the series & finally there was Rockman Online, which was originally never going to be released outside of Japan & Korea & cancelled in November 2012..... Japan still got that crappy Rockman XOver mobile game in 2012 & we got an officially licensed fan game to download for free in the form of Street Fighter X Mega Man in December 2012 & then of course Mega Man was revealed for Smash at E3 2013.... So 4 cancelled games which aside from Legends 3 fans weren't that bothered about until they were cancelled there hasn't been that much of a gap between games featuring Mega Man as people would have you believe, sure I'm annoyed that the games got cancelled but it doesn't mean they won't do another EVER.. As others in this thread have mentioned I'd prefer either Capcom work with Nintendo kinda like the whole Bayonetta deal or purchase the Mega Man IP since it does fit with Nintendo's portfolio very well... My only concern with Nintendo having this franchise would be that it could equally not get many games with Ninty at the helm ... see F-Zero, Mother, Mach Rider & Mysterious Murasame Castle ...



Jellitoe said:

Nintendo owning Capcom would mean guaranteed sales for their next portable console, via Monster Hunter But they can get that via a deal, so I hope they can just get enough of a freindship to get Stree Fighter over here, or another SF vs Tatsunoko



dkxcalibur said:

IMO Capcom is in dire need of guidance, and Nintendo would be great in this role. Obviously the Monster Hunter series and Phoenix Wright series are strong, but besides those series, almost everything else is sub-par. They have not released a "great" Resident Evil game since RE4 (I thought RE5 was okay). Lost Planet always had potential but they never lived up to the hype. The Bionic Commando game on the 360 was horrible. I know Dead Rising was popular but I never enjoyed those games. I did like what they did with Marvel Vs. Capcom and the Street Fighter games, but both games seemed to lack depth. Why is there no new Maximo, Mega Man, Power Stone, Okami, 1942 game????



Einherjar said:

@Genesaur Thanks A strong partnership goes farther than simple assimilation. If a company with this size is assimilated into another, you can be pretty sure that some folks have to be fired to compensate the costs.
This will not only bring down their morale, maybe exactly these few people are the ones with the brilliant ideas.
For a good example of this, just look at the history of EA. When they partner with a studio and act solely as a publisher, these people mostly produce very excellent games, like the first Dead Space or the first Dragon Age. Now EA comes into full play and trys to get more influence over the project by further assimilating said studios. The result ? These series completely derailed from what they were supposed to be.

On the other hand, Nintendo has some fine examples that even 2nd party teams can bring out excellent work under them. Look no further than RARE back in the day. They were so good, that they even rivaled Nintendo themselves at their own game
Now we have RARE under Microsoft, same situation, just that Microsoft suffocates them in dictating what they should work on.
The result ? People start treating them, the former kings of console gaming, as a laughing stock.

No matter what people say about Nintendo and their often strict policys, but history showed, that they are often the ones, to bring out the best out of a development team, no matter if 1st, 2nd or 3rd party.

Thats why i said partnership over assimilation. Build up trust and a friendly partnership with capcom. Support them financially to keep them alive and in return, they just need to do what they do (or did if you look at them now) best: Make games. Again, few of the most cherished 2D Zelda games are made by them, their best MegaMan titles are to be found on Nintendo consoles etc.
This could be an incredibly strong partnership and from what i see, Capcom is the thorn in the side on this one.

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