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Video: More Mighty No. 9 Footage Arrives to Tempt Us

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Including some new scenes

To its credit, Comcept continues to go above and beyond in utilising its Kickstarter page to provide regular updates on Mighty No. 9, which will come to Wii U, 3DS and a host of other platforms in 2015. As part of a regular update it's posted a new video with around two minutes of game footage, a good indication of recent progress.

Some of the footage is re-used from the recent launch of a second crowdfunding campaign, though there are certainly some fresh clips, enemies and areas to take in. As for that second and slightly confusing fundraising campaign on the game's official website, it's struggling; it's only raised $12,124 at the time of writing, a long way short of a $200,000 goal that would bring Japanese and English voice acting into the game.

You can see the new video below; are you still hyped about this one coming next week?

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ricklongo said:

Lookin' good. It becomes clearer and clearer that this is Mega Man in all but name, but hey, with Capcom sitting on that franchise without doing anything with it, I'm not complaining.



Tsurii said:

feeling like @Microwaveable1 ...was really interested in it when they announced it and the kickstarted still went on, but..dunno. The thing, that clicked with me at first glance kinda ugh.."disappeared"



0utburst said:

Not hyped. I will buy it when all the DLCs are already released if there will be.



Geonjaha said:

They got 4 million dollars with the initial backing, and they wanted more? As if 4 million dollars doesn't cover voice acting on an indie game. $200,000 for voice acting!? No, sorry - who are they hiring? Morgan Freeman?

The game looks promising, but I wont be supporting it if it carries on like this. If they claimed to be able to make the game alone with 900k, then 4 million covers PLENTY of extra content.



Captain_Toad said:

Heh, looking better as it goes along (a work in progress.). Hopefully they have some way to put in voice acting.



IxC said:

Overall I think it's coming along well enough and quite quickly.

But holy hell, that running animation is horrendous.



WaveGhoul said:

Mine as well!
Refund my money InaFune, because Mighty N.9 looks unimpressive. I'm far more interested at this point in getting Mega Man 7 on the Virtual console. At least there's some actual life to the stages, rather than everything being one giant mechanical factory.

Shovel Knight looks 10x better than this overhyped muppet poop. I can't believe this is the game we're getting after they received over 4 million on KickStarter. Weak art direction, clunky gameplay, same exact mega man formula with teeny tiny alterations, Beck looks like a b-grade mega man knock off(intentional i know, but he's nowhere near as cool), the Bosses aren't as interesting as the classic robot masters in mega man(ect ect)

I'm still interested in getting my hands on it, and it will still be a day 1-play. But yup, i'm not that excited for it anymore. The hype train has crashed into a dusty coal mine.



GeminiSaint said:

Last year, this game was praised as the Messiah of gaming or something. Six months later, everyone's hating on this game. Go figure.



sinalefa said:

I backed this and I am still interested, but no way I am pledging on that second campaign.



0utburst said:

There's something wrong with the running/moving animation. It's like it's skipping frames (pausing). Notice the background movement when he is running.



FriedSquid said:

Meh. I've lost interest. Like others have said, this game looks unimpressive compared to what we saw last year. I know it's still in development, but... with all the money they received, things ought to look better than this by now.



DreamOn said:

Looks lifeless as can be. Where is that energy and charm of the initial 2D artwork? That's what got people thinking and contributing I'm sure of it.



Emblem said:

The more I see the less I'm actually excited for this game. I hope it turns out well but as of now this is no longer on my wishlist.



JaxonH said:

This is LITERALLY my lifelong dream unfolding before my very eyes!

I was 7 years old when I played my first video game- Mega Man 3 on the NES. I fell in love with Mega Man as a kid. I owned the first 4 on NES and X on SNES. I played those games so many times I can't count. They WERE my childhood. In fact I loved Mega Man so much, I used to ask every clerk and employee working a cash register if they sold Mega Man toys (usually at the local drug store- I was a kid, I didn't know any better lol). The answer was always the same, "Mega who?"

My childhood dream of owning a Mega Man toy was never realized (I was grown by the time he became popular enough for commercialization). But I have a new dream now. For years I've wanted to see a return of Mega Man. A true return to form. And this is it. This is so it. Everything is perfect, from the move sets to the weight of the jumps, to the boss powers and of course, all in HD graphics. I've been wanting this for so long. And every time I see more footage it looks even better- even moreso than I could have ever imagined.

I don't care about the voice acting- but I wouldn't miss this game for the world. I backed it and I'm buying it on all 5 platforms. That's how much this game means to me. I can't imagine anyone who grew up with the NES Mega Man games aren't excited for how awesome this game is turning out to be...



FragRed said:

I am so excited about this game! I'm buying it day one for the Wii U!

You see this Capcom!? People want a Megaman game!! But then the way Capcom have been lately, they'd probably screw it up.



ekreig said:

@GeminiSaint It's very interesting. I think some of these people had the impression that the game would raise enough money and then just pop out of nowhere. Just look at all these comments whining about how boring it looks or how they don't like the animations when the game is still almost a year away from completion! The ignorance on display in these Kickstarter-related posts is truly mind boggling.



ricklongo said:

@Linkuini I feel you. I have no idea where the hate's coming from. It's unabashedly a Mega Man ripoff, yes, but once you accept that, it's all gravy. This trailer looks (and sounds) awesome, and I can't wait for the full game.



IxnayontheCK said:

I kind of have to agree on this. I mean I know it's early days still on this game, but it looks rather bland and the dash attack seems too powerful. AND HE WANTS MORE MONEY??? You're joking..right?...RIGHT???



jrpacman said:

I understand how juvenile this sounds, but is the logo, especially considering its placement in front of the character, striking anyone else as a bit phallic?



Freeon-Leon said:

Most likely this game will play awesome but there's something about the art direction that I'm not liking. It looks kinda soulless at this point.



Ralizah said:

No wonder some companies like to hide their games until they're practically completed. People treat sneak peaks of games early in their development cycle like they're indicative of the finished product.



WaveGhoul said:

Agreed. It looks very lifeless, barren, too mechanical and almost PS2-ish....Doesn't capture the magic of 7, 8 & mega man & Bass AT ALL. The stage design also looks like it was created by a crew of drunk monkies....A lot of it suffers from 'kitchen sink' design. There's nothing impressive about it and it fails to capture the AwesomeSauce of the original artwork.



ekreig said:

@jrpacman I didn't think so at first, but then I looked at the shape of the "9" more closely and...yeah can't unsee now.



gage_wolf said:

Phew, I gotta agree the level design is booorrring. Bionic Commando Rearmed (the 2.5d remake) looked more interesting than this. And that was like 5 years ago. I'll pass.



gage_wolf said:

@Ralizah The level design complaints appear to be valid regardless of dev time. Animations may get tweaked or enemy placement swapped, but the skeleton of the levels probably won't change that much if they already have them textured and polished... Run, jump over box... climb ladder... jump over box. Snore.



Excep7ional said:

Game looks fun to me and it's only going to get better. Definitely getting this the day it releases.



Dweeb said:

I'm just stoked that the composer of Mega Man 2 is contributing to this game's soundtrack.



Einherjar said:

Well, my exitement for it is also more or less gone. It looks great, dont get me wrong, but for something so "megaman-ish" it should excite me way more than it does.
And to be honest, i get my MegaMan fix from him being featured in Smash Bros at the moment.
Ill definitly get it sooner or later, but at this point, i highly doubt that it will have priority over other releases at that time.



WaveGhoul said:


Dude, how on earth did you miss out on these during 1994?
I remember getting that very same mega man action figure when i was hit with the chicken pocks haha.



Steel76 said:

Ugh...the graphics and colors are so dull.
I wish they had gone with 2D handpainted characters, or at least cellshading. Imagine this with the same kind of engine as "Rayman Legends".
Yes, it´s still work in progress, but for every video, I lose more interest in this game.
The level designs, so far, look nowhere near as great as in the Mega Man games.

Shovel Knight acts more like Mega Man than this.

And voice acting?? There is no need for annoying voice acting in platformers. At least keep it in between the stages, as I hate when they pause the action to talk nonsense in game like this.

Oh well...let´s see if things improve closer to release.



WaveGhoul said:

They actually advertised them on TV quite a bit. Take a stroll down to eBay and you'll see a few. They go for quite the penny!



Dezzy said:

I'm looking forward to it but I sincerely hope this second crowd funding fails miserably. Sometimes crowdfunding is the right thing to do. Sometimes companies are just taking the piss. Like Double Fine having a second campaign because they spent all the money. That's just not acceptable and sometimes it's important for people to fail.



JaxonH said:

@WaveBoy I watched alot of TV and never saw any adverts for Mega Man toys as a kid. Granted this was back in 1990 when Saved By the Bell was watched by millions every day at 4pm, Nolan Ryan was still throwing No Hitters and we were just sending troops to Desert Storm



secret333 said:

I don't understand why some peoples hype is dying. I think it looks great considering the amount of time they have until release. The second campaign is stupid though they must have enough money for voice acting. We gave so much so if they use some of their own money they should definitely be able to afford this.

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