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Video: Mighty No. 9: The Animated Series Gets A Slick Teaser Trailer

Posted by Damien McFerran

Japanese studio Digital Frontier does the honours

It was confirmed a while back that we could be seeing a Mighty No. 9 live-action movie in the not-too-distant future, but it would appear that Beck and friends could be hitting our screens sooner than expected.

Japanese studio Digital Frontier has put together a teaser trailer for a proposed animated series which not only looks incredibly polished, but also dials up the humour considerably — Beck is portrayed as a cute protagonist, something which might not sit well with those hoping the game will be a spiritual successor to the rather more stern Mega Man.

Here's what the guys over at Comcept had to say about the trailer:

We’re proud and truly humbled to present this amazing teaser video for our new project: exploring a Mighty No. 9 animated series!

The awesome men and women at Digital Frontier put this teaser together (and on their own dime!) to show the world how amazing a Mighty No. 9 animated series could be. We’re grateful to have their passion and skill on our side, and we can’t wait to see how this project unfolds!

What do you think of Beck's look in this CGI trailer? Share your thoughts with a comment.

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User Comments (52)



Tigus said:

Why is Beck's design whiter than usual and I'm not getting that initial cool edgy feel I got from him before,



Einherjar said:

Well, that trailer "eradicated" pretty much every bit of hype i had for that series -.-
The animation style looks pretty generic and bland, pretty much like a very low budget web series and this uncanny mix of edgy and goofy just isnt my thing.
Also, i dont know how i feel about beck (and the respectiv enemy) using a real minigun...
Seeing that trailer makes me miss MegaMan even more :/
@Kewlan The game isnt even out yet, i wouldnt call it a "franchise".



Genesaur said:

Sheesh, this looks even kpre "meh" than the game. Now, it's all slapstick and goofy? Count me out, uh, again.



Einherjar said:

@Sir_Anthony I second that ! Id much prefered an anime adaptation that this CG stuff.
For me, the hype train for Mighty Nr.9 has derailed at this point.
Im openly biased towards MegaMan, but i really wanted to like Mighty Nr.9 but somehow, it never managed to grab me.



Jarod said:

@Einherjar i agree the game looks fun luckily and ill play it but i dont think beck looks cool at all and for this animated series it just makes me sad megaman isnt getting one



CharleSketch said:

I'll have to tone down my opinion on this trailer, and the way they're handling the series (it is now), because there's some restrictions in this place regarding language.

It's all a load of garbage. Utter garbage. The trailer kills any kind of character the original designs for the character had, and the new crowd-funding for english voices is ridiculous considering the amount of money they raised in their original kickstarter.

Maybe Kamiya was right. Inafune is just a businessman, not a creator.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

Was gonna back but after seeing this NOPE looks worse than sonic boom NOPE NOPE NOPE AND A THOUSAND TIMES NOPE at LEAST sonic boom stays somewhat true to the characters personality wise this made Beck look like a typical Saturday cartoon character which hurts
Megaman > Mega no 9



Link506 said:

I never really cared about this "Mighty number 9". Then I saw this. Whatever I just saw, I LIKE IT!



Mega719 said:

They are really getting ahead of themselves I would expect Mega Man to get a live action movie and true CGI series first but no Capcom just had to kill their most successful franchise



Tops said:

Release the game, then talk about an animated series. Until then, no thanks.



yemsols said:

The character they made beck out to be is lame and that's just horrible. And the "comedy" wasn't funny AT ALL. Came off as very forced, seems like they tried too hard in the wrong areas



hypercoyote said:

FYI guys - from what I read, this trailer was made by the animation studio on their own dime as a sort of proof-of-concept to comcept about doing the series (unless there was another video before this one). So in other words, this is far from the final concept and I'm sure there'll be many revisions. I'm not a fan of this animation style or the overall silliness either, so I'm hoping they change direction on that.



sinalefa said:

The hate is strong with this one. Should I say the hate is mighty on this one?



Einherjar said:

@Mega719 This trailer is supposed to act as an appetizer, and the reaction it recieves is mixed at best really.
Also, if it doesnt represent the final product, dont make a trailer.
Why do we need a trailer for a show that:

  • Could end up looking completely different from the trailer
  • Has a completely different tone than the trailer

And IF the trailer represents the upcomming show, well, i dont thing that it will survive its initial season according to the reactions on here :/

Dont get me wrong, this is not supposed to be a hate rant against it. Far from it actually. The thing is, the whole Mighty No.9 project as a whole raises a bunch of questions:

Their second kickstarter campaign raises a couple of eyebrows, especially since the initial one raised more money than what was asked. So why is it needed ? You cant tell me that english VAs for a "MegaMan" game require so much additional funding. Even for more dialog heavy games (The latter X games for instance) had so few spoken lines, that they could have been recorded in one sessions. And that cant be that expansive.
Also, if they are doing an animated show of it, dont they already have VAs at this point ? So why not let them record a couple of lines more ? Or on another note: Why is the english VA kickstarter linked to the game and not the show ? Does that mean: Should the kickstarter fail, will the show have different VAs or will it not get dubt either ?

Also, why a show in the first place ? If you ask me, thats a bit too much hype for an unreleased game. And at this point, we know exactly how stuff like this goes... They build up so much pressure and anticipation that i fear the game will never be able to live up to it. Especially since it also has to cope with the inevitable comparisons to MegaMan and his fans questioning, why HE never got so much attention to boost his IP past the point of Capcom thinking "it wont sell, its outdated".

Like i said earlier, i really tried to like it and acept is as a successor to MegaMan. But it looks more and more as an attempt to cash in pretty hard on the desperation of MegaMan Fans, instead of trying something new, testing the waters and THEN hit it hard with a show and turning it into a franchise, instead of like its now: Franchise first, then the initial game...weird.



ricklongo said:

I like the humor. Seems way better than the faux-serious, convoluted storyline of later Mega Man games.



Mega719 said:

People feel the same way about Sonic Boom which may very much end up being a great series people really shouldn't judge something before actually seeing the finished product



allav866 said:

@Einherjar For someone saying "The game isn't out yet," you sure are being a bit too pessimistic. This animated series has no baring on what what the game will be like, so saying that it "derailed your Mighty No. 9 hype train" is just a tad bit over-reacting.



Rect_Pola said:

I get CG and live action is (or at least can be) cheaper, but I think they could have pushed to capture the art a little better. I don't mind humor, but seeing Beck fumble around like he has no idea what he's doing better be short lived.



Einherjar said:

@allav866 Well, i never said anything about the "game" itself (gameplay wise etc) But why is it "overreacting" to say, that all this ruckus and artificial hype around the game killed my interest in it ?
Again, the game isnt out yet, its a new IP build upon the shoulders of one of gamings most iconic franchises and yet, they are blowing it up like its a tried and true, long running franchise already.
We saw it time and time again that something like this means trouble. Im not saying that its a fact, by no means, but why not let the game speak for itself first, and THEN expand it into a franchise ?

Thats what killed it for me really. Why all the ruckus around it ? Why not make the game, let people decide if its worth it and then go all out on it, instead of asking for even more money and producing a show about a licensed character no one knows.

Thats also why i have so much problems with the trailer above. Since both, the show and the game are produced at the same time, both have to establish the characters / lore at the same time, instead of being based the respective source (show based on game and vice versa). And from the looks of it, there are two outcomes:
Either the trailer actually represents the tone of the entire lore, in that its a uncanny mix of goofy and edgy which would be quite bad if you ask me (and many others on here actually)
OR the show (and this trailer) goes in a completely different direction and has less to do with the actual game, which would be equally bad to the point at which it is almost pointless to do it.
Again, these characters arent known or established, so there is nothing to build upon. We would basicly end up with a "parallel universe" version of the cast...

So, no, im not pessimistic at all. Like i said, it really tried to give it a chance but it failed to grab me at all. And seeing stuff like this trailer or the second kickstarter campaign surely worked against my will to support it,



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

@Mega719 you see though with Sonic Boom it's so much more different,
1) Sonic is already a established franchise mighty No 9 hasn't even come out yet
2)Sega didn't go on Kickstarter, get 4X the money they asked for and say "We need more funds cause we have a show now" it's kinda a smack in the face when you look at it
3) both the TV series and games were announced at the same time
I feel mighty no 9 can wait for a show at least until they see how successful it is, it drags out the hype
(Don't get me wrong I'm still getting and will enjoy the game)



ModernMARVEL said:

I heard someone say it was directed towards 6-11 year-olds (or something close to that). I may be too old for that, but this looks to be something I'll enjoy.



allav866 said:

@Einherjar To be honest, I posted that before I found out about Inafune's second crowdfunding campaign, and now it does seem a bit over-hyped, especially when they're basing it on the assumption that Mighty No. 9 is gonna sell well, but I think they're doing as much as they can to generate more hype, and thusly more sales when the game comes out. Anyways, it sounded to me like the show killed your hype for the game, like it did for @Buduski , and I usually respect your opinions on this site, so I shouldn't have been so hasty as to call you "pessimistic."



Einherjar said:

@allav866 No problem at all, dont worry No, it isnt the show itself or that they are making one in the first place. Heck, i even like Ruby Spears MegaMan cartoons, and they are pretty different from their source material Its not even HOW they are doing it, should they really go with that saturday morning cartoon tone. Its just that ALL that at the same time seems a bit much for a new IP. You usually see something like that from companys like EA or UbiSoft...and you have no idea how much it hurts me to compare inafune to those two...

Its just the fact that it gets a show based on a game, that isnt even a game yet O.o Also: 900.000$ initial goal, got 4mil and STILL needing more ? Sounds a bit fishy to be to be honest. True, THAT is a bit pessimistic on my part, but still, it kinda rubs me the wrong way.



allav866 said:

@Einherjar You're not alone on that one. This show didn't cost Inafune a single Zenny, either. It's only a teaser, so he might be using the campaign to fund the whole series, but again, the game's not out yet. A TV show shouldn't happen until the game becomes popular enough, not the other way around.



aaronsullivan said:

I thought it would be Anime-style too, but I was glad he wasn't just a completely generic "cool" character and they gave him some tension. He wants to live up to expectations but is wet behind the ears. I can't imagine how boring it would be to have a show where the character just knows what to do all the time and just does it. Still, I think they leaned a little far into the goofy territory. The trailer needed to give a bigger moment of success than the one freeze moment.

As far as the continued support goes. Don't see any reason not to. People want to support it, let them. Game is looking great.



Einherjar said:

@allav866 Exactly. But as he stated, the initial 4mil AND these additional 100k are for the game only, not the show.
So, it raises the question: He got 4x the amount of money he needed according to his business plan and is still short on 100k. What would have happened to the game, if he would have just gotten his initial 900k ?
Thats what got me thinking really. "Bonus content" is pretty vague, so where did the 3mil extra cash go to ? They werent in the initial business plan. We already have "4 times the game it was supposed to be", how can there be even more ? And come to think of it, if VAs were such a low priority that they werent even implemented with 4 times the amount of money, why are they needed now ? But thats besides the point really, more a matter of opinion really.

Im NOT drawing the fraud card just yet, but i do call it sloppy planning. And with this sort of planning, i cant see them manage so many things at the same time without one aspect of it bombing pretty badly.

@aaronsullivan Well, i have nothing against a clumsy hero, Goku from DBZ comes to mind as a nice bland of fool and semi respnsable protagonist. But Beck was downright incompetent in that clip. Also, hes a robot, if a robot cant even use his primary functions competently, i have no faith in his creator



kevkeepsplaying said:

@CharleSketch MAYBE he was right? No, he was right. Keiji isn't a developer, never has been, a concept artist at most. Have you noticed whenever they have a new build, they have to call him in from who knows where? He's not always there, making sure everything is A OK.

Also, anyone who is saying that isn't what they would expect Beck to act like, you clearly never read up on Beck, he is the youngest and weakest of the Mighty Numbers, as well as a bit timid. I definitely think this is overdoing it though.



0utburst said:

Meh. The animated series will bomb. That's what you get when you are trying hard to be funny.



BoobooMama said:

People, relax. It's just a concept trailer to show what it could look like. It's not Indicative of its final design.



8BitSamurai said:

If Inafune was trying to leave me as a disgruntled Mega Man fan once again, he sure succeeded. There's no more hype left in this dood.

Kamiya was right, he's a businessman, not a creator.



Iggly said:

I'd prefer an anime like look for the Mighty 09 show imo, I'll stick with Sonic Boom when it comes to CG-like animation.



megamanrulz14 said:

In my opinion, I'd rather that the famed anime studio, Tatsunoko Production, should be on the job to work on this adaptation, simply because the energetic, but wacky, art style suits the series. The folks there have not only produced those mainly ultra-violent realistic superhero shows like Gatchaman and Casshan, but also produced comical and cartoonish comedies like the famed Time Bokan franchise(Yatterman is in this franchise, of course!)



Henmii said:

Since its a downloadable game, I don't think there will be a proper animated series. At least not a tv-series.



LazyShell said:

I do think they should have just concentrated on the game, and got that out, before also focusing on other mediums. I'm really not a fan on this double dipping on kickstarter for another Mighty No. 9 project. Finish the game first, and establish the brand then branch out.



Henmii said:

And you'll believe that! A tv series for just a download...I find that very hard to believe.

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