Video: Learn How to Pull Off the Newly Discovered Cloud Glitch in Super Mario World

Lakitu won't be happy about this

As if we needed more evidence of the complexities that run beneath many of our favorite games, a code digger by the name of Masterjun3 has unearthed a glitch in Super Mario World that provides the player a Lakitu cloud in the game's item box.

The stunt is executable in the Yoshi's Island 2 stage with just a Yoshi, a fireball, a coin, good button reflexes, the forced appearance of a Chargin' Chuck, and timing impeccable enough not to get Mario killed or crash the game entirely. It's a tad complicated to pull off, as you might have suspected, but YouTuber A+Start lays the glitch out in full detail in the video below:

Since the glitch is repeatable within original copies of Super Mario World, it is considered a freely usable technique for speedrunners. According to A+Start, having the cloud in the final battle with Bowser skips some his animations, saving a precious lot of time, and it won't be surprising if additional tricks are discovered as runners continue exploring.

Findings such as the cloud glitch take a crazy amount of time and dedication, but the results can be amazing. Do you plan on trying to glitch a ride?