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Video: Lana Brings Some Deadly Magic to Hyrule Warriors

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Check out the Princess Zelda trailer from last week, as a bonus

Nintendo and Tecmo Koei / Koei Tecmo are certainly putting a great deal of effort into building the levels of anticipation for Hyrule Warriors, with regular releases of new trailers, screens and details on new characters; more playable characters are yet to be revealed.

A relatively recent reveal was The White Sorceress, Lana, who appeared in Famitsu magazine initially along with the surprise inclusion of Agitha from Twilight Princess. Lana is an all-new character who uses the Book of Sorcery to obliterate hundreds of foes, a change in pace from the conventional weapons — as conventional as a Fire Rod can be — utilised by Link, Sheik and Princess Zelda.

New trailers are being consistently released for these new characters, yet while we await Agitha's video début we do have a trailer showing off Lana's abilities, some of which look rather fun. Check it out below.

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As a bonus below is last week's Princess Zelda video, which we didn't post at the time.

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How do you think this is shaping up, and which of these characters are you most keen on trying out? Let us know.

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Porky said:

So many female characters.. So far I know, Link is the only male confirmed.



Will-75 said:

Every video I watch makes me want this game more and more what an AWESOME surprise this title has turned out to be , kudos Nintendo kudos !



Warbeard said:

I would have prefered an actual Zelda-character in the game - why make princess Zelda a warrior, then conjure up a generic-looking anime-chick for spellcasting? There were plenty of warriors in the games!
Gotta say, the anime-ness of her design and voice-acting/mannerism is offputting.



Iggly said:

Lana looks like a pretty cool character, I wonder how important would she be in the story. Also if they're gonna announce a Male Character anytime soon, I hope it's Groose.



rjejr said:

@Warbeard - Ild guess there are more guys and gals who like anime chicks than dont who play these types of games. She does seem a bit too Squenix though, like shes been in every FF game and shes never stepped foot in Hyrule. Those spells look cool though. I wonder if we can control her walking on that cube or its just an automatic part of the spell?

This game releases next month in Japan right?

Any word on any collector editions outside of japan yet?



FragRed said:

Looking at those videos, Lana looks the more interesting character to play than Zelda.

Normally these type of games don't interest me, but I have this on pre-order and just keep getting more and more excited with each new video!!



Spoony_Tech said:

Makes me wonder if she will be in the new Zelda U game and they already know this. I guess it won't be much of a surprise if she is.



arnoldlayne83 said:

Dunno.... I've never played a Dynasty or Warrior game before..... but I am not full convinced about the gameplay.... expecially the AI quality... is it a matter of difficulty level or the enemies are kind of unconscious statues around the player all the time? I've never really seen, in any gameplay video, this horde of enemies charging the player.... they all the time look like staring at you, contemplating how pretty you are and how they look ugly..... Hope a demo will be released..... need to try it first....or anyone here is a fan of this series and could comment about the difficulty level?



Tsurii said:

@arnoldlayne83 the small enemies are more or less just cannon fodder to fill your Musou/Magic gage. The real challenge are the captains and bosses. And once you start playing on higher difficulties, you won't be able to get anything done, if you're not thinking about what you're doing.

@Warbeard I read somewhere about Lana's role in the story and she seems to be pretty dang important. It's not like they're just adding new characters, just because they can. There'll be a story and from what I've seen it'll actually be really interesting.



0utburst said:

It's the other way around for me. The more I watch these videos, the more it make me not want the game. I'm glad you guys like it though. But if I gotta choose which one to play, it will be link with that staff.



arnoldlayne83 said:

@Tsurii897 Thanks for your answer.... Would warrior orochi Hyped be a good "test" game to understand if I'll like Hyyrule warriors? I could find it supercheap in a store... instead of waiting for a demo I could start with a complete game



Conocotarious said:

@arnoldlayne83 Warriors Orochi 3, even Hyper, is one of the best games released in the Warriors series to date. I'd highly recommend trying it if you're interested in Hyrule Warriors.



Yorumi said:

I have to say Lana looks downright fun to play. They convinced me to buy the game at E3. Looks like a lot of fun.



Leu10antFalcon said:

So far... Queen Zelda, Lana, and the evil witch Cia are the cutest I've ever seen in Hyrule Warriors. Aonuma, Koei-Tecmo's Omega Force, and Team NINJA have been doing a FUNtastic job introducing the characters and showcasing some gameplay action. September 26th, here we come!!!!!



DiscoGentleman said:

@arnoldlayne83 In easy mode, they stand around you like that. Yup. No fun. So bump up the difficulty to hard and that's the real challenge. They start doing more damage to you. But like others have said, they are drones and come in huge packs, the genuine fights are against the captains, sub-bosses & bosses.
It's like this:

Every squad has a captain and a number of pawn troops (maybe 5, maybe 10, maybe 50, depending on the game), then there are base captains, gate captains, then main enemies above them- you get the point, yes?



DiscoGentleman said:

Man... Lana looks like fun to play, even though I'm not really interested by her character. I guess we know nothing about her, so I shouldn't have any judgments.



jakysnakydx said:

@Warbeard Thank you. This is what I was going to get at. I don' mind new characters in the Zelda series but this gal is comletely unnecessary. She is absolutely a cheap, uninhibited Japanese anime girl and I don't think she fits in this environment AT ALL. There was probably need for her in the plot somehow but if not this was Koei Tecmo/Team Ninja's attempt at influencing the Zelda series but as per usual in a terrible way.



Plucky said:

Meh, personally as far as mage characters go, at least Lana seems more ethereal in her attacks; slinging pages, acrobatically jumping across hard-light barriers and shattering them....and even rolling on Cubes Intelligence Qube-style is more visually awesome and cooler than traditional frail mages.

Even then, frail mages tends to just stick to classical the weird like summoning shadow dragons.



Yorumi said:

@jakysnakydx given all we've seen in the zelda universe is Lana really so out of place? Heck Agatha wanted to have a magical fairy tale ball with bugs. Tingle, need I say more? The mailman, dance instructions from gorons, a zora that thinks she's already married to link, a tree that thinks she's links bride, a talking hat, a talking boat, a witch flying on a vacuum cleaner, and Zelda with a different personality in every game.

Plenty of character have been fairly over the top with sexual manerisms, and in general there have been characters strongly adhere to archetypes and tropes. Given all that, I just don't see how over the top cutesy is so out of place all the sudden.



Warbeard said:

@Yorumi I don't think it's that she's out of place, she's generic, and boring. A dancing Goron is awesome, come on!



Yorumi said:

@Warbeard I don't know that we know that at this point. Watch the Zelda video below it, and try to imagine Zelda is a completely new character and doesn't have 30 years of history behind her. At this point that's all we have for Lana, we have no idea how she'll be developed in this game, or any future games.



Warbeard said:

@Yorumi At least she seems serious - I half expected Lana to do a V-sign and wink. I guess it's her mannerism more than anything



MeloMan said:

I love her big smile at the camera, cute and died laughing at the same time. I need to see a meme with her and Luigi ridin' dirty XD



Yorumi said:

@Warbeard and the deku tree is talking about marrying you all through oracle of ages. For that matter Agatha, the world is ending and she's preparing a magical fairy tale ball with bugs. Zelda games have traditionally mixed serious and light hearted a lot, even in the middle of dungeons and things. It just kind of seems to be kind of cherry picked, goron dance session while the world is ending, no problem, sorcerer smiled, horribly out of place.



jakysnakydx said:

@Yorumi I see what you're saying but Lana's weirdness isn't unique, it's stereotypical Japanese anime girly glowy eyed. It isn't Zelda weird, it's just "Hey we don't have enough skimpy Japan porn in here, let's make a new character" weird. (cough Team Ninja) Although I will give them props for making her acceptably dressed.
EDIT: It's just how it was all derived and what it happened to be. If this were a core Zelda game and we met a side character who looked like this and that was not an overly common attribute as seen in all Japanese media than I probably wouldn't bat two eyes at it. But for me this is like adding some skinny blonde guy in swim trunks and a Hawaiian shirt who goes 'DUUUUUUDE LIKE AWWWWESOME!" and calling it a main character who stands next to link.

My favorite thing about Zelda is how close it is to other games without touching them in any way. Gorons, Zora's and Deku's compared to Elves, Orcs and Dwarves, etc. All of the weird in Zelda is really it's own quirkiness, so to see a common quirk thrown in, I feel it's like pink over a black surface.



Yorumi said:

@jakysnakydx quite a lot of characters in any zelda game tend to be anime tropes. Lana's just happens to be the one everyone who hates anime blasts all over the internet. Both ruto and in ages the deku tree tended to be the overly affectionate lovey type that their interest doesn't really care for. Agatha fits a lot of innocent moe types. Do we even need to cover zelda, granted anime isn't the only medium to do this but the most stereotypical helpless princess(since peach) for a decade, and still afterward portrayed as such to a large degree. The great fairies, and at times impa are the older, large breasted, sultry woman type.

I'm not really saying she doesn't fit this particular trope, she does there's no question. She's just not the first character to use an anime trope. I think it's just more noticeable because the art style of the game is much closer to anime than typical zelda even considering WW and SS.



Warbeard said:

Just saw it again, and oh God, she actually v-signed and winked at the camera.



Nictendo64 said:

@Porky There will never be enough female characters IMO. Most games are riddled with dudes. I welcome the change. If you think about it. There aren't a lot of Male characters in the Zelda universe compared to women. The monster that you collect the poes for is in it. Skull Kid would be neat.



ThreadShadow said:

This new character is cute, but I hate the whole sorceress/magic book/magic circles stuff. It's possible that she takes away too much from what makes Zelda Zelda rather then add to it. It would have been better to develop Din, Farore, and Nayru, instead.



ColdingLight said:

Ever since I watched that Lana Trailer I'm really starting to feel like this game will only cater to the japanese audience... I'm so conflicted about this game...



jakysnakydx said:

@Yorumi I see what you're saying. I agree on the art style bit as well. That has alot to do with is, especially since we're talking about a human character not a tree or fish humanoid those traits become more prevalent.

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