Nintendo and Tecmo Koei / Koei Tecmo are certainly putting a great deal of effort into building the levels of anticipation for Hyrule Warriors, with regular releases of new trailers, screens and details on new characters; more playable characters are yet to be revealed.

A relatively recent reveal was The White Sorceress, Lana, who appeared in Famitsu magazine initially along with the surprise inclusion of Agitha from Twilight Princess. Lana is an all-new character who uses the Book of Sorcery to obliterate hundreds of foes, a change in pace from the conventional weapons — as conventional as a Fire Rod can be — utilised by Link, Sheik and Princess Zelda.

New trailers are being consistently released for these new characters, yet while we await Agitha's video début we do have a trailer showing off Lana's abilities, some of which look rather fun. Check it out below.

As a bonus below is last week's Princess Zelda video, which we didn't post at the time.

How do you think this is shaping up, and which of these characters are you most keen on trying out? Let us know.