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Video: Here are Plenty of Awesome Super Mario Bros. 3 Glitches to Try Yourself

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Including a particularly tricky but cool way to skip to the end

Whenever gamers argue over which 2D Mario platformer is the best of them all, Super Mario Bros. 3 is normally included in the debate. It pushed the capabilities of the NES and blew a lot of minds when originally released, and still stands up as a terrific title by modern standards. The word "classic" is perhaps thrown around too loosely nowadays, but this legitimately qualifies as just that.

Of course, as it was on NES, and with such ambitious design, it has its fair share of glitches where coding and resource limitations opened the game up to some peculiar events and behaviours. That's perhaps part of its charm, as retro gamers still seek out new tricks that haven't been discovered before.

YouTuber A+Start is clearly a fan of seeking out these quirky moments, and has produced an excellent video showing off some well- and less-known glitches in the title. One is a relatively recent and incredibly tricky manoeuvre in world 7-1 to skip to the end, and another is a particularly humorous move that takes away Bowser's ability to breath fire.

Check it out below and let us know what you think

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bouncer0304 said:

Been playing that game for 20 odd years and i never knew some of that existed And to think a game that old still hides so much



retro_player_22 said:

I happen to discover the last glitch by accident, I was thinking maybe the game plays a trick on me as I was just wasting time on that level but all of a sudden I just got to the ending.



0utburst said:

I love the music in this game. Also the best 2D Mario ever. Better than Super Mario World.



Ioannis said:

The last glitch is just plain crazy! Well done to the person who figured that one out



sinalefa said:

I was close to hating this game, after weeks and weeks of hearing people whining about its absence in the North American Wii U/3DS VC. But if after beating some of its hardest levels you don't hate it, there is no way you will. So many memories.



Mr-X9000 said:

i might have to try thes runs down to the basement and boots up 30 year old NES



ShadJV said:

Am I the only one that, when he started explaining that last glitch, all I could understand was, "blah blah blah warp pipe blah blah Mario blah blah blah overload blah skip to the end of the game"?



0utburst said:

I think some of the glitch aren't really a glitch but was intended as a "shortcut" or secret path. I need to play this game again soon.



Pichuka97 said:

I tried some of these glitches on SMB3 on my NES the other day like trying to duck through a wall in world 1-Fortress but nothing happened. Is there another version of SMB3 Nintendo made to address bug fixes?

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