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Video: Fi Shows What She Can Do in This Latest Hyrule Warriors Trailer

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Always handy when you can turn into a sword

The roster of playable characters and villains in Hyrule Warriors keeps growing, and last week brought the intriguing reveal of Fi as a playable character, along with plenty of other content derived from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Naturally Fi can probably take care of itself, being — in a very literal sense — able to form as a powerful sword.

Just like with other character reveals, Koei Tecmo's prepared a gameplay video showing off the deadly moves at Fi's disposal. There are some relatively standard melee attacks, before the specials are shown in all of their destructive glory.

Check the footage out below and let us know what you think.

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BigH88 said:

@brewsky Exactly! I really hope NA gets those pre order bonuses. Thats the only reason why I havent pre ordered yet.



yemsols said:

Wow I love her move set so classy yet practical cause I can see myself doing major damage with her. Now definitely one of the characters I look forward to playing as ^_^



DBPirate said:

Hyrule Warriors looks more and more exciting with each new character announcement!



rjejr said:

I was getting dizzy watching her in a 1 minute long video (the 40 seconds at the end advertising the cool stuff japan is getting isn't part of the gameplay video) so if 1 minute was making me dizzy I don't think I could play her for an entire level, much less an entire game. I'ld rather play the cube walking random anime chick.



LtAldoRaine said:

Putting the endless hand-holding aside, I actually liked Fi. And I like they used her classy dance moves as some of her attacks here.



TheJebou said:

Glad to see that the constant sealing of Demise at least got Fi a cool finishing move



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Interesting to see they based her combos on the prophecy dances she does. But her combo game looks seriously slow in that trailer - I don't know if I'm gonna like that...



DarkKirby said:

Man, was Fi lazy in Skyward Sword. She could do all this but she let Link do all the grunt work instead and wouldn't move her butt in Eldin Volcano when she was "captured".



GN004Nadleeh said:

so do we want elzo as a hat on his own like this or should he be something link equips? need a character from link's awakening, any one even bow wow will be fine!



Amateur said:

So that's how she plays... But why the skyward sword, not the Master Sword?



Megumi said:

Link falls in battle, Fi shows up
Fi: "Master, there's a 95.7% chance that you have failed the mission."
Link: "Oh shaddap." T.T



Action51 said:

This game looks so good and has all the great heroes of Hyrule with glorious move sets...

So why, why, why must it have that same button-mashy game play where hordes of enemies are little more then paper targets of Dynasty Warriors?



Shambo said:

Fi doing less explaining and more swordy spirit stuff? Awesome, I really liked the character despite the infinite stating the obvious. Skyward Sword costumes are very welcome too!

And you know what else would be very welcome? I may very well have said it over ten times by now, BUT BRING THAT LIMITED EDITION TO EUROPE AS WELL! And US if they're interested too, which they probably are.



Jellitoe said:

Still not convinced in this game till they show some male characters that are playable besides Link.



J-Manix98 said:

Why didn't Fi do this in Skyward sword? That would've had a lot easier for Link...

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