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Poll: Which is Your Favourite Super Smash Bros. Challenger So Far?

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

This week's reveal brought us to 36 in the roster

There's little doubt over what counts as this week's most exciting event, from the perspectives of many Nintendo gamers. The company decided to build hype levels by announcing a special Super Smash Bros. reveal video, and the three minute live broadcast delivered a slickly animated sequence in which three new Challengers were introduced — Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin, with Chrom making a cameo as a Final Smash. That takes us up to four characters — five if you count Robin's male and female options — from the Fire Emblem franchise, and reminds us that F-Zero, despite its ongoing position on the sidelines in Nintendo's catalogue, is still loved enough to appear in the mascot battling titles on Wii U and 3DS.

If you did miss that video, or simply want to watch it again, it's below.

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Those additions mean we're now up to 36 characters, or 38 if you want to count the three classes of Mii Fighters separately. Super Smash Bros. Brawl was considered meaty at 35 characters, though the number could be considered higher depending on your interpretation of characters that transform into each other — such as Samus to Zero Suit Samus — or the fighters available through the Pokémon Trainer. Thankfully matters have been kept a little simpler with the Wii U and 3DS entries, with Zero Suit Samus Sheik getting their own spots on the roster. There's still some area for debate over the current numbers, however — the flat number to date is 36, but incorporating the three classes of Mii Fighter (Gunner, Brawler and Swordfighter) takes the number up to 38, though we think it'd be a stretch to argue that gender swaps in others (Wii Fit Trainer, Robin and Villager) represent different fighters, as their moves and strengths are identical.

It seems, then, that Sakurai-san is a workaholic, with no suggestion that this is the final line-up — we'd bet there'll be at least one more major reveal prior to the 3DS version's launch in October. Let's also consider that Nintendo plans to release an amiibo toy for every character — those without a lot of cash will likely need to be picky, and Nintendo has a lot of work on if it's to meet that goal and produce enough toys.

While we wait for the final roster to be pinned down, we thought this would be a good opportunity to take stock of the line-up and learn which of the fighters have you most excited. We want to know which of this week's reveals pushed your buttons the most, which of the Newcomers have captured your imagination, how many amiibo toys you think you'll buy — with prices potentially comparable to Skylanders and Disney Infinity equivalents — and, finally, who's your favourite right now? Naturally these choices are down to which you simply want to choose, as we've not had the opportunity to find a favourite to suit our play-styles — that'll have to wait for another day.

As a note, we've taken our cues from the official website — if it's good enough for Sakurai-san, it's good enough for us. In the Newcomers list, we've left out those that appeared in previous games as transformations or through other means, such as the aforementioned Pokémon Trainer.

Share you choices in the polls and, of course, feel free to debate the merits of the roster — and who you feel has to be added — in the comments section.

Which challenger was your favourite announcement this week? (1,021 votes)

Captain Falcon






I can't decide!


I didn't like any of them


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Which Newcomer is your favourite? (1,068 votes)









Mii Fighter




Rosalina & Luma




Mega Man


Wii Fit Trainer


Little Mac


I can't decide!


I don't like any of them


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How many amiibo Smash Bros. toys do you think you'll buy? (1,027 votes)

I want to try and buy them all


As many as I can afford, which probably won't be all of them


I'll pick about a dozen of my favourites


Roughly half a dozen, I think


Just a few for me


I'm going to buy just one Smash Bros. amiibo


I won't buy any


I'm not sure yet


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Which is your favourite Super Smash Bros. for Wii U / Nintendo 3DS challenger so far? (1,005 votes)







Wii Fit Trainer






Mega Man








Donkey Kong




Pikmin & Olimar






Toon Link




Rosalina & Luma






Little Mac


King DeDeDe






Diddy Kong


Zero Suit Samus


Mii Fighter














Captain Falcon






I can't decide!


I don't like any of them


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User Comments (218)



MixMasterMudkip said:

Peach and Wii Fit Trainer are the only two I truly care about until I get Wolf and Ice Climbers back.



MrGawain said:

Amiibo's all come down to how they interact with other games. What they do in Smash seems pointless beyond a cool plastic statue.



Gerbwmu said:

so if the internet is to be believed.....and we all know you can't lie on the internet......there are another 18 fighters



Tasuki said:

Mega Man FTW. I haven't played a Smash Bros game since the N64 and honestly I wasn't a big fan of it. However I hear that this game is great with a group of friends.



Datasun_7 said:

Greninja all the way! As for amiibos I'll just get my favourites like robin, greninja, pit and lucario. Maybe another samus and link figure too



thehoppypoppy said:

I'm excited about PALUTENA!!!!!!

I'm also excited about Robin and Lucina (and I haven't even played FE:A), and Villager...and Wii Fit Trainer.

Plus I like Pikachu, Pit, Peach, Zelda, Sheik, Kirby and Olimar!



ValiantPixel said:


As for the Amiibos, I chose the option that I will get as many as I can afford. However, I will - one day in the distant future - own them all. I have other video game things that I want to invest in.



Dark-Luigi said:

Luigi and Robin are the only two people that will make Smash the thing for me. Chould mabye buy some amibo's, just for curiosity sake.

Oh, and I can't forget I main the Mario characters.



Tsurii said:

Favourite in the last trailer..urgh..Lucina. I love that she made it into the game, BUT (and this is a huge one) I'm kinda torn on her being a just "a second Marth". I never liked Marth or his moveset at all. I think the change for Lucina's sword could change this a bit, tho. Robin was cool, too and Falcon was obvious (and he's just awesome), but I like Lucina as a character most out of those 3.

Favourite newcomer has to be Greninja. It looks like it'll play exactly how I like it most: fast combos and lots of dodging and jumping around

I will only get 2 amiibos. IF they're even going to make those 2: Lucina and Ike. I think Lucina was semi-confirmed with that amiibo picture, they'd shown multiple times (I even predicted her to be in Smash because of it actually ) and I really hope I'll be able to have an Ike "tamagotchi" lol

My overall favourite character is - as you would probably guess - Ike. Just love his moveset and I really like that they're using a more recent design for him.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

Mega Man and Pit will definitely be mains for me! I'll probably also main Palutena, Link, Robin, Marth and/or Lucina, and Sheik.



LtAldoRaine said:

From the three revealed this week I chose Captain Falcon. The Fire Emblem chars look cool, but since I never played any FE, seeing Falcon back was more exciting for me, even though it was pretty obvious he would be back.

Favorite newcomer so far, Greninja. I just love this guy, it's one of my all-time favorite Pokémon designs, and it looks really fun to play as him/she/it. Palutena is a close second.

Favorite character overall is Mario. I like the classics, and I have this little rule that the first time I play a new SSB game, I use Mario in the first match. So I'm looking foward to that.

About Amiibos... if I lived on a place where games and game related items had decent prizes, I would buy a bunch. But since these things are crazy expensive here, I may not buy a single amiibo. I do want some, though.



Haxonberik said:

Still waiting for Shulk to be announced, I just finished the game last month and I can't think of a better new franchise character, which I prefer much more than just new characters from series that are already represented.



GloverMist said:

I needed to vote Kirby, as he was my main in Brawl! I know it's very likely that this will change, but eh. Who cares?



Bender said:

Sheik!! Favorite from this week was Robin, and I personally love the Mii's as a new addition since you can customize em, as for Amiibo, I'll pick up a few for my favorite Characters.



0utburst said:

2 dozen amiibos on my wish list. But I'll probably get a dozen first which other games will make use of them. (Mario & co mostly)

As for favorite fighter, I am liking Zero Suit Samus for being all-rounder.



Bender said:

@Haxonberik his final smash could be that skill where the Monado's blade extends and he slashes downward (don't remember the name, played it with Japanese voices). That'd clear out some opponents well!



Peach64 said:

Little Mac is my favourite newcomer. So much more fitting than people like Megaman.



ikki5 said:

Aren't these two options the same just different wording?

"I want to try and buy them all" and " As many as I can afford, which probably won't be all of them"



ChemyNoSurfea said:

I really love Lucina, she's cool, but yeah the whole Marth clone thing is annoying...

I plan on buying the more "realistic" amiibos like Zelda, Link, Samus, Pit and the Fire emblem guys, along with some of the cuter designs like Megaman, Pikachu and Ness, ill get around 10 of them... If I can afford it



MrWalkieTalkie said:

And I swear, I WILL collect every amiibo! It's always been my dream to own real life Smash Bros. Trophies, and this is the closest we'll ever get!



Emaan said:

My favorite newcomers are Little Mac and Villager.

For my overall favorite I can't choose mine (Ness) because he hasn't been ADDED TO THE ROSTER YET



sinalefa said:


I see the first one as "I want them all", and the second one as "as many as I can, but not all of them". Even if you can afford them, I find it hard for anyone to want each and every figure.



DreamyViridi said:

Favourite newcomers so far are Robin (& Lucina) and Mega Man. Favourite overall? Don't make me chose. Please!



geozeldadude said:

being a FE fanboy i had to go w/ robin, but of the newcomers wii fit trainer and palutena are close behind. but pretty much all the newcomers looks awesome.



NinGamer said:

I really love Robin because he looks very unique to play, but I love megaman the most out of the newcomers!



ikki5 said:

@sinalefa yeah but... one option is you are going to "TRY" and get them all (if i can afford them) and the other is, I am going to get as many as I can afford so in other words, I am going to "TRY" and get them all if i can afford them.



xj220_afiles said:

I just want Snake back :,( !
At least it's move on a mii. I'll really miss those C4 and claymore mines otherwise...



rjejr said:

Went with Pac Man for the absurdity of it all, and the tip of the hat to very old school video games. I can appreciate all the MegaMan votes for the same reason but I really don't know him all that well.



Caryslan said:

Pac-Man is my top newcomer. Mega Man is cool and all, but he's not the icon Pac-Man is, plus Pac looks like he has a cool moveset where he pulls out old Namco arcade characters to attack opponents.

The other newcomers are great, but there is no beating the first icon of Gaming joining Smash. Especially when he has such a great looking moveset.



dinosauryoshi said:

I was pretty certain Falcon would be back anyway (although I'm glad it's confirmed) so I'm going to go with Lucina as my favourite announcement this week. She looks cool. As for favourites I really can't decide. Should they decide to include Cranky Kong he'll pretty much instantly be my favourite but as it is I'll have to wait for the actual game to come out until I can decide. Really hyped for this game now!



sketchturner said:

Metroid is my favorite series, so obviously Samus is my choice.Mega Man is my favorite newcomer.
If Jigglypuff is announced, that will be my favorite fighter. As cool as Samus is, beating people with a pink puff and bow is so awesomely degrading.



SuperMikey said:

I think I'll pass on all the amiibos if they don't really do anything for the games supported that makes them worthwhile... I'll need to know more how amiibo works in Smash also factoring costs of each amiibo.



Uro said:

I like how there are so many characters and how they are all very welcome xD



Volmun said:

good poll lol i voted Cap Falcon for the recent announcement's Megaman for new comer a few Amiibo's and Samus lol



LasermasterA said:

Hmm I might just buy one or two amiibo figurines of my favourite characters.

In favourite newcomer SO FAR I would say, Mega Man and favourite character SO FAR is Ike. (I think you got my point)

Still waiting for the mighty earth adept from my favourite RPG though



Hero-of-WiiU said:

I voted Villager because of how unique he is. Link is my go to but I'll see who is better between him and Toon Link. I also like Samus.



abbyhitter said:

Lucina and Robin...that's a tough choice.

Rosalina and Luma are my favorite newcomers.

Zero Suit Samus is my favorite character overall.



GamerGleek47 said:

Nintendo Life y u do dis?
I can't decide!! Rosalina, Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, Mii Gunner, Mii Brawler, Pac - Man, Palutena, Robin so many newcomers I love!! And the Kirby, Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Zelda, Peach, Luigi, Toon Link
AAAARGH! So many choices!
The only one I could answer was the Amiibo one, I will try to get six and if I can get more, I'll definetly will! But the first ones I must get will be Kirby, Villager, Wii Fit Tainer, Zero Suit Samus, Rosalina And Luma and Samus.



smikey said:

I voted for pac man as he's been my favourite video game character for 30 years.
I also picked try to buy all amiibos but it should really say will buy all because there will be no trying involved I've already banked the money for them nice collectors items & even though I've never been a big fan of smash bros I'll still be getting it day 1.



HyperSonicEXE said:

I've been using Fox and then Falco since the first, but I'm definitely going to be spending some time with Mega Man and Rosalina, see if I can't get either one of them going.

I can see Mega Man's A attack while moving being VERY OP in battles in general.

As for the Amiibos, I REALLY want to show my support for Mega Man, and also Rosalina, so probably just those two. Although, a candid shot of the Peach Amiibo going around on the internet might have me spring for a third one...



Spoony_Tech said:

I think the consensus says more outside characters are needed. Yes I picked Mega Man twice and if he wasn't there I would've picked Pac Man twice.

Why UBISoft hasn't pushed for Rayman to be playable is beyond me. It could definitely add sales to the current game and make people more interested!



Captain_Toad said:

Heh, as much as I liked Robin's tome and sword combo I have to go with Lucina. Ya, she's a marth clone but she begginner friendly.

My favorite newcomer so far is Rosalina. And challenger is Olimar.



NintyMan said:

Little Mac is my favorite newcomer so far. He should have been in the Super Smash Bros. series since the beginning, being the original Nintendo fighter.

With the amiibo figures, I plan on getting at least my favorites, but I may also get as many as I can afford.

My favorite character for the new games is more than likely going to be Donkey Kong. He's been one of my favorite characters throughout the series and I don't see that changing this time.



2Sang said:

Little Mac. 1 2 atta boy.

Robin was my favorite reveal this week, though. Finally a fire emblem character that uses something other than a sword.



Shepdawg1 said:

People love their Mega Man (I probably will, too, but there are others I want to try first). The characters I'm most excited to play as are:

1. Greninja
2. Robin
3. Little Mac
4. Mega Man
5. Rosalina & Luma



ricklongo said:

Mega Man, hands down. I'm not even sure there's anything that could come close. Dixie Kong, maybe.
Mii Fighter is a runner-up, though.



Nabecoat said:

I'm looking forward to trying all of the challengers, but Samus (not Zero-suit) is my main. Still hoping for Ganondorf, a Golden Sun character, and hopefully some unexpected new challengers.



Darknyht said:

Robin has been the most intriguing to me of the new characters, but Link is my favorite Nintendo character. .



Detective_TeeJay said:

I chose Robin out of this week's reveal, Megaman out of all the newcomers, and Toon Link overall. Shame Toon Link gets so little love. He's an excellent fighter.



Sportsfan1712 said:

1. Captain Falcon
2. Fox McCloud
3. Mega Man
4. Little Mac
5. Toon Link

This list is based off of CONFIRMED characters. If Meta Knight is confirmed, he would probably be at #3.



Mr_Video said:

It's so hard to choose just one character, they're all great in their own way...Though as far as newcomers go, Robin and Mega Man are the ones I'm most eager to play as.
As for challengers overall, Luigi, Ike, Toon Link, Sonic and Olimar are big favorites of mine...Again, it's just so hard to choose just one! Heck, the entire Smash Bros roster so far is shaping up to be the best in the series.



mastermp2 said:

Favorite newcomers: ZS Samus, Lucina and Robin

Amiibos: ZS Samus, Lucina, Robin, Marth, Palutena, Little Mac

Veteran: Marth



AlexSora89 said:

Despite the presence of a fair bit of awesome characters, there are still a lot of guys I'm waiting for. I mean, Ice Climbers, Ness, Wario, Mr. Game And Watch, Meta Knight, Falco... add Isaac as a newcomer and I'd be okay - it helps a lot that almost all of my Brawl mains have returned, though: Luigi, Toon Link and Sonic, with one third of the remaining character (Pokémon Trainer, obviously) returning as well thanks to Charizard.



MixMasterMudkip said:

I can't believe you guys are more excited about every single newcomer more then Wii Fit Trainer except for the freaking clone.



Remisio said:


Also I liked how Megaman, Rosalina and Luma played during the even.



BigH88 said:

Captain Falcon for this week. Mega Man for new challenger. Zero Suit Samus overall.



Hony said:

Can't wait for Captain Falcon, Lucina, and Robin! So pretty much everyone we got this week. WOO!



Einherjar said:

Silly Nintendolife staff, you misspelled all the answers, all of them should read Mega Man



Link506 said:

Please! Please Please please please make Link stronger! I always felt like he was too weak in brawl.



GhotiH said:

My thoughts:

Falcon was the coolest in that trailer.

I'm excited for most newcomers,but I chose Pacman, despite not really being a fan of his games, more for the epicness of having Mario and Sonic and Pacman in a game together. Couldn't really care less about Greninja or Villager, and a tad disappointed in Lucina, but otherwise, happy with all newcomers.

I don't plan on buying any Amiibo. They won't factor into competitive play, and the concept looks kinda dumb to me (like an easy way for them to grab money).

As for returns, though they screwed him up, Marth is still my favorite character, and I hope they realize that they made him too slow before the game gets released.



Bassman_Q said:

I'm really excited to play as Lucina, even if she is sort of a clone of Marth. In the past Smash Bros. games, I simply refused to play as Marth (since his game, Shadow Dragon, was pretty horrible in comparison to other FE games), but now I can finally play a fast FE character with Lucina!



The-Chosen-one said:

i liked the trailer where Captain falcon looked extremely powerful (like the superman or hulk from Nintendo lol)
I'm Always a fan of link. i really cant decide i love all the characters.

so my list is:

Link, Megaman, mario, Captain falcon, ike, Samus, Sheik, Pit and palutina



bezerker99 said:

Guess I'll have to say Link......since there's no Tingle or Non-Specific Action Figure to choose from.



VIIIAxel said:

My favorite newly shown character is probably Robin, since his/her moveset's really unique. I'm not sure how often I'll play as Robin, though. My favorite newcomer, as well as character so far, is definitely Greninja! Ness would be my favorite so far, but he hasn't been shown yet (I know he'll still be in, though).



rmeyer said:

Let's just say Activision could have bought Star Wars twice with all the money they've made from skylanders and they still keep raking in the dough.



Booboos35 said:

Greninja, Lucario, and Villager are who I'm most excited for. Honorable mentions are Mega Man, Little Mac, and Toon Link.



hYdeks said:

I still don't see the big deal to this version of Smash Bros, but my favourite to play has always been Mario Link is a good second.



MixMasterMudkip said:

@noctowl What are you talking about? Lucina is a clone. A clone is a character with similar properties to an existing character. Honestly, she's the biggest clone out of all of them as she was planned to be an alt to Marth to begin with, but developed into her own.



Dpullam said:

It's a very tough call for me, but I'd have to go with either Lucina, The Villager, or Mega Man. I simply can't just pick one character! Characters like those make me very eager to play Super Smash Bros Wii U. Day one!



Jllanos22 said:

I don't know how amiibo is going to work with other games so I'm only buying my top three characters. Link, Luigi and Olimar.



FilmerNgameR said:

Shadow or the GTFO! LOL jk I'm fine with Sonic, Link, Mega Man, Little Mac, and Yoshi as my main fighters. Shadow would've been amazing though!



OdnetninAges said:

My favorite newcomer is Lucina. I am HYPED for her, Robin, Palutena, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Little Mac, and Rosalina being in the game. I can't wait to use all of them. Villager, Greninja, Mii, and Wii Fit Trainer look cool, too.

As for my favorite character overall, Sonic. He's my favorite video game character. He was my main in Brawl, and he's going to be my main here... However, I'm planning on using Lucina, Mega Man, Palutena and Pac-Man a whole lot, too!

Long story short: A lot of my favorite characters are in these games, and I can't wait for them to come out!



FlaygletheBagel said:

Favorite in the last reveal is Robin by far. Never been a big Captain Falcon user. My favorite newcomer so far is Little Mac, and my favorite character in general is Mario. Not the typical choice, I know, and they nerfed him in Brawl, but I grew up playing as him in every installment. I'll give him a try before anyone else when I play Wii U/3DS.



FlappyFalco said:

1.Villager (very interesting, Pocket and Rocket moves look fun)
2.Mii times Trii (has the "make your own" thing while still having references to their own games)
3.Pac-Man (great personality, summoning minions looks fun)
4.Little Mac (powerhouse, like the character, dat hoodie)
5.Mega Man (moveset represents him very well, ranged A attacks look interesting)
6.WFT (interesting moveset, I like that the male is playable too)
7.Greninja (the trailer fake out where we were led to believe it was Mewtwo has left a bad taste in the mouth, interesting playstyle nonetheless)
8.Lucina (while I would have prefered Chrom, after learning that she didn't take up that much development time, I might use her over Marth)
9.Robin (too gimmicky, the whole "limited ammo" thing doesn't sound like it'll work very well)
10.Rosalina&Luma (I don't like the character and don't see why she was chosen over Toad and Waluigi, and again,looks too gimmicky+hard to control)
11.Palutena (moveset(s) look boring, personality doesn't seem to have been brought over, and that running animation looks, err.., awkward.



tripunktoj said:

We needed a least favorite character question, for me Greninja, the last thing Smash Bros needs are more random pokemon wasting character slots.



Yosher said:

Voted Robin, Mega Man and Yoshi. Of course Yoshi is my all-time favourite!



AugustusOxy said:

MEH MEH MEH. The number of fire emblem characters in this game... TOO DAMN HIGH!

But then again I think one fire emblem character in smash bros is too much.

Too many damn humans or human like characters.

Dillon and Midna not being playable in favor for characters like Robin and Palutena is down right blasphemy.



tiger47 said:

What happened to Meta Knight, Falco, Ganandorf, Wario, and Jiggly Puff. And shouldn't there be Birdo, Midna, Bowser Jr. Daisy, Waluigi, and other characters that were never used in the series.



KiwiPanda said:

Seeing the huge list of challengers makes you realize how much work is being done for this title... Sorry for complaining about release dates, Ninty! Take all the time you need. :3



tiger47 said:

If I had a choice I would want Tabuu as a playable character, but more than one person should be able to play as him.



Shambo said:

I'm still hoping for Doshin, but it won't happen probably. There's some others I hope to see announced (Bomberman and Astro Boy (the latter not as important gaming wise, still...) for instance), but it has a lot of the historically most important gaming characters already, so I can't decide which one is my favourite. If Toon Link has an Ezlo hat costume, probably that one.

@Hernandez Yeah Hilda would be awesome! Maybe Hyrule Warriors?



Giygas_95 said:

Favorite fighter: Ike

Favorite announced in the recent direct: Lucina

Favorite newcomer: Mega Man

No amiibo statues.

@Tsurii897 Ike's my favorite fighter too! Nothing feels better than pummeling somebody with one of his heavy hitting smash attacks!



IceClimbers said:

Favorite announced in recent trailer: Robin
Favorite newcomer: Mega Man
Favorite fighter: Kirby

However, my favorite character reveal video is Mii Fighters, HANDS DOWN!!!! Reggie vs Iwata was epic.



SageWaterDragon said:

Lucina all the way, man! Playing as my waifu will allow me to live out all my dreams, once someone exports the character model - wait, what?



DBPirate said:

I can't decide on the favorite newcomer or favorite challenger! UGH. I liked Robin the best this week though and I'll try to buy as much Amiibo as I can.



Epicnessofme99 said:

I couldn't pick just one for most of these, but I definitely am excited for every addition. And those amiibos just look too amazing to pass up on.



Iggly said:

Gotta say I really love Little Mac. Though Robin, Palutena, and Villager are also some favorites of mine.



Neeeko said:

I main Toon Link..but for newcomers Robin or Rosalina and Luma..I'm so excited for this game



SecondServing said:

I'd like to thank whoever voted for Mega Man on a personal level, it means so much to me, you don't even know...



Inkling said:

Favourite of trailer: Captain Falcon
Favourite newcomer: Little Mac
Favourite fighter: Can't decide

My favourite trailer: Mii Fighter. Reggie v Iwata. THAT IS ALL



WanderingPB said:

While playing the demo i loved Greninja but am also a big fan of Megaman and once u learn their move sets…i was knockin people out left and right until my so knocked me out of course…

As far as Amiibo figures i love all these Nintendo figures and since im also a collector im going to buy them all…sounds silly honestly but pretty awesome nonetheless…if they had W101 or Bayonetta Amiibo figures i'd probably lose my mind!



TurianAgent said:

I wasn't too excited about any of the newcomers until Robin was announced. Now, looking back on the roster I realize that these are some really strong newcomers. Villager (awesome), Wii Fit Trainer (looks like my playing style), Robin (holy crap...more Fire Emblem love), Rosalina (one of my favorite Nintendo characters), Pac Man and Mega Man (classic), Little Mac (a unique character), and Greninja (badass Pokemon)...this is gonna be a blast to play.



J-Manix98 said:

I couldn't decide! I like them all so much :3

cannot wait for this game to come out! I still play Melee on a regular basis, as a Go-To game when I have nothing else to play. Something about all of my favorite characters, all mashed up into one game... Nothing more fun! Even if I'm not the most skilled fighter.



J-Manix98 said:

And as far as the amiibo goes, I might have to buy all of them. I'll have to budget a good bit for it, but I'll have to make it work.

(This is one of those things that'll be worth $80 a piece in twenty years)



Dpishere said:

Though I am still holding out for a Isaac reveal, Mega Man was a nice surprise and I am sure I will have a good time mastering him!



mastermp2 said:

@SockoMario I know.... but given that she was separated from Samus, and they changed her final smash (which previously had some sort of suction feature to it) and they gave her a new recovery move (jet boots), she feels like a whole new character to me



JaxonH said:

Mega Man all day.

I screamed and jumped out of my chair during last year's E3 Mega Man reveal. And I don't think I was the only one.



RaheemTheDream said:

Hey, you guys! Help me, represent a 3rd party characters named: Shantae, Risky Boots, Rotty Tops, Sky & Bolo from Shantae series, Geno from Super Mario RPG, Izuna The Unemployed Ninja with her two sisters: Shino & Shizune, Manic & Sonia from Sonic Underground series and finally Mewtwo to add all these new comers for DLC SMASH 4 rosters! Thank-you!^_^



Dew said:

I will try to get as many of my fave Amiibo figurines but I really like all of the characters, except the Fire Emblem ones (I have not played the games) which I don't hate I just don't know that well except for Marth and Ike



Dew said:

@minotaurgamer Yeah, my eyes are being pryed out by an ice cream scooper made by the words Mega Man that has formed on my screen...



chiefeagle02 said:

I'm probably in the minority here but (as much as I'd love the Ice Climbers to return) I'd be fine if we were looking at the final additions to the roster. This new Smash Bros looks to have a TON of content, comparable to Brawl, so I wouldn't complain if Sakurai had no one else left. Not saying I'm not open to hidden characters or more surprise reveals though...

I have to wonder: Which characters revealed for Smash Bros 4 are default characters? How many of them are unlockables (like how Solid Snake and Sonic were in Brawl, despite the former being revealed on day one)?



CaPPa said:

I like Little Mac and Wii Fit Trainer; but I'll probably end up using Kirby most of the time.

I'd like to see Wario and Non-Specific Action Figure added.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I'm putting some cash aside starting today - I'm gonna get the majority of the Amiibo figures for Smash Bros.



chiefeagle02 said:

@unrandomsam Good call. Maybe Wario's an unlockable? I remember the Smash Bros. Dojo website was still revealing characters for Brawl even after it was released (came out March 9th, 2008. Last character reveal was March 31st).

Now if we're banking on game assets as clues for the roster, here is my hope for the Ice Climbers:




King_Johobo said:

Poor Diddy Kong Villager and little Mac are my favourite new comers. I'll probably end up using Kirby like always lol can't wait!!



SuperDan64 said:

Mega Man! I never actually played a Mega man game until they showed him at E3 last year! I was curious, and so I played the first two games and they were awesome! So I bought more. Well... I love Mega man now. Some of you guys are saying Mega man has too many votes. Play his games... Then you will understand



Troggy said:

Captain Falcon, Pac-Man and Mega Man. I'd also buy just one or two amiibo.



Platinumhobo said:

I was really hyped for Megaman, then I saw some actually people using him and got a tad disappointed by how slow his attacks. BUT THEN ROBIN GOT ANNOUNCED. So hyped to play the mighty tactician.



iphys said:

These polls look kind of stupid when 0%-5% looks identical in the bar.



Dr_Corndog said:

Mega Man's the best newcomer, followed by Pac-Man. Two legitimate video game icons right there.



AshFoxX said:

I'm actually impressed. The last question is obviously going to be your favorite character, (which for me is Fox since 1998) and I was surprised that for the most part, it's pretty much equal around the board.



Vhyper1985 said:

Bet no-one can guess who I picked..... I may be crazy but if these Amiibo's are usable in other games i'll be ordering me a Mega Man one the moment it's released! I'm also interested to see how Robin & Pac Man will play too.. Also I'd still like to see Shulk in there, loved the Xeno series since way back to Xenogears on the PS1 & would love to see someone from that series represented in Smash.



wober2 said:

I cannot believe how large this character roster is! They do not seem done with the announcements and I can only speculate that DLC might come later too. How can they keep them all balanced?



lylink55589 said:

Toon Link, Link, and Lucario my faves. X3
Most likely gonna keep playing as Dr. Mario though. O3O

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