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Pocket Monsters Invade Arcades In Bandai Namco's Pokémon: Battle Nine

Posted by Damien McFerran

Japan-only, for the time being

We've seen Pokémon arcade games in the past from the likes of Sammy and Takara Tomy, and now Bandai Namco is trying its hand at bringing those famous pocket monsters to amusement centres — in Japan, at least.

It has just revealed a promotional trailer for Pokémon: Battle Nine, an arcade title which uses the famous brand to tempt gamers into parting with a few precious coins. Bandai Namco is also responsible for the Mario Kart Arcade series of racers, the latest of which — Mario Kart Arcade GP DX* — launched recently.

Check out the footage below to see what the game is like. It's all in Japanese of course, so don't expect to make much sense of the on-screen action; from what we can gather, it involves capturing Pokémon on a 3 x 3 grid, and you can play against another human opponent if you wish. There's also a bonus game shown towards the end of the video.

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SheldonRandoms said:

There's so many ways you can catch them all!!!

.........And I don't understand half the ways you can do that, but i'll rev them up if this came here!



J-Manix98 said:

I mean seriously, Can you imagine going to an arcade with your friend, and duking it out with randomly generated pokemon?! that would've been so awesome!



DeChunk said:

I still think a Pokémon MOBA would work a bit better than a fighting game. Fighting games are about using a long list of moves and combos to your advantage, while MOBAs stick to the four move level up pattern Pokémon is used to. It's not the same, no, but focus on unique movesets and maybe even make evolution an option and we're golden. The only reason to shy away from this, though, is that MOBA communities are famously hostile and not welcoming for new players, which for a children's franchise would not be good.



FriedSquid said:

This looks pretty fun! It probably won't but if it does come here I'd love to play it.



ToastyYogurt said:

Eh, looks like a game that centers itself around tickets. I'd give it a shot but I dunno if I'd be interested in it for long.

The trailer did have Goodra in it, though, so they get awesome points for that.

I was hoping NA would get Pokemon Tretta at some point. I would be all over collecting those little discs.



Kitsune_Rei said:

This actually looks pretty meh. It looks like a gambling game? You're just trying to clear the board? It just looks so simple. So does the minigame at the end where you're just flinging Pokeballs at things wildly to try to get the Pokemon in the back.
It seems like the sort of game you'd play at Chuck e Cheese or something.

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