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One Piece Unlimited World Red DLC Arrives, With Golden Bell Tower Mission and Nami Swimsuit Pack

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Optional skimpy clothes are all the rage

One Piece Unlimited World Red is currently available on Wii U and 3DS, and Bandai Namco Europe has now issued details on the latest DLC — this follows on from the free "Red Stands Alone" quest originally issued.

The content is apparently live in PAL regions now, with the press release providing the following details:

The first DLC of this new batch is “The Golden Bell Tower”, a mission where Luffy and his crew will quest for a massive treasure… or at least a handful of Berrys!

The second DLC (“Nami Swimsuit Pack”) contains a new swimsuit for Nami and a quest called “Hody’s Revenge” where the Straw-Hat crew will fight against the brutal Fishman who is seeking for retaliation once again!

That Nami Swimsuit Pack is the second DLC option along those lines this week, with AeternoBlade receiving a "Super Sexy Bikini" recently; it seems artificial skimpy outfits are all the rage during summer months.

What's unclear from the press release is pricing, so we've reached out to Bandai Namco for clarification.

Have you been enjoying One Piece Unlimited World Red, and are you planning to pick up the DLC? Let us know.

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User Comments (24)



Nintendo6400 said:

I love one piece but I hate how perverted it has become. Although it's not that bad compared to most anime's.



Blast said:

I used to be a real big fan of the manga... I'm not anymore. Can we get those cool Naruto fighter games?



Mega719 said:

I don't know too much about the series until I got this game (doesn't mean I never heard of it) but they are trying to hard to make these females sexy which they don't need too.I actually play Nami more in the anniversary skin.And yes I have been loving this game



Shotgunryugan said:

@Nintendo6400 One Piece was always kinda perverted, Nami was always flirting with people to steal their treasure.

Though granted, Franky's pretty perverted, in game he says he wants to stuff both Nami & Robin inside of him.

And Brook mentions his entire body is hard(Since he is a Skeleton).

Edit-Not to mention Sanji, in game he wonders what color Nami's panties are. But he's like that in the anime/manga anyway.

Anyway, I have the 3DS version, don't know if I should spend $2.99 for the Nami outfit + Quest and the 99 cents Quest for money DLC.

I'll hold off for now, Japan had a bunch of DLC, but it seems a bit of a rip off tbh.

@Mega719 I'm also using Nami in her anniversary outfit, imo both her and Robin look better with those costumes.



Drac_Mazoku said:

"with AeternoBlade receiving a "Super Sexy Bikini"
Again with this??? It was NOT a recent release, the DLC for AeternoBlade was there since months ago, WAY before the patch. Please, the news already showed that you didnt do research and was kinda shameful. Now you even mention it in other news. Please correct it, it was totally not a News.



Mega719 said:

@Shotgunryugan Brook also said that didn't he? I saw that when I put Brook, Nami, Sanji on the same team maybe I got confused. I can see Sanji's personality in this game



Sergio151 said:

Well that's what happens when Oda decided to make all the main guy characters even more frisky after the timeskip (If you catch my drift).



BakaKnight said:

Saw the DLC earlier today, but without the game is pretty pointless I guess XD

And I doubt I'll buy the game soon, all the options are so confused @.@;
There is very little online for compare the Wii U and 3DS versions and there is the "dayone DLC matter" making hard to choose between digital and phisic retail >.>;
Actually in stores the day one version is still avaiable, while I can't find any clue if the eShop versions still have (or ever had) the dayone DLC... I guess not, but can anyone confirm it? ^_^;

(Sorry, I definitely went off-topic, but this game is driving me nuts! I miss the days games used to came out with no time-limited stuffs and not so many purchase options, it was all so much easier and less chaotic XD; )



WoottWinds said:

@BakaKnight I bought all the retail and digital versions for every plat on release (super big One Piece fan), and I can tell you that both the Wii U and 3DS digital versions had the Day One content available to download for free along with another piece of DLC, the "Red Stands Alone Quest". Granted I did buy them the day they came out, but I would be shocked if they have already taken that off. In comparison, the PS3 and Vita versions do NOT have the Day One Content for free on the PSN store, only the Red Stands Alone Quest.

Think I'll probably wait on the paid DLC though, I know the EU version came out with a complete DLC pack and I'd rather hold off to see if we get that brought over.

Only thing I am really wondering is if the paid DLC is 3DS / Wii U cross purchase compatible, especially since save data can be transferred....



Nintendo6400 said:

Hy8ogen ya one piece had its perverted moments at the beginning of the series, but when the 2 year skip happened that's when it really got pervy. They ended up super sizing all the female characters breasts. Even characters whose breasts started out small such as Tagashi.

I still love One Piece it's my favorite show.



Shirma_Akayaku said:

I'd wait for all the DLC to release. That includes the Robin & Chopper Swimsuits and the School Girl outfits for Nami and Robin. I'd just want them to release the swimsuits as a pack, instead of individually.



BakaKnight said:

@WoottWinds Thanks a lot for the infos
I'm afraid it would be not shocking if the DLC was already removed, other games had day-one DLC aviable only for a week on the eShop, but now I know it was and maybe it's still there!

Still I feel like they are making all confusing for nothing, even your point about crossbuy is interesting. DLCs are cool (and awesome even when done right), but it wouldn't hurt if they explain a bit more how they work >.>;;;

Edit: Just did what I should have done before instead than going off-topic here and wrote to BandaiNamco asking about the DLCs ^_^;



3dcaleb said:

im a huge one peice fan too. do u have the vita version, AND the 3ds version? if so, is the vita version better looking? i can only afford one or the other and i want the 3ds version for the 3d, and because i'm more of a nintendo fan. but if the vita version has way better HD graphics, i might have to go that way, what do u think?



WoottWinds said:

@3dcaleb I do indeed, though to be honest I don't have an actual Vita system strangely enough, just the game for the sake of collection I've been playing it though on my 3DS mainly, love having the map on the bottom screen and the graphics are really incredible. Everything runs super smooth and looks great! I will say though that there is NO 3D effect whatsoever, except for the cartridge logo on the home screen before going into the game...



NodesforNoids said:

Thing is, a bikini wouldn't be much worse than Nami's usual outfit.
Aeternoblade is only getting further attention now that it's summer.
It's all optional though and not pertinent to the games' storylines.
If sex sells, don't buy it.
But let people have options if they want them.
If it sells, obviously people want the option.



3dcaleb said:

WOW... no 3d? WTF!! thats good to know, thanks for telling me that. that might be a dealbreaker right there. why would they do that? i got the vita so i could play gundam and dragon ball z and other japanese games that i couldnt get cause of that stupid region lock. but i always went with nintendo if there was a choice. so if the game had 3d i could overlook the fact that that i would have one third of the amount of pixels on screen. or even one sixth if its not in 3d ( im not completely sure how many are in use when the 3d is off. ) anyway, what a let down. luffys arms and legs flying out would have been awesome in 3d. ok im done whining hehehe sorry.



Luffymcduck said:

Hody Jones revenge... I guess that one is really easy to beat since Hody got old and fragile for taking too much ES.



WindWakerLink said:

Got "physical copy" this game on the PS3 since I didn't have enough space to get it "digitally" on the Wii U. T_T

$2.99 for just a costume and a quest? Hmm....suspicious of this... I already don't like dlc...and stuff like this comes up...nope. I don't support this.



Shotgunryugan said:

@WindWakerLink Yeah it's a bit of a rip off, you can search for a list of Japanese DLC, to see if you like anything when it comes out over here.
+The costumes have different stats, so some can be worse than others.

I'm holding off for now, my Nami currently has the 15 year anniversary costume.

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