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Nintendo of America Launches Camp Miiverse Challenge

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Better than Kamp Krusty

It's summertime, so what do you want to do, kids! Play video games indoors, of course, video games that represent outdoor sports. Well, maybe just when it's raining.

Of course, some go off to summer camps, where personal hygiene is lost and uncomfortable bunk beds are the norm, which is why those camps are so awesome. As a result Nintendo of America's latest Miiverse activity aims to get you into the spirit with Camp Miiverse, which doesn't have any camping but has a whole lot of Miiverse. NintendoTom will post a game related challenge every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with the first two being single day events and the latter over the whole weekend, and gamers need to complete tasks, upload evidence and try and 'win' for their team. Confused? Don't be! Details from Tom are below.

As for the first challenge, it's underway and is all about Wii Sports Club: Baseball, as you need to score a home run in a proper match and then upload a screenshot to that game's page with the tag of your choice.

Hi campers!

Here’s the first challenge:
Hit a home run during a game in Wii Sports Club Baseball!

In either Online Game or Local Game, play and hit a home run!

Once you do, post a screenshot with the “Home Run” on the screen on the Wii Sports Club Community using either tags “Team Mario” or “Team Zelda”. Choose your team wisely!

You’ll have until this Sunday 7/20 at 11:59pm PT to post your screenshot proving you hit a home run.
We’ll tally up the results on Monday to see which team received more screenshots!

Some pointers:
+Keep in mind that the “Home Run” will only be displayed for a few seconds, so act fast!

+Remember that it has to be from either Online Game or Local Game! The screenshot has to have the scores and stats on the top corners,

+Make sure to post your screenshot to the Wii Sports Club community! I'll be posting my pic shortly.

+If you don’t own the full game, a time-limited demo is available for download on the Nintendo eShop.

Good luck campers, and and may the best team win!

We're not entirely sure you can actually post to Miiverse during an online match — oh, NintendoTom! — but it'll work in local matches against others or the CPU. A sample of what Nintendo's after is below.

There's no equivalent contest in Europe, so this is strictly in North America at the moment. Will you be going to Camp Miiverse? Is it better than Kamp Krusty? Time will tell.

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User Comments (61)



Nik-Davies said:

I want to go to Kamp Krusty
Take me take me take me take me now
Now now now now now
Kamp Krusty take me there right now

Never forget...



OneBagTravel said:

Well count me out, I only have NES remix, Super Mario Brothers U, and mario Kart 8 right now lol



Tsurii said:

@ThomasBW84 Really glad, that I'm alive

Really cool idea. I probably won't be able to try everything, but this makes for a nice way to kill some time (if you need to ^^). They're doing quite a lot stuff like this, tho. I think it'd be cool to add some sort of leaderboards for communities, so that the users themselves can do some without one or two Nintendo reps watching over it



mystman12 said:

I hope the challenges they do get harder, because this seems really easy. (Unless the Club baseball has really gotten harder since the original)



GalacticMario28 said:

This sounds like fun. I don't have Wii Sports Club yet because I'm waiting for an opportune time to make the most of the free trial, but I'll be paying attention to see what other challenges come up.



ricklongo said:

Are there any prizes? It would be cool to get, say, a free Virtual Console download if you're one of the first X to post, or something along those lines.



sinalefa said:

It felt more like Kampf Krusty to me

This actually sounds interesting. Maybe I will participate when they do a different game.



SirQuincealot said:

Krusty the classic metaphor for corporate america using cheap marketing ploys to sell their cheap goods



Dweezicus said:

Hail to thee, Kamp Krusty,
By the shores of Big Snake Lake.
Though your swings are rusty,
We know they'll never break.

From your gleaming mess hall
To your hallowed baseball field
To your spic 'n' spam infirmary
Where all our wounds are healed.
Hail to thee, Kamp Krusty,
Below Mt. Avalanche.
We will always love Kamp Krusty...
A registered trademark of the Krusty Korporation. All rights reserved.



KingofSaiyans said:

Mr. Black: I thought you said you broke their spirits?!

Jimbo: We did!

Mr. Black: Smacks Jimbo across the face You broke nothing!!

My favorite part of that episode



Stu13 said:

These screenshots have to be on the streets of Hong Kong by friday!



Nik-Davies said:

Kent: We now take you live to their leader
Homer: (thinking) Don't be the boy, don't be the boy
**reveals Bart as leader**
Homer: D'oh! **new hair falls off, lost weight grows back**

^My favourite part XD



noctowl said:

Something fun to do.

Anyone else remember that flash based camp Hyrule (I think it was called) from years ago?



rjejr said:

I get Kamp Krusty, but I'm not sure I get "Camp Miiverse". Why not just call it what it is - "Miiverse Challenges" - or something video game clever like "Miiverse Sidequests". This makes me think of those job posting boards in one of the Paper Mario games (they all run together in my head). Camp is all about togetherness, this is all about doing things by yourself. It's the opposite of Camp.



NodesforNoids said:

It's funny how there's this rather innocuous little 'Camp Miiverse' and so many of us see the team aspect as a nice cover for how individualistic it truly is, but then I see the posters.
All these diverse characters and views and opinions.
sinalefa (who kinda reminds me of Leafa from SAO), rjejr, ricklongo and MrWalkieTalkie, I feel like I see your posts so often, NL has become a preety interesting community.
There's so much diversity here, some are open and experimental, others reserved and traditional. It's my go to Nintendo site.



NodesforNoids said:

I might participate. Still haven't used my extended trial yet. Baseball has a history in my family. My brother played AAA here in Canada! Travelled to 5 provinces and 8 American states.



VIIIAxel said:

This seems pretty interesting, but I was thinking there would be some sort of incentive. Maybe a small amount of eShop credit for participating or something? I know I wouldn't object to that.



Gobelee said:

Bart: "Don't we get to roast marshmallows?"
Dolph: "Shut up and eat your pine cone!"



ShadJV said:

All this does is make me miss Camp Hyrule... That was the best part of summer when I was young! That's what they need to bring back...



deathlysneer said:

I totally took that headline the wrong way. Was expecting something about drag queen Miis. But, this is cool too



Noboty said:

They should take the VALVE route and discount very game being featured as a daily challenge.



JosieC84 said:

Attention Aussies: Target selling Wii Sports Club for $49, Mario Kart 8 for $57 much cheaper than EB games and JB Hi Fi



IronMan28 said:

I won't pretend the "The Simpsons" reference didn't attract me to this article. The event seems okay, I just loved the Kamp Krusty episode.



WiiLovePeace said:

Boooo! Not available to those outside NA. Why region-lock fun, Nintendo?! I want to participate...



J-Manix98 said:

Ha! Cool beans!

I'll have to give this a shot! I have a good library of games, so I might be able to participate...

#TeamZelda for me!



majinx07 said:

Bart: "Krusty! This camp was a nightmare! They fed us gruel, they forced us to make wallets for export, and one of the campers was eaten by a bear!"
Krusty: "Oh, my God!!"
Bart: "Well, actually, the bear just ate his hat."
Krusty: "Was it a nice hat?"
Bart: "Oh, yeah."
Krusty: "Oh, my God!!"
ahh the memories.



Geonjaha said:

Lisa: I feel like I'm gonna die, Bart.
Bart: We're all gonna die, Lis.
Lisa: I meant soon.
Bart: So did I.

Awesome classic Simpsons episode.



SphericalCrusher said:

I will keep my eye on this! Really cool idea. I don't own Wii Sports U Baseball so I can't do the first challenge. I'm hoping that they maybe do a speed run contest playing as King Dedede in Kirby Triple Deluxe. That would be a rad challenge IMO!



Lunapplebloom said:

How interesting that this happens right after being a counselor at a camp myself.

I'll probably not make this challenge, but I should be able to make some others. I look forward to finding out what they may be...

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