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Nintendo Direct: Yokai Watch 2 Gets Its Own Broadcast in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Play the 'figure out what's happening' game

Although it's said to be on the way to the West, we're yet to receive firm release details on Yokai Watch, the 3DS title from Level-5 that's enjoying continued success in Japan. That success has certainly been assisted by the accompanying anime series, with the brand as a whole capturing the imagination in Japan; it's likely that the whole franchise, including the TV series, will be localised and brought to the West together.

It's moving ahead quicker in the developer's homeland, however, and Yokai Watch 2 — which will have two versions — arrives on 10th July in Japan. In order to build anticipation Nintendo has released a special Nintendo Direct broadcast for the game, which shows off some new features such as boss fights and additional travel options.

If you can't speak Japanese you may have to settle for watching the excerpts from the game, but you can see it below — let us know what you think.

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Azooooz said:

First...Uh oh! Blue Shell is coming at me!

Anyway: never seen this animation series, is it that good?



faint said:

ive been following this on the coming japanese charts and it looks like it may do pokemon numbers. im glad to see level 5 doing so well.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

Omg! I am in LOVE with this art style and pretty much everything this game is! Looks incredibly fun HURRY AND BRING IT OVER TO THE US AND EUROPE PLZ



Tops said:

"Although it's said to be on the way to the West" Uh, what? Did I miss something?? When did this happen?



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

After seeing the whole video I want the games so badly now, I can see the comparisons to pokemon but honestly it looks so much more different and fun can definitely see this as a major rival to pokemon sales and hype wise



Tsukumo said:

Its difficult to localize Yokai.
It means a god, deity, monster, fairy, devil, ghost, and disaster.
If you are interested, google Koizumi Yakumo (Lafcadio Hearn).



Naoiko said:

Cool! Looking forward to those games coming stateside. Been a fan of Japanese myth and lore since I was a teen so having a game where you can catch them is just super awesome in my book.



sinalefa said:

They need to localize both the game and the anime and release them simultaneously. If they did it this could give OR/AS a run for its money.



mullen said:

@Falchion No big title for games on 3DS/WiiU but big titles for PS (freedom wars and watch dog), then you can see the reason.
Similar situation for next week, but Yokai Watch 2 will be released on 7/10, and we should see some interesting news.



Tops said:

Well it's felt like we've waited forever for Fantasy Life and the patience paid off. Hopefully Yokai Watch will rewrite that story

(Come to think of it the same could be said for the digital release of Inazuma Eleven in NA so I still have hope but would expect this to get a physical release)

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